Sophistication in the Boudoir : Scantilly Ignite set (30H & S)

While I truly appreciate satin and sheer mesh, something I literally adore is a discrete embossed pattern. I love it when details are un-obviously glorious, and this is what attracted me first in the Scantilly Ignite set. (Also as a proof, here is a picture of my first pair of Dr. Martens). Well, once the bra arrived I realized that the flowers were not an actual part of the cup but an embroidered mesh strategically coloured and placed to give the illusion of an embossed surface. However, after seeing it in real life, I loved it even more.

The shape of the cups also put this bra at the top of my “absolute-need” list, but the detailed that made it totally indispensable was its super strappy racer back.  Since my teenage ages, I noticed that racer backs can easily result in a very nice cleavage, something that my full on bottom breasts don’t experience so often, plus it makes this set looks like a warrior/amazon attire. So I thought Ignite could feed my need for a Marie-Antoinette cleavage and a Xena look.


Seriously, look at these cups! They catch the light so beautifully! The bronze mesh makes them look dark brown but I actually think the thicker material is black. I really enjoy how shimmery they are without looking covered with glitters. I love it.

So I bought the set in 30H and Small. I think the bra runs really small in the cup since I am a 30GG (on the small side of the size) but the band is true to size. It feels tighter than my other Scantilly bands, though. Note that I own the Scantilly Peek-A-Boo (black) in 30GG, the Knock-Out in 30G, and the Unleash in a 30H. So I would say that this brand isn’t really consistent in the sizing.

The cups are in three parts linked by two vertical seams and are kind of shallow, although they have less padding than the Unleash bra’s cups. I personally feel more comfortable wearing Ignite since my breasts don’t get out of it. It actually shows the top part of my nipples at some point, but still contains my breasts. Of course, this is not really an everyday bra and if I move to much, or if I bend over my breasts eventually comes out a little bit but in all honesty this is something I decided to ignore in order to wear this bra as often as I can. If my nipples weren’t as high situated and my breasts so projected, I think this would not be a big issue.

I have read that some people didn’t like the height of the gore on this bra, and while I usually don’t like high gores, this was definitely one of the elements that sold the bra to me. This fashion detail has the property to give more dimension to your boobs and I had only seen this on small bust lingerie. However I was really jealous that I couldn’t wear anything like that so now I am happy ^^ . I think it makes the bra look somehow more luxurious and it seems that Scantilly designers put a lot of thoughts into it.

As you can see, my nipples are already showing… I didn’t rearrange the cups on purpose so you could see what it actually looks like after only taking pictures of it.

Construction wise, I would say that it is a very nice half-cup for full-busted women. Considering that the real definition of a half-cup would put half of your breasts outside of the cup in a very immodest way, I think this one is a more wearable version. It allows you to wear it quite easily under clothes for a limited period of time without much things to complain about (if you choose your clothes thoughtfully).

The underwires are wide, but comfortable, and the band features side bones. The double set of straps is only adjustable on the lower part, below the ring. I think this type of bras may be nice for the shoulders but sometimes I experienced neck pain, which is to take in consideration if your breasts are bigger than mine. I am not sure of the accurate reason of the pain since I didn’t experience it with the last bralette I reviewed which had the same type of back straps. So it might be due to the straps placement, my posture (since it doesn’t happen everytime I wear it) plus my own shoulders shape, so not everybody might have the same issue.

I really enjoy the rose gold hardware used in every Scantilly set, even if I am not really lucky with them. One of my Scantilly panty just lost its little charm and one day I received a set which had both the bra’s and the panty’s charms chilling at the bottom of the plastique envelope that contained them. I am not sure what is going on with them but they rarely lay flat on the gore which must be one of the reason why they tend to easily get lost. On this bra the charm doesn’t lay flat either but so far it stayed in place, and I am glad because it is lovely.

The coordinate is very provocative, yet delicate and comfortable. The front part is made of the same mesh that covers the bra cups, and you can see that it is very transparent.
The sheer back features two keyholes, and one very wide hole at the crotch, meaning you really don’t need to remove them to do what you might do in the boudoir, lol. I was very surprised when I received them, as I thought there were only two keyholes at the back which is already more than usual, but then I realized that the crotch was split in the middle. So it is not really crotchless like my Lovehoney bodysuit but the crotch is only there to make you feel comfortable when wearing this panty with jeans, I think.

