About Playful Promises nightwear: Sabriel Teddy and a lovely eye mask

My love for fancy pajamas started quite soon, when a friend of my mum offered me my first sets of pajamas from a lingerie boutique at the age of 15. Two sets of cotton pajamas but very classy for my age. So classy indeed that I used one of the tops as outerwear a few times… I loved them and from that time, I knew that I really liked matching stuff.

A few years ago when I fell in love with the pin up aesthetic of Playful Promises, I was also under the impression that this brand was unaffordable for me as a student. Then, I’ve come to realize that it was mostly because I was not used to shop this type of products. I mean, when I was 18, lingerie was basically bras and panties. Let alone the fact that I didn’t know what was an indie designer and had not idea that lingerie could be something else than what I had seen at the French boutiques where my mum used to bring me (where everything was also unaffordable but well, I didn’t have to pay with my own money at that time). Kiss me deadly and Playful Promises were the first UK brands to catch my attention with their loungewear, corsets and lingerie accessories.

Last year, when Playful promises launched their first full-busted collection I finally decided that it was time for me to become a faithful customer and discovered that it was actually possible to buy from them even with my small budget. Indeed, the brand has sales quite often, and I have been able to grab some wonderful pieces without squandering my small fortune.


Today, I want to talk about the Sabriel teddy that I have been lucky enough to get for a VERY affordable price on Kiss me Deadly more than a year ago. This piece is now out of stock** but I think it could be of interest to describe my love for it as I think it could give you an idea of Playful Promises nightwear quality. The Penelope teddy which is pretty similar in the cut is still available in size Medium ( ❤ ).

When I saw the Sabriel teddy for the first time I was unsure that it would be a great idea to buy a piece made of satin. Satin can sometimes look very cheap and even make you feel very uncomfortable when wearing it (you know when the fabric doesn’t breath properly and makes you feel hot and sweaty…). But I am so glad I gave this piece a chance! The fabric looks so bright and gorgeous! It feels soft and delicate !


Seriously, LOOK AT THIS PRINT! (picture from Playful Promises website)

As I don’t think my pictures give it justice, you can see it from closer on the picture above. I find it so elegant, so unusual! This piece manages to look young and yet, it reminds me of some of my grand-ma’s furniture. I must read more English books to improve the way I describe my emotions, but this print is everything. I adore it.

** You can still find the Sabriel teddy in a size M here (I might have seen a size L somewhere else on ebay).
I got this teddy in a size Small (UK 10). I think it runs a little bit big but it is nice for us full busted ladies. I usually have to go up a size with bodysuits and teddies to fit my breasts, but this time there is all the space needed.

This piece features an elastic at the waist which is nice since unfortunately the little belt straps didn’t last long. They might have been a little bit too thin. Now I have to admit that I often lose my belt because it doesn’t stay in place too well without them (I should probably replace them).


The detail that sold this piece to me (since I was first hesitating on buying it) was the eyelashes lace. It reminds me of climber plants but also of a peacock wings…. A year after this piece still fills me with joy! This lace completes it very well! The only thing I am not very fond of is the super thin straps. I know that they come with most of nightwear pieces but I just feel like really thin straps and big breasts don’t get along. It is not a question of support (this piece is not mean to support anything but itself). For me it is more about proportions. But that’s only my  personal opinion and I am fully aware that this teddy was made to suit different body types and not only mine. So I wouldn’t call it a real issue.

Nevertheless, I feel very light and free wearing this piece. I would love to get more of this print in my wardrobe. I am also happy to tell you that it didn’t fade and still looks awesome (note that I only wash it by hands, though).


