Sonata Rapalyte Paradis Ribbon Bodysuit review (size M)

Dear readers, while bras and bikinis are amazing, I have to say that I have a deep love for bodysuits. I associate them with ballet and artistic gymnastics. I love how they make me feel dressed up while being half a naked. Bodysuits are wonderful.

[I was sent this piece free of charge for review purposes by Sonata Rapalyte. All thoughts and opinions are my own]

So, when I received a message from Sonata Rapalyte offering to send me one of her bodysuits for the blog, I was over the moon. I had been lusting after her lingerie for years but never thought I could afford it or even fit into it. Looking at the size chart, I was in between a Small and a Medium but I suspected that the models were wearing a Small or XSmall and my breasts were way bigger than theirs. I finally gave my measurements to Sonata and a few weeks later, I had the surprise to receive the Paradis bodysuit in a size Medium, packed in a luxurious packaging that made me feel like it was my birthday.
[Picture from my Instagram story:]

The size M was too big for me especially in the bust and at the back (I know it doesn’t show on these pictures but it is a question of position). I contacted the brand about it and sent the bodysuit back for an exchange. Sadly there was an issue with the parcel and it came back to me. I finally decided to keep it since I was unsure if a Small would even fit my breasts, plus it didn’t look “bad”. It is actually a very loose fit on me but since this bodysuit is very unstructured it might fit differently on different body type.


Aesthetically, this piece is dreamy. The delicate floral lace gives a beautiful tattoo effect over the skin. Although I wouldn’t have picked this colour myself, I believe it looks good on my skin tone and would compliment women with darker skin tones as well. The lace is actually less vivid than the silk which create some kind of contrast.
The top part of this piece features a beautiful scalloped neckline which ends with a beautiful row of nine silk covered buttons. This is my favorite detail on this piece, I think.
The back of the piece also features a scalloped V-shaped lace with each side meeting each other in an oversized pure silk ribbon. I love how big and thick this bow is but if you don’t like this detail, this bodysuit also exists without it.


The gusset is lined with silk instead of the traditional cotton and the seams around the legs are covered with silk as well. All these details make this piece feel very precious.
Now I think Sonata bodysuits are special occasion pieces and not really made for everyday wear. The lace has a little bit of stretch to it but when worn without bra, I am a little bit concerned by the effect of my breasts weight on it. It is super delicate and feels good over the skin but I am afraid that it might stretch and never get back to its initial form. With a bra on, it feels more secure, although I know, it is hard to find a bra that would honor this lace, especially in this color.

This bodysuit’s construction seems to be made for long torso ladies. I am 1m71 but I think my torso isn’t in the long category. It is quite average from what I have seen with other garments so this might have contributed to make it look too big for me.

The back provides a good coverage for the bum, doesn’t move in any uncomfortable way and is quite pretty. I think the weight of my breasts tends to make it ride up but it only affects the ribbon area and not my bum. I noticed that a seam has started to undo on the bow, and I suspect that it is due to my breasts weight. So far I have only worn this piece for pictures or around the house in order to be able to review it honestly. I think I will re-sew it, and then avoid to wear it without a bra so it doesn’t get damaged. That said, maybe I am just unlucky and got that one piece with a less secure seam.

Overall, this piece is confortable, easy to put on and to remove. The gusset is closed with poppers which is good since bodysuits can be very annoying when you need to use the bathroom. The only part that restricts the body’s movements is the sleeves. I find the seams to be kind of rigid and if I want to lift my arms then I have to move them closer to my neck to prevent them from tearing. Paradoxically, since this bodysuit is also too big for me, when I am not active with my arms then the sleeves fall out of my shoulders.

I have read different reviews of Sonata Rapalyte bodysuits but most of them were about custom products. I think it is interesting to see how the regular sizes fit and I am glad I got to try this piece. I would recommend full bust ladies with unproportional measurements to ask for a custom size, but if your body is quite proportionate, I feel like you could be ok with the regular sizes. My bust is around 37,4 inches, my waist 25,5 inches and my lower hips 37,8 inches. This bodysuit could fit someone with bigger measurements, surely in a better way.

