Discovering Rougette, part II : the Jasmin set (32G/M)

Although I rarely reach for basics, I recently found myself looking for a black t-shirt bra as my old Fantasie smoothing is now too big for me. T-shirt bras can seem boring but I am one of those people who believe that every outfit has a matching bra shape to go with and I always choose my bra after choosing my outfit for the day to be sure that I get the expected effect.
Somehow I think Tutti Rouge team heard my thoughts when they sent me a surprise package this summer. Their new Rougette  Jasmin set was exactly what I needed, a simple everyday set, that goes well under most clothes and provides the perfect amount of coverage. Jasmin also gives me a discret cleavage that I hardly get from most padded bras, because, you know, shallow breasts and all that.

[I received this set free of charges for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are mine.]

I received the Jasmin EZ-T bra in 32G and the coordinate in size M. I usually wear a 30GG and M in Tutti-Rouge lingerie, so Rougette sizing seems pretty consistent.
Jasmin is probably the more classical design of Rougette collection and it’s also my favorite along with their lovely Ashley longline bralette which I haven’t tried (yet?). It is simple and efficient.


As a very full on bottom gal, I usually struggle with padded styles since I can rarely fill the top of the cup properly. This issue has been very well balanced with Jasmin as the cup padding is thicker at the bottom than it is at the top. This uplift my breasts and gives them a nice shape. I am so positively surprised about the fit of that bra. Now I am a 30GG and this 32 band feels true to size, so it is a little bit big for me. It features three sets of 2 hooks and eyes and I am comfortable wearing it at the tightest set. That said, I wear it at the second one at the moment because I am trying to extend this bra life. Something you need to take in consideration when reading my post is that I have around 40 bras in my rotation and maybe 60 others that I remember to wear less than once in a month.


Knowing that, you’ll realize that my bras bands don’t have much time to stretch out as I don’t wear most of them often enough, except during the “crash test” period before writing my blog posts, or sadly, in the case of my favorite bras that I wear way more than others. So I think this bra would be better for “true” 32 backs because it might be too big quickly for a “real” 30GG lady who is willing to wear it often.
The straps are very thin, so this may please you if you don’t like thick straps in full-bust bras, but might be painful for heavier busts. For me, these straps are ok. They don’t move, they didn’t stretch out so far and I didn’t have to adjust them after the first time I wore the bra, because the heart-shaped sliders (SO SWEET!!) don’t tend to move by themselves. Another good point is that they are really discret under camisoles!


This bra cups are so comfortable! They are like pillows! I love that they aren’t bulky, and cover my breasts enough to avoid nipples slip. The shape of these cups is perfect for my breasts shape, which is wide, close-set and a little bit shallow. The wires are medium width, they don’t bother my armpits and don’t hurt my ribcage, however they tend to get lower than my infra-mammary fold if I am too active during the day.

As I said in my last Rougette review, the quality is I think, lower than other Tutti-Rouge items but as good as it can for a bra priced at 20 pounds (full price) .The finishes are not perfect but the brand still put some effort in making the bra attractive and well-fitting.


The gore tacks softly and features a “wrap-around” detail with a gold heart shaped pendant. Also the coordinate seems to be made with other Rougette sets in mind. Most of these sets coordinates are really easy to mix and match, which in my opinion is pretty cool!
This brazilian brief provides a good coverage, and I really like the cute lace at the back. It is invisible under clothes and very comfy. I am probably in between size here because the front wrinkles a little bit, but I know that a Small wouldn’t suit my bum the same way.  Note that the lace of the brief matches the bra band. It isn’t obvious because the band isn’t sheer but I think it is nice that they added lace there. It makes this bra more feminine and shows that the brand knows that a plain bra can easily be boring if it isn’t about the details.


I would highly recommend to wash it by hands (but I bet you know it is the best way to wash your lingerie) because I am not sure how it will handle the washing machine.
Overall, this set is a nice option if you are looking for a well-fitting, affordable everyday bra. I can easily reach out to it in my rotation as it is light and comfy and I am happy I got to try it.
Have you tried Rougette before? Did you have a good experience with their bras fit?
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Bisous bisous!






Discovering Rougette, partI: the Madison set

One of the complaints I read the most on the internet about bras is that a lot of full busted ladies think they have to spend 60£+ on good fitting bras while core size ladies can get away with 20£ bras. And while you can really find a great fitting bra in any size for no more than 35£ nowadays (if you have access to internet and a mail box), I know bras are an investment for the majority of women.
Full-bust bralettes, on the other hand, are becoming more and more popular but are usually either very efficient, with a simple design, or kind of useless with a super pretty design. To get the best of both worlds you can always go indie, but then the price may remain an issue.