I got this set on sale this winter and I really don’t regret my purchase, although I think I would not buy this set at its original price, considering my student budget and the fact that I can’t wear it  as often as my other sets. That said I love Ignite, it makes me feel really good in my skin and I think it is a unique set in my drawer!

Sending love and positive thoughts,

Yours truly,

A sheer armor: Scantilly Knock Out…

I don’t know if you remember my obsession for nude/sheer lingerie last year? Well, it only stopped to become stronger. The first time I saw the Scantilly Knock Out at Curve last year, I was head over heels. My first impression was that it had one badass look to it, also it looked fairly wearable and very FOB friendly. But I was also concerned about the shade of this beige mesh. Although I usually get away with “nude” colorways if they are lightly caramelized, I thought I might look like wearing a pale foundation in this set.


I think if it was just a little bit more transparent it could fit more carnations but well, at the end of the day it doesn’t look too bad on me, does it? 😀 I wish Scantilly could make this set in different shades!
I originally bought the bra in a 30GG but it was way too big even for my bigger breast so I exchanged it for a 30G (Brastop is incredibly efficient! I do recommend shopping with them, especially if you live in North America!). I think also because it was too big, the pale foundation effect was too present. But when I finally got my 30G bra, it was way better, in both shape, and the effect on my breasts. Weirdly the band also felt tighter, which was great because this bra was my first Scantilly try and I was under the impression that their bands ran pretty big. With the new one, the band is a comfy 30band.


This bra is very generous in the cup. I can only wear a 30G in Love Claudette and Gossard bras and I usually wear a 30H in Curvy Kate bras. I think it would be best for even breasts. Mines fill the sides and bottom of the cup but for a “perfect fit” I would need to be more full on top. The bra (and the whole set) has a lot of stretch and it is very comfy. I am surprised how wearable this bra is for me as I  don’t get along with plunges most of the time.


The wires are rather wide, but they are very good for my own roots. I think you need to be even or at least full on the side to fill this bra properly. As you can see, even if I fill it, there are still some wrinkles on the upper part of the cup sides.
The gore tacks nicely and doesn’t hurt. I really like low gores but I think I particularly like this one because of the cutouts and the rose gold ring that makes it look very classy without any compromise on the support.

Overall I like wearing this bra, it is secure and comfortable. The additional strap that goes around the neck is fully adjustable just like the other ones. It is very light and doesn’t feel like a halter neck. It is just an aesthetic detail.


About the coordinates, I bought both of them in a size Small and it is perfect for me. The thong is very nice, I like that it sits high enough on my hips. It is very transparent and I’d say it does not leave so much space for pubic hair (well, except if you don’t mind).
The back of the thong looks simple but I like it as well because the contrast between the skin and the trims is everything. I think some of you might prefer the high waisted brief but I thought my tiny hips wouldn’t look so well in that brief.


About the suspender belt, as you can see it is super cool. I am crazy about the fact that it can be attached to the thong (or brief). The whole set looks almost like a bodysuit because of that. This is seriously a great idea. However, I wonder if I am too tall or something because I have to wear the suspender’s straps at the maximum length and weirdly enough it still can’t stay high enough on my waist. I am not saying the set doesn’t look good but if you pay attention the straps that attaches the suspender to the brief is too long so even if I try to make it as short as possible I have to hide it behind the mesh. If the suspender could be worn longer, I would be able to wear it higher and so the strap could sit flat against my belly. I will probably sew it to make it shorter.


Apart from these aspects the whole set does its job very well and I am glad I bought it. It makes me feel somehow like Xena the warrior princess. Don’t ask me why. It is just my feeling, but it might be the rings…

I got the bra on Brastop with a 13% off code if I remember well and the thong and suspender on Fligleaves with a 15% off code. I like these two websites because the shipping is very affordable. I think Belle-lingerie UK, Figleaves and Brastop have the best shipping rate to Canada. Brastop is very very efficient. When I had to send back my 30GG I just had to call them in order to reserve a smaller bra to avoid any deception or additional shipping cost. Everything went smooth so far.