This piece is a nice addition to my lingerie collection, and I hope one day I can afford one of Sonata’s amazing gowns, sequin (the Soprano looks so good!) or long sleeved bodysuits ( the Olive jade is probably my favorite design from this brand).

I hope y’all have a lovely day! ❤

Yours truly,

PS: At the moment, you can get 50% off Sonata’s lingerie with the code SALE50.



Dryads inspired pieces by Esty lingerie

      What do you wear when you feel sad, anxious, or powerless?

Something I hear very often is that people tend to care less about their appearance when they feel bad. Weirdly enough, I am one of those people who will wear make up at home on a Sunday if I feel terrible. I can only wear large, basic clothes when I am happy enough to actually not care about how I look. In these rare cases I usually borrow my boyfriends clothes, which could probably take twice my body to be properly filled and lounge around without thinking too much about anything. But I am an anxious person so this actually didn’t happen for about 2 months. When I feel weird, or insecure, my first reflex is to put on my favorite nightwear pieces and I usually spend the whole day in them. If I really feel terrible then I put on some eye liner and style my hair. This is my way to feel like I have something together, if not my life.

Because of that, when life gets tough I get even more obsessed with lingerie, and at this year, weirdly, nightwear. About six months ago, I came across an Esty Lingerie sale and noticed a cute black and green chemise that looked like it would never fit me. I had seen it before, several times, without really looking at it because I was sure that it was an item made for smaller busts. I don’t know why but this day, I decided that I had to get it. It was on sale so at least if it was not fitting right I would not have a lot of regrets.
So I got the Glimmer green sparkly lace chemise and its matching thong in a size Medium. The website indicated that the size Medium was a UK 10 for the babydoll but a size 14 for the thong. Estelle told me that I should be ok with those sizes since the thong was adjustable and the babydoll, although it could have been big at the under-breast elastic was supposed to have enough room for my boobs.

Unfortunately the chemise I received had a little defect, which made it look asymmetrical due the tension on the elastic being slightly different on the left compared to the right side of the garment. I think it wouldn’t be a huge deal on a small busted woman, but since my own breasts are asymmetrical and quite full on bottom, it was obvious on me.
I was sad cause I loved it but also, knowing myself I would never be able to forget this defect. It made me feel bad about my breasts and I knew I could not be completely happy even though the rest of it was adorable.

So I contacted Estelle and explained the issue. She was super understanding and very helpful. She offered to make me a new one as a replacement, made to my measurements, with the last piece of fabric that she had. I couldn’t believe how kind it was of her but gratefully accepted the offer.

The second chemise arrived, and it was perfect. It was slightly different from the original design, since I told her that the straps were too short for me, and she offered to also modify the length of the chemise. Because she hadn’t enough length of the green velvet straps, she added black satin elastics at the back, and some cute little black bows as well. This version is also 2 inches longer that the original one.

When I said it was perfect, guys… This chemise, made me actually feel so good about my body! It fits my breasts beautifully, provides some light support and it is so light that feel like I am wearing nothing, but in a positive way. The length is lovely too, I like that it can cover my butt. The effect of the edges on the skin is gorgeous! Because there is no seam, it reminds me of those amazing microfiber brazilians that give a nice look to the hips and bum. The finishes are lovely… When I wake up in the morning, I usually stay sat on the edge of my bed for a few seconds looking at my glittery thighs and this makes me happy. This chemise is delicate and comfortable. I feel like I am actually covered wearing it. I wouldn’t open the door to the post man without putting on a gown first but otherwise, it became my favorite pajama, and I can spend the whole day just wearing it and a robe.

The attention to detail is there, as well as gold hardware and the garment itself is less fragile than it seems. Actually this fabric is sturdy enough. I think the only thing I would improve is the touch of it. I think it would be nice if it was softer from the inside. But I figured out that it is the glittery fibers of the lace that make the fabric feel sturdier at some places. And I wouldn’t prefer this chemise without them so it is ok with me.

I wanted the matching thong for a very long time and I just had to get it at some point. No disappointment here. Estelle was right, the size 14 fitted me thanks to the adjustable straps. Oh I am so happy I got this set, really. It is very special to me. I wear the thong way less often than the bra since I usually wear matching sets of lingerie but it is always a pleasure. I love its effect on my bum. It looks all rounded and lovely. Ahah! I adore those velvet straps, they are everything.

