PrimaDonna True Romance: a promising relationship


For a longtime, while living in the Caribbean, and having a limited access to pretty full-bust lingerie for young women, PrimaDonna was one of those brands that represented exactly what I didn’t like about the full-bust lingerie industry: super simple padded designs or extra feminine embroideries covering only half of the cups, bras that were only pretty under a F cup and provided a lot of coverage while loosing their daintiness after this cup. I now blame it on the poor style and colour selection at the local lingerie stores, but let’s say that I didn’t like this brand, although I knew their bras were highly recommended by bra fitters for their good quality and comfiness. I think it was either too grown up or too girly for me. Even after becoming a lingerie addict, I shamefully admit that at some point I purposely ignored the brand progression because it reminded me of bad memories in the fitting room. Last year though, I rediscovered PrimaDonna after seeing their Bang Bang collection on Instagram which was more modern and appealing to me and realized that I was probably missing out on this brand.

[This set has been generously provided by Claudia May Lingerie for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]DSC04108_2

Although my taste has evolved, I truly think that the brand tried to reach a wider range of customers during the past years. They now carry more fashion styles, longlines, and completely sheer bras, as well as sophisticated and classier ones. They obviously keep up with their signature cuts but I feel like I have now more styles to choose from and some of them are definitely gorgeous. So when Claudia, the lovely owner of Claudia May Lingerie offered to send me a PrimaDonna set to review, I was more than happy to give a second chance to the brand.
CML has a narrow but diverse luxury lingerie selection even for fuller busts and I immediately fell in love with the PrimaDonna True Romance set. Claudia sent me a 32G bra and a Medium thong which both works pretty well for my 30GG and UK10.

The set arrived wrapped in silk paper inside of a big white gift box which also contained a cute box of tea and a Soak wash sample. I am a huge tea drinker so I found this to be a delicate and so uncommon attention for a lingerie store. It always feels good to unpack your lingerie like it’s your actual birthday, and this set arrived 4 days before mine so I was over the moon.

The first thing that attracted me in this bra (well, maybe after its regal navy blue), was its construction. As I said before, I have not always been happy with the full-bust industry offer in my size range. Three-parts balconnets featuring semi-plain cup with embroidered sheer top, although I love the support they provide, aren’t always attractive to me. This bra on the contrary is made of two parts and features one vertical seam in the middle of the cup. I think this allows a more rounded uplifted shape. I am also all about the gorgeous placement of the embroidery.

DSC04123_1 copy.jpg

True Romance balcony bra is a perfect hybrid between an actual balconnet and an half-cup bra. That said, I believe another word should be created in the English language to describe bras that are in between balconnet and half cup in term of coverage. It is a little confusing, in my opinion, to call half-cup any bra that has a vertical seam as well as all the bras that actually cover only half of the breasts. (This was my two cents…)
True Romance construction is beautiful and makes the bra very pleasant to wear.
The wires are medium width which is perfect for my bigger breast and a bit too wide for the smaller one. I genuinely don’t mind especially since the wires are also super soft and comfortable. The gore is rather narrow and tacks without hurting my skin. Every time I have tried the brand, even when I didn’t like the designs, I found them to be very pleasant to wear and touch. Comfort seems to be PrimaDonna forte.


Sizing wise, the band is made of a firm but soft fabric and feels snug at the loosest set of hooks and eyes. It does run smaller than a usual 32 band and I wouldn’t prefer it to be tighter. After trying their swimwear and reading some reviews, I realized that PrimaDonna bands run consistently small.
The cups feel soft to the touch both from the inside and the outside. I am ridiculously in love with this blue embroidered lace. I find it so elegant and romantic, so “old Europe”.
I know it doesn’t look actually “old” but somehow every time I put this set on I picture myself as an elegant rich lady living in a cosy but gorgeous house with a garden of delicate flowers and drinking tea while reading Pride and Prejudice  (absolutely normal 23yo fantasy, right?). Plus the colours reminds me of a beautiful summer night sky.


The flowers and leaves of the embroidery are made of a very light blue thread contoured with a darker electric blue one. Seen close-up, this darker shade enhances the contrast between the delicate floral lace used as a frame and the big embroidered flowers, which gives more dimension to the pattern. As you can see, the embroidery continues on the straps like some kind of cute ivy. The top of the cup has some stretch and would surely be suitable for fuller on top breasts. I think this size fits my bigger breast properly but the smaller one has still some room at the top. When I have another chance to try the brand, I might try a 32F to see how it fits.
I love the subtle transparency of the cup and thong in contrast to the thick embroidery, the French word “parure” (which means “set” but in a fancy jeweller-ish way) immediately comes to my mind when I look at it.


The matching thong is a size M fits me perfectly. It is the comfiest thong I have tried in a very long time. It has the perfect amount of coverage at the front, crotch and back and I completely forget about it during the day. The back is made from a great quality microfiber which is cut in a very flattering way. For the little story, I originally told Claudia that I preferred a brief but my size (Small) was unavailable and as I found PrimaDonna bikini in a size S to be snug, I thought maybe the thong in a Medium would work. Fortunately it does and in a lovely way! That said, I would not recommend to size up for other bottom styles since they run bigger than the thong.

I feel really grateful that Claudia May Lingerie chose to send me this amazing set. It contributed to change my opinion on PrimaDonna lingerie in a more positive way and made me want to get more lingerie from this brand. Oh and for my fellow North American readers, Claudia May now offers international shipping for 10,70£ !