Believe it or not I also have a deep love for eyes masks… Some people think that they are useless accessories only meant to make women look fancy but first there is nothing wrong with that, and second I am really sensitive to light when I sleep so they actually have a purpose for me. So I decided to get one of Playful Promises eye masks which looked like everything I like.
If you buy Playful Promises products now, you can have an overview of what the actual product looks like, which can be slightly different from the advertising pictures, but last year, I could only see the model wearing “it”. If you pay attention, you might see that she is wearing a bigger, square mask so I was a little bit disappointed when I received mine. I actually loved that her mask covered a big part of her face and more.
Apart from that, the mask itself is really well made, I really love the touch of satin against my eyes! (what a weird sentence…) The attention to detail is beautiful! I love that they didn’t forget the elastic that goes around the head. Too often I see that this element is left behind but here it is covered with a cute ruffled satin. Just like my Sabriel teddy, this piece remained beautiful through the time. I would love to get another one… They are all so lovely!

I am really into Playful Promises nightwear: I own now several pieces and it seems that every season they bring something new and refreshing! I would love to see their François gown and chemise from closer. 🙂

Sending lots of lingerie love and good vibes to you guys!

Wen ❤

Everybody is in a harness mood these days…


Hello everybody! 😀 I have a little break from school these days and I feel like everything is possible. I want to drink smoothies and make lemon pies. And run and laugh and watch old movies. I hope you feel in a good mood too cause Spring is there and Summer must be in a heartbeat! 🙂
Today’s review is about a provocative brief which I am crazy about. That is incredible how Playful Promises knows how to reach my heart even if sometimes it hurts a little bit… I can’t wait until June to see their new amazing pieces… (Spoiler here  )

The Magdalene range is unusual and weirdly sexy in my opinion. This brief is now out of stock on PP website but you can still find it on Bluestockings.


I bought the Magdalene harness brief in a size Small.

How it fits? Well, this brief is  one of the most comfy brief I have in my drawer. If I make a comparison with Ewa Michalak briefs, I would say that it is the same kind of coverage, but this one has tighter elastics so I get some kind of VPL (as it is black it is hard to see on the picture) . If you don’t like full coverage briefs, this one is not for you. I feel like it holds my butt in a super secure way x) ! I am not used to that so at first I wasn’t sure if I was ok with the fit but now I don’t mind anymore.The VPL (Visible Panty Line) is not awful either, but it is there.
The front part of the brief features a super cool satin print with a picture of Mary Magdalene surrounded by light (and fire?), flowers and angels. Ahah! Such an appropriate place for this picture, isn’t it? I especially like the fishnet on the sides of the brief. It’s not very feminine and I think it makes it even more different from what we are used to see. These chunky knits remind me of the church, the confessional, and… Prison. In my opinion this knicker evokes rebellion. This is how I feel about it.
The back part is made from black mesh and is subtly sheer. It has some stretch which is nice if you are in between size.
I forgot to take photos to show you its versatility but the harness part can be worn on the hips which is cool and easier to wear through the day because, yes you must need to pee at some point ^^ ! It is fully adjustable so you don’t have to worry about how it will adapt to your body. Also it is made from black satin so it is soft to the touch and lightweight.
I wanted to get the bra but I am out of the size range, and at the end I think it would be too much, maybe. So I am happy to wear it with my black bras.


Overall I am super happy to own this sassy babe. It is one of those pieces that you like because you know that you’re not going to find anything like it and now that it is out of stock I feel that it is even more precious. However you can find other styles of harness briefs on Playful Promises website, like the Frida (I love it so much) and the new Peek & Beau Hope harness brief (I think I NEED this one. It’s marvelous) which are less subversive but so gorgeous.

Until next time,



Huge crush: Playful Promises Miranda review


I bought this bra in my usual PP 32G and the knickers in a Small.