One of my girlfriends told me I looked like a forest fairy in this set and I like this idea. It is green, black and shiny. It was made for me. And I have to say that I have been wearing it way more often than any other pajamas since I got it. I am impressed that it is still shiny after I washed it so many times. I wash it by hands, of course, but I didn’t know what to expect from this set since glittery stuff tend to fade. But as far as I know it didn’t change much (I see it too often to be sure that nothing has changed but it looks great to me).
I wish I also owned the tap pants but my size was already out of stock. (I am still considering getting them in size Large, though.) I am crazy about this fabric because it looks so good against my skin! Plus I am really into green lingerie. The garter was a gift I got with the first babydoll, since Esty originally shipped if later than expected. Although it is not my usual style, I like that it has a double strap and looks like a jewel! I really appreciate my pieces more when I know they were handmade with love, and considering the whole story behind them, I feel like those pieces are even more precious to my heart.

Sending love,

Yours truly,

Feeling like the Queen of hearts in Monsieur est une traînée lingerie

I am an obsessive person. Well, I said it. I am this person that will buy from the same brand again and again if I love their aesthetic, sometime I eat only the same fruit for about 2 weeks because it’s the only thing I am craving (be reassured, I eat other stuff too but not different fruits), I can be haunted by a piece and never feel peaceful until I get it in my wardrobe, and of course I can buy a set in every colorway available if I love the fabric enough for that.

DSC09119The red looks a little bright on this picture but it is a deep and darker red in reality.

Last year, I came across Toru & Naoko lingerie and the Kumiko set stole my heart. I ended up buying it (it was my very first made to measurement bralette) and also it was not perfect (the band was too big) I adored it. About 10 months later I got the white version with different measurements. And then I realized that this fabric that I loved so much was also used by Kiss Me Deadly for their Everythingless collection and by Monsieur est une traînée, a French indie brand based in Grenoble, for the Heartbreaker set.

The Everythingless collection was not affordable for me (also I still wish I could get it) but I knew I had to get the Heartbreaker set. After all, it was a longline design with one of my favourite lace (mesh?)! I lusted after it for almost a year and finally bought it since I was scared it would be discontinued. Well, this was one of my best lingerie decision. Milena was an absolute angel to work with and everything went quickly and smoothly! Also the deep red set arrived in a pink plastic pocket and was wrapped with a lovely tissue paper and sprinkled with confetti.

You have to know that there are about 20 cm difference between my bust circumference and underbust circumference. Because of that, the original design would have been very tricky to put off and on for me. Milena realized it and offered to make some adjustments so the design could be more wearable for me. So, she added seams at the breasts part and also an opening made of 3 sets of hooks and eyes at the back.

Thank to those changes, this bralette feels better than any of those I have tried before. Although I love the design of the other ones, this one has an amazing fit. The band feels supportive while still very comfortable, it is very fitted, I only have to wear it at the first set of hooks and eyes so I know I will be able to wear it for a long period of time.
The mesh is stretchy and the seams at the bottom of the breasts give some more structure to the design, visually and also physically (I hope you get me). I am glad she didn’t make a complete seam from the bottom to the top of the ”cup” since this never worked out for me.

I would usually complain about the thinness of the strap but weirdly enough, this time I have nothing bad to say about them. The support they provide must be due to the racer back.
Of course they could be wider but I don’t feel any discomfort and they don’t make the band ride up so for me, they are almost perfect. It is really rare that the band of a bralette stays so stable on my body and feels that secure! Also I like the gold sliders and ring on the back! I am considering buying this bralette in other fabrics and colorways because it is wonderful to wear.

The Heartbreaker panty was made to my measurements and feels super good to wear! Well, the first one I received was a little bit too tight and very low rise. It actually felt like it was made to my measurements but with a tight tension on the elastics. I contacted Milena and she was very helpful. She offered to send me another one before I sent the first one back and inside the new package she put another plastic envelope so I could use it to send the smaller panty. She also offered to reimburse the postage fees.