Have you tried PrimaDonna before? Is there a particular style/cut that you’d like to try?

Sending good vibrations, as always ❤



Last day of summer with PrimaDonna Salsa bikini (32G/S)


While I love Canada, I admit that I am not a winter lover. This year, summer has extended until the 27th of September and winter has apparently started on the 30th. What’s wrong with the weather? Probably global warming. And as sad as it sounds I think I enjoyed this hot wave and already miss it. I happily took advantage of the last weekend I could stand being in bikini outside ( well, it was between 8 and 11°C and I was freezing) to introduce you a gorgeous bikini I received last week from UK Swimwear .

[UK Swimwear generously provided this bikini for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post doesn’t contain affiliated links although there are a lot.]DSC03773.jpg

I am really excited about this set because it is also the first time I get to try PrimaDonna since the time I was looking for my bra size (≈5 years ago). At this point of my life I wasn’t interested in this brand at all to be honest. Now I think I might be growing up because I am seeing it with a different eye. Some of their designs really match my aesthetic and I feel like I was missing out by not knowing my size in this brand.

For those who missed my last collaboration with them, UK lingerie / swimwear / tights is a group of websites which stocks a wide range of fashion brands. I truly appreciate that their carry products in different price and size ranges but also that they offer free shipping worldwide! Their team is quite friendly and helpful as far as I can tell, and I’m definitely buying my winter tights and stockings from them.

The bikini I received is actually way better looking in real life than it is on the stock pictures and this makes me want to know more about this brand’s lingerie. PrimaDonna is a Belgian luxury brand known around the world for its quality and beautiful fit in every size its carries. The size range goes usually up to a G cup with some styles going up to a H cup and bands from 30 to 44. I noticed from the reviews I’ve read that their unlined full cups tend to run slightly big in the cup but it is not the case with all of their styles.


I received the set in 32G and Small, and I think these sizes fit me well. When I first saw it, I found this set to look classy yet sporty, and now that I hold it in my hands, I think it looks quite glamorous as well. It is hard to see from my pictures, but this set features a gold pattern and a beautiful amount of glitters as well. I wish we did a better job at capturing this detail because it really feels special. Far from being flat, it is quite textured and sophisticated. I have a hard time finding the words to describe it but it looks like straight gold lines have been pinched every centimeter to create a lovely undulated  pattern. On some pictures you should be able to notice the relief pattern.  This colorway is called white yacht and it’s quite the spirit, in my opinion.

Sizing wise, Salsa‘s band runs a little bit small, in fact it almost feels like a 30 band. The cup however run true to size but on the shallow side. I must say that the padding is quite light and rather flexible at the top. For my full on bottom breasts it allows some contained cleavage which sadly isn’t obvious on those pictures but really pleases me in real life. The gore tacks softly although it is not narrow enough for my close-set breasts. As a result one side of the gore doesn’t lay against my thorax but more against the curve of my bigger breasts which creates a subtle asymmetrical effect when the straps are crossed. This doesn’t affect the comfort or support provided by this bikini top so I personally don’t mind.


The gore also features a gorgeous and thick gold bow ended by two shiny beads. I  also really love the rushed fabric at the bottom of the cups.
The straps show again the attention to detail in this set. As you can see, instead of the usual hooks used to allow different straps placement, here you have some neat white clips which secure the straps in the desired position.

IMG_0490_2 copy3
This set is great for tall roots like mine. Also, the taller point of the gore is covered with some soft fabric, probably to prevent any discomfort. The wires aren’t especially wide or narrow, but for my own bust they are just fine. They are covered with a thick and soft fabric which makes them very comfy.
This piece gives a beautiful profile and I love that the side of my breasts are entirely contained since I often experiment side boobs issues with swimwear. Here my entire breast is secured and everything is quite in the right place.

The fabrics used for this set are really good quality. I especially like the inside layers of the brief and the bra, which are very pleasant to the touch. Aside from its aesthetic, I really feel good in this set. I can’t wait to wear it in December when I am going to see my mum in the Caribbean. I am sure gonna use this babe a lot!

It is quite hard to capture the beauty of this colour combination, it is subtle but it feels way more luxurious in real life. I am not usually a fan of padding but I wouldn’t prefer the unpadded version of this bra. I find this one very flattering and glamorous. I also really appreciate that the brief doesn’t become transparent once it’s wet. This has always been my biggest fear with white swimwear.

IMG_3548 copy3 copy.jpg
While people tend to expect less from swimwear than they do from lingerie, I think this set is equivalent in term of comfort and support. Of course it is a little bit thick and textured for regular clothes and the design is maybe not “appropriate” but I wore it all day last Saturday and didn’t have to complain. Thank you UK lingerie for sending me this beauty! It is another summer treasure in my collection and I rarely find padded bikini that look that good on me so I’ll surely cherish it.

Also, I want to thank La Finca, a lovely Montreal café that my boyfriend discovered last weekend when we were struggling to find a good place to shoot this set with the cold Canadian weather. I must say that they make a delicious hot chocolate and the staff is super friendly. I actually took most of this review pictures (the dry ones) on their adorable patio. I will probably start my Montreal cafes/patisseries reviews with this one as I love their atmosphere ! Stay tuned! ❤

I hope you enjoyed this review, and that I won’t get sick after spending so much time half naked for its sake. :’)

Yours, truly,