[Tutti Rouge lingerie gifted me this set for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]DSC03515
Last August, though, Tutti Rouge lingerie launched their new sister brand Rougette.  If you haven’t heard about it yet, it is all about comfy, fun and affordable lingerie in a size range going from 32 to 42 band with cups from FF to G. This size range is narrower than Tutti Rouge main brand’s but in my opinion, it is more like a complement to the brand than an individual entity. Rougette offers bralettes as well as bras in different shapes. Every style looks different from the others but you can definitely feel Tutti Rouge touch in all of them. The price are also way lower than Tutti Rouge usual prices with 15£ bralettes and 20£ bras.

I was actually quite surprise last month when I opened a package from Tutti Rouge containing two Rougette sets. I thought I would be out of this range since I wear a 30GG in Tutti Rouge, but everything they sent to me fitted actually ok.

Today I will introduce to you Madison, a triangle bralette that I got in size Small/FF-G and it’s coordinate in size Medium.While I am not into animal prints, I think Madison compliments my skin tone, and after seeing it on a lot of Instragram ladies, I think tons of people enjoy this print. I like the idea of the lace to add some contrast to this set. The cups cross each other at the middle which helps the breasts getting close together to avoid an East-West look. You can also recognize Tutti Rouge signature heart shaped sliders on the straps.


But most importantly, this bralette features a real band with a 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes. I believe that a full-bust bralette needs a band to keep providing some support/shape through the time, and this one is actually really wide from the front, which makes it more secure. This is definitely a plus for me since I hate feeling a thin elastic rolling under my breasts.

That said, if you have ever read my other bralettes reviews, you know that I have a lot of prejudices about triangle bralettes, especially when they features a unique seam at the middle of each cup. They usually look really ugly on me, since they tend to cut my breasts in two parts which looks quite awful under shirts. Plus they are often too narrow to cover the side of my chest, creating a very un-elegant effect. This time, I am positively surprised.

As you can see, the seam, doesn’t cut in, and the cups seems actually “deep” enough to contain my breasts. I think the construction is interesting for such an affordable product. Each cup is made of a stretchy leopard print fabric and stretchy black lace, lined with a thick black mesh. As a result this bralette is quite flexible and comfy but less likely to get shapeless through the time. Although, I wouldn’t wear this to go too far from my home during the week this bralette is really pleasant to wear and gives a natural but not weird shape to my breasts.

The coordinate is a cute brief that offers a nice coverage and is really comfy too. I especially like the stretchy lace at the back which you can find in most of Rougette coordinates. It is invisible under pants and looks quite pretty over the skin. The size Medium can look a little bit big from the front, but it is perfect from the back, so I wouldn’t size down (note that I am a UK10/US6). It would also fit a UK12 in my opinion.
I usually don’t mix and match my coordinates but I like how easy it is to mix Madison with the second set I received: Jasmin (review coming soon!).

Now I have to admit, that along with the price, Rougette quality is lower than Tutti Rouge usual quality, the attention to detail and the finishes are not the same (see for example, the pendant of the bralette is slightly off-center), but if you are looking for affordable, cute and comfy lingerie, then this brand is for you. I have no complaint that wouldn’t be justified by the price point. This set does exactly what it means to do: make me feel cute and comfortable during my less active days and save my chest from the pressure of underwires when they aren’t needed. (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE underwires, but sometimes my skin really doesn’t.)
Since I discovered that some bralettes could actually fit me and be relatively secure, my collection has been ever growing. It is always nice to see brands creating more and more wireless designs for full-busted ladies. I think it helps us to accept our natural breasts shape which is really liberating. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring to our drawers!

Bisou bisou!


Tutti Rouge Sukki 30GG and Medium review

Dear readers, I am SO so sorry for the radio silence… Life has been as cruel as generous to me these past months. I went through some real roller coasters… But here I am. Happy, healthy, and ready to conquer the world. 🙂 And today, I am bringing you one super cute set from Tutti Rouge lingerie.

DSC08481_edited_editedessay.jpg**This set was gifted to me by Tutti Rouge lingerie for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

For those who are still skeptical about cute lingerie for larger cups, I think it is time to stop the sad propaganda… I mean, you do have some great options. 🙂 Better late than never, right? So while the strappy trend saturated the lingerie industry these past 2 years, some cute pieces are still popping out in their own way.
Here is Sukki, a lingerie set named after the burlesque doll Sukki Singapora. And just like her, it is unusual, girly and kind of sassy.