Oh Miranda, you didn’t catch my eye right away, I won’t deny this, but once you did, I swear I could’nt look away… ( I read this quote on Instagram the other day, and I think it is truly appropriate here…)
Well, the first time I saw the Miranda, I thought it was very sexy  but not very wearable on a daily basis. Also I didn’t find it to be extraordinary enough for my taste ( we all know the French maids theme in sexy lingerie). It was pretty, sure but as I don’t work you can imagine that I didn’t want to pay 75 pounds/ 135 CAD for a unpractical/ not so original set. It is painful when you realized that you don’t wear an expensive bra…
The Portia was definitely the one that made my heart beat faster so I got this one as quick as I could. Unfortunately my beloved Portia was not a perfect fit (even if I consider it as an okay fit for a fashion bra) and after my big disappointment about the Rosa, I started to think that maybe PP Full-bust bras were not for me.
Guys… I was sad to give up the idea of buying more from them…  Nevertheless, my heart started to miss the sexy feeling of black lingerie and I realized that unpadded bras were much more friendly to my boobs than the padded ones.  After reading Scarlet’s Letter review my curiosity has been piqued and I thought that it could be a nice way to satisfy my black provocative/sassy lingerie obsession of this moment and maybe raising Playful Promises profile in my heart.

Ahah! Such a great idea! As usual I took advantage of a -50% sale on Playful Promises to buy this treasure and it arrived pretty fast to my door… 😀
Once again, my heart skipped a beat when I opened the parcel. You know, there are different kind of love. I don’t like all my lingerie the same way. There are everyday sets, some that make you feel powerful, some that really suit your body shape and give you maximum comfort, some that make you feel secretly sassy… etc… Every lingerie set I own fills a different part of my heart, a different need. And this one is certainly my first “made-to-make-you-feel-sexy” set.

Honestly, now I don’t know how I could have thought that this set wasn’t extraordinary. My eyes must have been so obsessed by the Portia that my mind was temporarily affected…
This set is wonderful… Gosh, I was so wrong! Trust me or not, I feel more secure in this one than in the Portia! Here’s the gore tacks perfectly through the day, the cup encapsulates my breast in a lovely way, the straps may be long and half-adjustable but they don’t slip off my shoulders and they are wide enough to be comfy, I can say the same about the band (3sets of 3 hooks and eyes) …
I didn’t expect these comfort and FIT with a fashion bra but now I feel like I could wear it everyday if only there weren’t peep-holes ( I can’t wear it with my usual shirt if I want to look decent). However, this set is really a joy to wear. My only complaint is that my nipples are too up and front for staying in the holes. I can get them in at the beginning of the day but they finally go back to their natural situation very quickly… Well, I know that it is impossible to make it perfect for every woman as we all have different kind of breasts. 🙂 I’m okay with this little imperfection.
I have to say that the cup has not a lot of stretch so if you are between size maybe your bigger option would be the best.
Also, this bra can’t be an everyday bra, at least for me, not because of the peep-holes but because I feel like the fabric of the cup isn’t strong enough for supporting my breasts weight without being a bit altered after some time. In fact, at the end of the day the cup tends to sit lower on my breast. Not something that is really boring at the moment but I guess it is a sign that my bottom heavy breasts are too heavy for this cups and as the straps are half-adjustable I can’t solve this problem by tightening them.
As I want this bra to be in my wardrobe forever I think I will not be wearing it too often.

The knickers are sheer and simple,and they have not a lot of stretch just like the cup of the bra. The Small is certainly the best size for me here. Its  rise is a bit too low for my taste because my butt would have need a little stretch to get properly covered through the day but it is not uncomfortable and it doesn’t turn as a brazilian so it’s okay.

What I love most in this set is the straps and bows. The lace is delightful, really! When I look in the mirror all I see is these straps. These lovely ruffled straps… Gosh I am crazy about them! The same lace is used to adorn the front part of the knickers and I admit that I have spent a lot of time looking at this set to keep in mind every detail. The bows are also pretty amazing! The white ribbon extends along the central gore and through the circular lace arc of the knickers… I’m conquered…
If a version without peep-holes of this bra existed I would have bought it in every color available *_* But these holes are a big part of this bra charm and I am quite happy with its actual look. :3

I would love to see more unpadded styles in Playful Promises future collections! They are much more accommodating to breast shapes and sizes.
What do you think of the Miranda? Have you ever tried any of Playful Promises Full Bust sets?