I asked her if it was possible to make the new pair of knickers with more coverage at the back and a higher rise and the new one I received was perfect. It is stable just like the bralette, my butt does not eat it when I move and it doesn’t create VPL.
I love this set and I am glad I bought it full price because it is worth every dollars. It is very well-made with a great attention to detail. ❤

Thank you Milena! I am definitely buying from you in the future!

Now, dear readers, what do you think about the Heartbreaker set? Do you think it is worth it to buy made to measurement bralettes or do you usually go with the S,M,L,XL system?

Sunny kisses!
Yours truly,



Backseam lingerie for a full busted lady: the Black Petal set

[This set has been generously provided by Backseam Lingerie for the purpose of a review. That said, all thoughts and opinions are my own.]
Spring didn’t last long this year again and we’re already in Summer. I love Summer. I love getting tanned and wearing dresses and shorts. This year again I’ll miss the beach and sun of the Caribbean sadly. Summer also means flowers and trees being colorful and healthy again. After a terribly long Winter this never misses to make me happy. But while I love to see flowers around houses I have never been into floral prints and it is very rare that I love super floral embroideries. Leaves and curved stems, nevertheless, are usually welcome in my lingerie drawer…

A few months ago Alena Danchenko, the owner and designer of Backseam lingerie offered to send me a made-to-measurement set so I could review it here for you guys! If you look at her Etsy selection, you might see why I was excited by this offer. Backseam lingerie looks super delicate and elegant. Something that worried me, however, was the sizing. I mean… These bras and bralettes seemed to be made with small busts in mind and I wasn’t sure if they would be appropriate for my breasts. Alena reassured me and very quickly I received an amazing three pieces sets in my mailbox.


Sadly the bra was really too small for me. I thought maybe there was a confusion with my measurements and Alena offered to send me an other one as soon as possible.
The second one arrived in a very sophisticated packaging and fitted like a dream. It was obviously different from the original design that you can see on the website but I love it better. I received the bra the day of my graduation and although I was busy I tried the bra right away and felt ridiculously sexy. Ahah. ^^

The Black Petal set is composed from a balconnet bra, bikini knickers and a gorgeous suspender belt. I think the stock pictures don’t do it justice. This set is so lovely!
The three-part balconnet is unlined, and feels as light as a bralette. Really it feels like a second skin. This is partly because it is made from an unique layer of mesh which is rare for a bra in my size, however there still are support panels at the sides. Considering this construction, I am amazingly surprised by the shape I get from this bra. It is natural but not too low and happily for me this bra is full on bottom/side friendly.

The straps are reasonably wide, as they were thinner in the first version of the bra. The overlapping gore tacks comfortably and the wires are wide but perfect for my breasts. They also are really thin. Because of that I wouldn’t recommend this bra for bigger busts than mine, or at least be aware that you won’t get the same support with this bra as a usual factory-made full bust bra. That said, I have been wearing this bra several times without discomfort since I got it. The narrow back features 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes. I am happy with the length of this band since I can wear it at the loosest set of hooks and it doesn’t ride up my back. It also features side bones. However, I think a wider band would be more comfortable for full busted ladies.

Now I have to say again that I really love the appearance of this bra and how it fits. While my nipples are situated exactly were the cup’s seams meet, the shape is not pointy at all( this happens to me sometimes). The bra allows a beautiful projection and seriously it feels like my measurements have really been respected. The cups are slightly elasticated at the top, which gives room to small changes in my breasts volume.
Now the leaves embroidery is lovely. It looks elegant and discreet unworn but I think it releases its charm once you see it on a body. The extra sheer black mesh makes it a perfect boudoir set but without the suspender I see it as a nice everyday set for Summer.

The bikini panty is simple but matches the bra perfectly. The front and back features the same leaves embroidery but the sides are made from a stretchy black mesh. I find the panty to be on the small side but fits me in a cute way I think. It is very low rise and gives a light coverage to my butt (butt that actually eats it if I move too much). But I really like how that they used the embroidery on the front and back of this panty. So often I am under the impression that the front is more important than the back for designers, which is understandable but often disappointing.