The first time I saw this set, I was immediately attracted by the “fishnet” layer on the cup and on the front of the panty. It looked different, and gave a touch of sophistication to this set. Actually it is not a simple fishnet. It is more like a lot of lozenges linked together by their four angles.  I would love to see it as an unpadded bra! I actually like the choice of this beige foam for the cup. It gives a smoky look to the whole set and seems to go well with every skin tone.
I received the bra in my usual 30GG and the panty in a Medium and these sizes seems to be the right ones for me.


Although the design was attractive to me, my first concern about this bra, when I saw the first stock pictures was that it seems very open at the top of the cup. You might know that I have bottom heavy breasts and I usually struggle to fill the top of plunge bras. I had a feeling that I could have the same issue with this one.


Actually, the bra fits true-to size if not a little big in the cup. It is deep and while its shape reminds me of a half cup bra, it provides much more coverage.
The shape is clearly made to provide cleavage, though. It is kind of shallow at the bottom of the cup and deep close to the top. This probably saves me from the gap I see when I put the bra on at first. I mean, my breasts tend to adjust themselves in the cup through the day  and then everything falls into place. I think this bra is very good for ladies with wide roots like me but it would probably fit better if you also have full on top breasts. This way you should get a cute cleavage and fill it completely. If you are not FOT, you could still fill the cup completely since the depth is close to the top of the cup, your breasts should be somehow pushed up but yes, I think there will be a gap at the bottom. I personally get some discreet cleavage after wearing the bra for several hours .


The bra itself is super super comfy. Its narrow gore tacks softly against my sternum and it sits very well on my rib cage without digging in. The band features three sets of three hooks and eyes and the straps are fully adjustable. As usual, you can see Tutti Rouge’s signature Love heart sliders which make everything cuter 🙂 .
Talking about straps, you might have noticed the two removable straps? Well, in reality, it is only 1 strap that you can attach to the gore of the bra and link to the main straps by a little hook that fits around the straps rings.  I personally prefer the bra without these additional straps but when I am in the mood it is always nice to have this option.


Can we talk about the coordinates? Because they’re adorable! I am so glad Tutti Rouge made a high waisted brief to go with this bra! It makes this set utterly comfy and adds an elegant touch. I love this brief! It looks so neat and feels so nice!
Take note that Tutti Rouge panties usually run smaller than other UK brands, though. I usually order a size 10/Small for my underwear (except indie brands briefs) and this Medium is almost tight against my hips. However, this is the best size for me I think and I don’t feel any discomfort. I like the little keyhole and the ruffles at the back of the brief, but my favorite thing must be the seamless edges… I wish all my panties were this way. I hate visible panty lines. Let say that I adore this coordinate. I find it very well-made and it makes me feel super cute too. If high waisted briefs are not your cup of tea, you also have the brazilian brief option which seems to be nice as well. 🙂


In a nutshell, I am very happy with this set. It is easier to wear than I thought at the beginning and although the bra doesn’t disappear under tight shirts, I like the shape it gives. I hope so bad it is going to be released as an unpadded bra! Every year I am happy to discover more fun stuff for us full busted ladies. I can’t wait to see the next trends.

Also, I want to thank you for still reading my blog even if I kind of disappeared lately. I have plenty of reviews to come and I am almost in holidays from school so everything should be fine from now.

Sending love,
Yours truly,


Review of Tutti Rouge Liliana in Fruit Salad

I am all about black lingerie these days but weirdly enough everybody around me keeps saying I would be cute with pastel or bold colours. I am trying hard but well, always end up buying the black one. So when a few weeks ago I had the surprise to receive an orange set from Tutti Rouge, I thought that was a sign.


Well, I am not going to lie, I don’t like orange. I always wonder when, apart from Halloween time people are supposed to wear this color. However, when I put this set on, I realized that this « fruit salad » colorway suits my skin tone in a lovely way, giving me a very girly/dolly look. I think I basically look like a candy wearing this Liliana set and I really like candies.