Until next time,


PS: Oh maybe I should have said something about the mask? I think I’ll write a mini-review about it very soon! 😀

When your dream doesn’t come true…

One of the worst feelings for a lingerista is, in my opinion, to put her hands on something gorgeous, something she was waiting for a very longtime and then realizing that the object of her desires doesn’t fit at all. The disappointment can be huge.
Here’s what happened to me with the Rosa Barely There bra from Playful Promises.
If you have read my review of the amazing Portia from the same brand, you know how excited I was about the new lingerie opportunity provided by Playful Promises since last November. When I saw the Rosa, I thought that it was such a big step for the full bust lingerie world. A quarter cup. Something usually non existent if you are not between a A and a D cup (maybe you can find it in a F cup if you are lucky and if you have the money but it is still rare). So I decided to take the plunge…

First, when I opened the parcel I was delighted by the lovely black paper linked with a large peach ribbon which contained my order, and then I saw it. This lovely bra, the lace, the satin and I started to pray for a nice fit.
Humm… Guys, I have to be honest and I hate writing negative things about a brand I like but this was a real disappointment.

The semi-adjustable straps were unusually long! And so thin! I think it was the first time I saw this kind of straps on a DD-G bra. They are satin straps, what could have been beautiful if they were larger and fully-adjustable. They certainly could be fine for some women but for me this is just terrible… The front strap had the same length issue. I guess this would be less problematic with a FOT gal but I am more full at the side and bottom so these straps are too long for me.
Anyway, I have something positive to say about this bra construction : the central gore. This time it tacks perfectly against my sternum and it is soft, which is very important for a lot of busty gals.

However, the main issue with this bra is that the cup gives a strange shape. I have seen on Morning Madonna that it is not an issue at all for smaller chests but even if you can’t see it very well on my picture, this bra gives me a odd pointy shape. Also, my boobs always want to escape and follow the slope made by the cup so my breast seems to be “hollow” at the top. I am not sure but I guess this bra could only fit a gal who has all her fullness at the top. But I don’t recommend it for other kind of bust.
Oh and an other issue is that the cup didn’t look strong enough to support my bottom heavy breast. It was like it could capsize under the weight of my breasts.
That said, the Rosa looks true-to-size and even if the band is loose (looser than the Portia band in the same size), it is a comfortable bra.


What has drawn me to this set is its gorgeous lace. The undulating lace on the bottom of the bra drives me crazy… This is so lovely I would like to add the same lace on a lot of my black t-shirt bras to make them prettier… And if you have round boobs the eyelash lace on the top of the cup is a sexy detail too.

The ouvert brief is an adorable piece. I wanted to match this bra with the Isabelle Black Cage Cut Out brief but it was out of stock the day I placed my order. First I was a bit sad but at the end I think this one is less sexy but cute as well. I opted for the Medium because I had tried two harness briefs in a size Small from PP and both of them gave me some lovely VPL (hum hum you know how I like that).

Maybe in this style a S would have been better as the elastics are much looser than those on the harness briefs. But in term of “butt volume” this size is good for me.
The ouvert part of the brief is lovely. There is a gorgeous eyelashes lace on the upper part of the back to increase the feminine, boudoir effect, so this brief is not vulgar at all. The satin details make it even more classy. And, apart from the fact that the elastic is too loose on my hips (what could be a bit unpleasant, but that’s my fault), this bottom is comfortable. It’s like wearing normal underwear.

I hope this review is helpful. I am so sad. This bra remains terribly cute but I returned it the day after I received it. As you can see I tried the bottom on so I kept it. It is a lovely addition to my knickers collection.



Playful Promises full bust collection: The Portia

Playful Promises  was for a long time a non-affordable brand for me because of their size range and maybe also because of their prices. In fact, most of their styles was available in A-D and for some of them in A-F. I have to say that I was often tempted to cheat and to buy something like a 34F but as the price was high I couldn’t allow myself to do such a silly thing. So, when I heard about their new “Full bust range” it was like Christmas before time! My heart just stopped when I saw the Portia set… As soon as I put my eyes on this beauty, she was mine!