I am sorry I am not very present, my life is getting so overwhelming… I am currently exhausted. But I read your comments and will try my best to answer more often.


Wen ❤

Metalhead lingerie review: Scantilly Unleash bra


Guys, I am not gonna lie, I am having a hard time blogging this month. It is hard to take pictures and it is hard to write something that would not sound as pessimistic as my actual mood. But today I felt like it was time to put myself together and write about something that looks like me and that makes me feel great. So here is my review of the Scantilly Unleash bra that I have been lusting after since the first time I saw it this summer at Curve NY. (Sadly I won’t be at Curve this time because, I am to busy with school to just take 3days off at the beginning of the week 😥 )


I took advantage of December’s sales to put my hands on several Scantilly sets at a reasonnable price but I heared that the Unleash coordinate ran very big and I didn’t want to take a chance since I am already wearing the smaller size available. Instead, I got some faux leather shorts from La Senza, and I think they work pretty well together.

If you had read my Curve NY preview last year, you must know that I loved everything about the Unleash set. Especially its biker style. I mean, seriously, this set it me:
⇒ Black colorway : checked
⇒ Gold rose buckle: checked
⇒ Faux leather: checked
⇒ Half-cup cut: checked
⇒ Overall perfect style to go to a metal concert: checked
I truly loved the design of the high waisted panty too…

So I bought the Unleash bra in a 30H following the advices of my dear Hcup Chronicles who is truly a specialist when it comes to Scantilly :p! As often she got it right and this was the right size for me. I have to warn you that you might need different sizes depending on the bra you buy from this brand. I actually own four sets in 3 different bras sizes. For this one, I think it is preferable to size up if you want your breasts to stay in the cup through the day. Most people I saw on social medias said they got it in a size too small put loved the effect on their breasts. So it is up to you. Having high set nipples, I wouldn’t be able to size down.

I found the bra to be surprisingly comfy. The cups are like pillows and the wires sit softly on my skin. I think the band runs more like a 32 band so take this in consideration if you are a 28band and wanted to try a 30band in this bra.  I wear it at the first set of hooks when I don’t want to feel like I am wearing a bra but I feel more secure at the second set of hooks.
The gore tacks gently against my sternum and the bra itself stays in place through the day. The edge of the cup are quite tall and the straps are rather short. I really like short fully adjustable straps but I think the high edges might bother some armpits. They actually don’t bother me but I feel them sometimes. Also the wires are wide but they are great for my breasts. I fill the cups entirely on the sides.

I don’t know how it is for other ladies but my main issue with this bra is that my breasts tend to come out of it very quickly. It is like it has enough space to contain them but an invisible force push them up and within one hour half of my nipples are out. They eventually stay this way for the whole day so I think this is how my breasts shape sit in this cup. The pictures are not very accurate in that sens that I had to always put my breasts back inside the cup to look decent. I don’t mean to lie to you about this bra fit but I don’t feel like showing my nipples so freely on my blog. Plus the bra looks actually like that if I spend my day sat at my desk studying or not moving so much but as soon as I have to hurry you can be sure my nipples won’t stay hidden. I also think this bra is more full on top friendly. Since I am full on bottom, I don’t get this freaking crazy cleavage that I have seen on other ladies… I don’t complain, ahah, just note that if you are FOB you might not get the same two cakes on a plate effect as the brand’s models.

One would say that Scantilly makes bedroom pieces so it doesn’t matter if your breasts don’t behave in their lingerie but for me there is rarely such a thing as bedroom pieces… 99% of the things I buy are for my own satisfaction plus I am kind of picky when it comes to fit… I really prefer being able to wear my lingerie at anytime because if not I know I just won’t wear it. So I really like putting this bra on but it is true that I wish I could wear it more often. However I do not regret this purchase because WHO DOESN’T NEED FAUX LEATHER LINGERIE IN THEIR DRAWER? Plus I feel super badass when wearing it. I could just put it on and stay undressed for the rest of the day. This would be a great satisfaction. One day, one of my girls told me I looked like I was about to give a concert in this set. 😀 Best compliment ever, right? Would just need to practice guitar a little bit more often…

It is a sunny day and I feel good. Hope y’all have a great Sunday too!

Lot of love!

Yours truly,