* This set was gifted to me for the purpose of a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*dsc06070edi

From all the sets Tutti Rouge has created I think Liliana is the one that has the more « every day » look. I have heard a lot about it, as apparently the whole lingerie community has tried it at least once. I also tried it a few years ago and my experience was kind of sad. It was extremely shallow in the cups and even if I tried a 32G it was WAY too small for me. A lot of people said that I had to size up in this style and all but I think the incompatibility was too big for I can decide to order it again in this life.
However about 3 months ago, I heard at Curve that Tutti Rouge has improved the fit of this bra so it could be less shallow and more true to size. And guys, they didn’t lie ! I received the bra in my usual UK 30GG and when I put it on for the first time I had to admit that despite the unusual color the fit was perfect. Like PERFECT for me.
Let’s see how I like it.
First of all, the design. Liliana is definitely is a good definition of Tutti rouge aesthetic. Colorful, lace, ribbons and bows everywhere possible, pin up-ish, youthful and full bust friendly. Indeed, this bra has been available from a 28D to a 38J (also 40-44,  D-F), and in about 17 colorways since its creation (if I counted well). However only 6  of them (the more recent ones) provide the exact same fit as the Fruit Salad : Teal,  Noir/Sugar, Ice white, Noir, Crème/Nude and Nude. I love the Nude one, although it wouldn’t be nude at all on me. I find this colorway very delicate.

My favourite detail about this set is the « chubby » pink bows which pop out in an adorable way on the central gore and on the front of the coordinate. The color is so bold ! Also the Tutti Rouge signature heart shaped racers on the straps complete the super girly look. The lace is pretty and I have to say that I especially like it on my bum ahah ! Overall I think this set is fun.

About the fit, the first thing I noticed was the extreme comfortableness of this bra. Really, it is super comfy ! I think it goes directly to the selection of more comfy bras ever in my wardrobe. It doesn’t leave any mark, doesn’t dig in at all, I don’t feel the gore even if it tacks beautifully and really makes me feel secure, the straps are fully adjustable and the cups are so lightly padded that I feel like I am wearing an unpadded bra. I have a lot of padded bras now but I always prefer the unpadded ones on a daily basis.  They make me feel more free. Liliana is an amazing bra in that sens. Giving you support and a rounded yet natural shape without the weight and space that can take a padded bra. I love that the top of the cups is not padded at all. It allows a better adaptation for asymmetrical breasts, I think. To be honest, I am in between a 30G and a 30GG because my breasts have almost one size difference. It is rare that I can fit in a 30G  or I completely fill a 30GG. That said I think this bra is true to size.


My bigger breast sits comfortably in the cup and I am happy to say that this bra makes my asymmetry less obvious as the smaller one feels just fine even if it has some extra room . I would say that Liliana is not too closed at the top so that it can adapt to a little upper fullness without cutting in, although I think it it definitely more full on bottom and side friendly.
The wires are quite wide, even for my wide roots, but they really dont bother me. They are soft on my skin and my armpits are safe too. It happened once that I felt them in an unpleasant way after a long day but I think it is because my ribs are too close to my skin and this bra tends to sit a little bit lower than my infra mammary fold. I just readjusted it and then the discomfort disappeared.


It didn’t leave any mark as I said before. I love that the gore is relatively low and really apart from its wideness I feel like this bra really respects my morphology. I don’t feel it and it is so thin for a padded (semi padded according to the brand) that I think it is a perfect everyday bra even for the horribly busy days when you just can’t stop moving and running everywhere (my life these days basically). However, for those who like a lot of projection and uplift, I have to say that this bra gives a relatively low profile. It doesn’t make your boobs look smaller though (I don’t know if that makes sens).

I am happy that I received the short as a coordinate since it is my favorite kind of bottoms.
I have weird experiences with Tutti Rouge bottoms since forever… Their first collections bottoms in a size Small felt huge on me, and then I have tried their Nichole in a size XS (which was absolutely tiny), Jessica and Eliza bottoms in a size Small and all of them gave me terrible cutting in. So I decided to ask for a size Medium for this one.


This time it is a little bit too big. It is not awfully big but I think a size Small would have been better since the fabric is way more stretchable compared to the other styles I have tried. Because of that, this short can sit very high on my belly or very low on my bum. But I know some of you would like this coverage so it is not necessarily a defect. I also get a lot of wrinkles if I don’t stand up motionless. It is still super cute though. It is very comfy, the cut is flattering and the transparency effect of the lace against my skin looks lovely.


Also my butt does not eat it and that’s great. I especially like that even if this short is too big it adapts very well to my body and feels light and soft.
Overall, my opinion about Liliana has been completely changed by this set and I am positively surprised. I’d love to get it in other colors but as Tutti rouge has some very original designs at the moment, I think I’ll try to get some of them first ! The Betty Burlesque is definitely on my wish list !!