I fell for this colour! The pin-up aesthetic of this set was so unusual considering it was available in a G cup! I had to find a way to get it! Girls… When I found it 30% less expensive than the full price on Kiss Me Deadly I shamefully took it without hesitation (I am obviously lying as I can’t spend all my money buying lingerie…Student life…). Ok, I hesitated but I took it as well, praying for the fit to be as stunning in reality as it was in the Playful Promises shoots.

Ahaha! When the package arrived in the mailbox I could not have any regret and I stopped  quickly all my activities to try my new babe! No, it was not as beautiful on me as it was on Gia Genevieve (she is such a goddess!) but the cup volume was good and the color, the details, still gorgeous! Now I think it could be an amazing design for a strapless bra if the band had been more firm. I especially love the G-string as this cut is new for me. This set is one of my favourite sets of 2015. When I wear it I feel like a superheros with a secret identity (something like “Poison Wen, the blue pinup” (I wonder what kind of power a blue pinup could own…).

To be honest, even if the bra is supportive, the central gore doesn’t tack at the top but only at its bottom (take in consideration that I have close-set breasts ). A supergirl needs to fight and so it could be a problem unless she wants to distract the vilain with her neckline! However it is obvious that this set has not been made to be Wonder Woman armour! I think it is a gorgeous mix between a boudoir set and an everyday one so it is perfect for the quiet days when you have not to run everywhere and you just want to be as pretty as you can to face the small obstacles of the day.

I bought the bra in a 32G and the G-string in a Small. I think I made a great choice as the thong is just perfect for me and the bra fits me as well as a 32G can fit me. I mean, I would love to try a 30GG but this bra is still supportive and I don’t have any spillage so I can say that in the future I will buy other 32G from Playful Promises. I think this one would fit me better if I was more full on top  but I can’t complain, this bra is true-to-size.
However the main issue with this bra is the straps. The lovely ruched (thank you Estelle 🙂 ) straps… They are too long for my shoulders and semi-adjustable! That’s a shame because they are a part of this beautiful work and I do love them but, still, I really need smaller straps as they often fall on the side of my shoulders along the day.


You must think this review is a bit critical but you know, it is normal as this is a young range and it has to be improved just like every first try. But I have to say that I was very surprised when I tried the bra on. I was so afraid when I ordered it! 32G is generally a wrong size for me, especially in padded bras. Too small in the cup too big in the band! But this time no disappointment!
No quadbood, a supportive and quite comfy band (even if I wear it on the middle hook), every boob in its room ! The central gore doesn’t tack enough for my taste but my boobs can’t meet at the middle of the bra so it is not a huge issue (as it is not a real everyday bra), just something to improve.
Let’s talk about the details! I was the kind of kid who loved embossed books and I still love them as a young woman… I mean that my hand and my eyes love to discover unusual designs and fabrics especially if they are not flat. The cups of this bra are my favourite part of the set, and the lace on the top of the cups is a great idea! All these details give a modern vintage aesthetic that I just cherish. The two-third of the cup reminds me the bullet bras! This bra also gives a round shape under clothing.
The simplicity/complexity of the matching bottom is delightful and I think I would be sad if I had not bought the entire set. I would be glad to try the brief but as I didn’t knew my Playful Promises size I didn’t want to take the risk to deal with an awful VPL, and now that I’ve tried the Magdalene harness brief in a S I know that I can easily wear a M in this brand.


Well, Playful Promises is not a full bust brand so this effort to extend their size range is truly wonderful. These days I am lusting after their Rosa Barely there set as it includes the first quarter cup I’ve ever seen available to a G cup. I always thought that quarter cups was not for full bust women and now I am happy to see that I may be wrong.
Thank you PP, for giving the full bust gals the possibility to feel stunning in your adorable, sassy lingerie! I will definitely buy more from you!

Lot of love,