Hope you have a great colorful day ! ❤

xx Wen.



Curve NY Preview: Tutti Rouge SS17 capsule collection

The birds & the bees


From left to right: Chloe, Pixie, Amelia

If you don’t already know about Tutti Rouge, I think you must have missed out a little piece of fun in the lingerie world! This brand launched in 2013 has a really wide size range (28-38 D – HH) and their collections usually are a wind of cuteness for full busted ladies! It is all about colorful patterns and cute girly details! I wish they existed when I was a teen because at this point of my life affordable lingerie was only black and white. Tutti Rouge is a really refreshing brand and they really work hard to improve their pattern and bring something new to this industry.

Tutti Rouge loves to classify their designs in shoes categories so let me introduce the Stilettos of this capsule collection:


Sukki 28-38 D-HH cup

First, Sukki! This absolutely adorable three part balconnet bra features detachable straps: on the right you can see the detachable strap on, and on the left the (not really-)basic straps. I love this design as it is less dark than the usual strappy trend while it is still sophisticated. Tutti Rouge is never behind on their detailing and the pattern of the cups is very interesting.  Also you can see the nice heart sliders, which are Tutti Rouge signature on these fully-adjustable straps! I hope this color will suit my skin tone cause it would be a very nice addition to my collection!


Chloe 28-38 D-HH cup

This very bright babe is a new Tutti Rouge shape which is kind of a midi-line. This makes it really attractive to me, actually. My love for longline bras is unconditional ahah! Well, this bra is not a longline but I think the scalloping around the band creates an illusion that I like.
The apex is very high and it looks like it gives a nice push up effect. As you can see the panty is very high waisted but for those of you who are not into this shape, a thong will also be available. Tutti Rouge coordinates are available in a XS to XXL size range.


Amelia 28-38 D-HH cup

Amelia is a lovely half cup bra which can feed your desire for lift and rounded shapes. But what really surprised me about this bra was its back which features cute lace triangles to embellish the straps. I am very sorry I completely forgot to photograph it but you can find a picture of it on the blog of the Petite Collegiate who was with me when I went to this booth. So this bra is all about details. The tiny polka dots on the top of the cups and the floral lace gave me a sweet impression. This design is really youthful. Also the bottom of the cup is kind of ruched which makes it very elegant.

The Kitten Heels :


Nichole 28-38, D-HH cup

If you know Tutti Rouge, you must know Nichole. This bra quickly became an essential of the brand. For SS17 they bring this style again in a cute orange leopard colorway. But wait! I can get what you are thinking right now… Why bringing this again if they aren’t any changes? (ahah or maybe you weren’t wondering this and were just happy with this new refreshing colorway?) Well, this time Nichole comes back with a racer back with heart hook detailing!
I am personally in love with this style (review here) but the first one that I bought had a hard tacking gore issue! Again the brand decided to improve itself and the last Nichole I tried didn’t have this issue so I think this orange one will mostly have advantages for me as the shape this style gives to my breasts is absolutely fabulous.


Pixie, 28-38 D-HH cup**

** (This picture is courtesy of the Petite Collegiate)
Here’s Pixie, a cute unpadded plunge bra with printed satin and innocent white lace on the top of the cup! I admit that white lingerie is not my cup of tea but this style might please a lot of young women who love innocent yet sexy designs. Pixie is supposed to give a great cleavage for an unpadded bra and also has a pretty low gore (what I really appreciate having close-set boobs…). I see a balance between the kid drawings inspired print and the corset inspired gore and plunge shape. This bra will be very nice for summer!

The Platforms:


Jessica  28-38 d-HH cup

So… HERE IS THE AMAZING JESSICA! To be honest this colorway is supposed to be for AW16 but I saw it and had to take a picture for the more curious of you who already know the continuity colorways (black and ivory).  I tried this style in the black colorway and I have been very surprised with the so perfect fit and nice cleavage it gave me even without the pads. Ahaah! They actually give a ridiculous cleavage if that’s what you are looking for! I do recommend this bra ! (I usually am very unlucky with plunges even the unpadded ones and this bra was just the more perfect fit I could imagine!)

Ballet Pump:


Lexi 28-38 D-HH cup

Last but not least, Lexi is my favourite design of this capsule collection!  I just love its aesthetic. Simple, cute, elegant, less is definitely more. This bra is really well situated in the ballet pump section! Well, I don’t like these shoes on me (I actually don’t like flat shoes and if I could only wear high heels I’d do it) but I still find them cute and the ballet inspiration is really present here. It looks like the cadet sister of Sukki !I love this color so much! Also the cut out mesh front is giving a little sexy touch that I need to see on my own boobs!

What do you think of “The birds & the bees” Tutti Rouge collection? Are you into colors and prints in your lingerie drawers or are you more into sophisticated black lace ?

Well, this post was my last Curve NY preview, and I hope it was useful!
I am so grateful and happy for what this last Summer brought in my life! Lingerie is definitely my bigger passion and I hope to be able to go next year to this exposition and continue meeting amazing people on my way!

Yours truly,

Wen. ❤

My name is Bond …

Agent Provocateur is a British brand known for its luxury design and its suggestiveness. As their products are pretty pricey I did not hope to try them before being older and wiser (but on reflection I think I will never be an adult…) . Two years ago I’ve discovered the capsule collection L’Agent, designed by Penelope and Monica Cruz. I have been pleased to see that it was a bit more affordable than the main collection, giving me a chance to approach the Ap quality. Unfortunately, with my G/GG cup I can’t fit into their bras and I have to admit that I had given up the idea of wearing this brand until this summer. The Idalia suspender in dark pink is my first L’Agent by Ap piece and I find it amazing.


I lament the quality of my camera because you can’t see how dark and beautiful is this pink.

I love suspenders. I have to say that I don’t wear them so often as I love my jeans, but they make me feel feminine and sophisticated. I ordered this one in a size Small for my birthday and it fits pretty well. I wear it at the loosest hook. This piece is very well-made, I adore the eyelashes lace!!! Also, the gold metal finishes make it look very luxurious.
The Idalia suspender is very comfortable to wear not like those suspenders which make you feel uncomfortable in your belly area… This one is soft against my skin and does the job. As I don’t wear pink so often I have not a lot of options to match it but it works beautifully with an old Aubade thong and my Tutti Rouge Nichole bra.


I usually love when my lingerie is coordinated but this time I’ve found that the mix was cute.

Maybe it’s time to talk about this bra? Let’s go for a quick review!
If you didn’t know, Tutti Rouge is a young full bust brand I affectionate for the cheeky innocence of their designs.
Frilly’s to make you feel fabulous“. According to me, their S/S 2013 slogan can easily describe the spirit of the brand , even if they are evolving from season to season and the last collection doesn’t look like the first at all. I really like Tutti Rouge but unfortunately their shipping costs to Canada are too high for my budget (and I didn’t notice a lot of sales on their website) so I don’t buy from them so much.


This Fiore Tempesta stockings are a bit too small for me so they really don’t make it easy for the suspender…

The Nichole bra (in 30GG) is one of my tutti exceptions and I’m glad I got it. I wore it so many times since I bought it… I have to say that the gore was so painful at first that I had to put cotton wadding between my skin and the central gore if I wanted to wear it a whole day. I ended up bending it for it can stop hurting my skin… But the positive thing about it is that it is very narrow. Well, it is positive for my close-set breasts. Nevertheless, it is now one of my favourite everyday bras. Nichole is so easy to wear!
It provides a very round shape and a very good projection. The cup are a full coverage and I like the way it cover ALL my breasts tissue. This is one of the rare bras that don’t give me the awful experience of side boobs…


I’m really happy it has fully-adjustable straps and even if the band is not the firmer you could find, it provides enough support to avoid to put your breasts weight on your shoulders. Also, this large three-hooks band is very comfy.
The wires are pretty wide but it is okay with me as my breasts roots are not particularly narrow.
What I love with this bra is the discreet transparency on the top of the cup and the pink touches are just at the right places to make it special.
As I said it would be quick I will not extend this review to tell you about how I love the details of this bra but you can have an idea of their cuteness with the pictures below!


I bought the panty in a size XS, as several years ago Tutti Rouge size S was way too big for me, but this time the XS was WAY too small, and the lace of this panty (similar to the lace at the top of the cup) is not stretch at all so I don’t wear it very often. I think I could wear a S or a M with this range but as the shipping costs were expensive I didn’t exchange it.
Apart from the gore issue, the Nichole bra is one of my favorites from Tutti Rouge and I would buy it in every colors if I could spend more money in lingerie.

Do you like to mix your lingerie pieces? Or are you a proponent of coordinated underwear ?