The suspender belt is a nice addition to this set. I especially like the sides embroideries and the triangles detail of the straps. However if I could change something about this suspender it would be adding little satin covers over the clips. I wouldn’t have noticed this detail since I am not an expert in suspenders but one of the silicone pieces disappeared and I only noticed it once I decided to take these pictures. I decided to replace it with one from an old removable suspender strap but then I realized that usually these silicone pieces are sewed to satin covers that prevent them from getting off and also gives a more luxurious/finished look. Apart from that issue, the suspender holds my stockings very well and is nice to wear.

As you can see from the side view, this bra makes my boobs look almost naked, and you can see that my breasts are very bottom heavy. At first I was worried about the impact of their weight on the mesh but since it has no stretch at the bottom it seems to handle it for the moment. Because of that I believe that this bra would be better if your cup volume isn’t much bigger than mine, unless the design would be modified to add another layer of mesh at the bottom of the cup.

That said, I love this set, I find it rather easy to wear and comfy. It must be weird to say so but one day I found myself touching my breasts to verify if I was actually wearing anything. It is an unusual feeling at first but once you get used to it, it is actually nice to feel like you are free of bra while still being supported and wearing beautiful lingerie.
I am super happy to wear this set having in mind that it is hand-made and that Backseam’s team actually made an effort to get out of their comfort zone and create a bra that fits and makes me feel fabulous. I think this set is pretty affordable for hand-made lingerie especially since you have the made to measurements option.

PS: Note that I photoshopped my nipples for the sake of modesty but the bra is completely transparent. Also I am wearing the Café au lait Nubian Skin hold ups, and a Karolina Laskowska choker on these pictures. I love those pieces so damn much >_<

Sending love ❤

Yours truly,

Sacha Kimmes Alicia bralet & Sabrina brief review

DSC06734_editednn.jpg   *I received this set free of charge for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.*

So a few months ago I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Sacha Kimmes on her La Sylphide collection. I was absolutely in love with it and got to review the cutest skirt ever but I needed something stretchier than the beautiful lace of La Sylphide to accomodate my breasts.
Sacha has been kind enough to send me her Alicia bralette and Sabrina open back brief and I think they make a beautiful set.


The Alicia bralette is part of her Classics collection. It has been made to my measurements and I find it pretty comfy.
This bralette is made from two layers of black mesh and it is slightly transparent but opaque enough to save your modesty. The straps are fully adjustable and it features a band that you can close with 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes.


Under the bust, an elastic provides a little bit more support to the breasts and adds a finished look to this very minimalist design. I wish it was thicker or firmer since it tends to roll under my breasts very often but it is soft and I suppose, would do very well on smaller busts.
I would say that the difficult part with making bralettes for full bust ladies with small backs is to make the back tight enough without losing depth in the front part.
This bralette definitely has enough space for my breasts but the back would need to be shorten a lot. I would say it feels more like a 34-36 band than a 30. As a result the band goes up with the weight of my breasts which is the main issue with this piece.


Talking of experience it is hard to get a 30band with a bralette also because you might prefer stretchy fabrics to accomodate your breasts, but this fabric will eventually be too stretchy to provide support.
That said, I love how Sacha made the sides of this bralette. My breasts being very full on sides, I was scared to get spillage since Alicia seemed to be almost triangular in the stock pictures but this didn’t happen. I get some nipslip but my nipples situation creates this issue with a lot of bralettes.


The first picture of this post is the more representative of how the bralette fits along the day. My breasts wouldn’t stay separated for hours without wires.

I really enjoy the Sacha Kimmes huge bow signature. It makes most of her pieces super adorable. I am a sucker for huge bows and black lingerie so I really find myself in this indie brand. Did I say that she is based in Belgium? For those who are interested in meeting designers in person and who live eventually in Europe, she gives sometimes private sales IRL. I wish I could go! It must be amazing to be able to see her pieces in person!

About the Sabrina brief, it is from the Petit Chat collection! I think she always chooses very well her collections names. Indeed, Petit chat could be translated as kitten and all the pieces from this range are just as delicate as sensual. I adore this lace! Some people find black lingerie boring but I think Sacha knows how to make it playful and stylish at the same time.


I have to warn you about the sizing, though. I tried 2 Sacha Kimmes bottoms in a Medium, and I honestly found them to be closer from a XS and a Small. I simply couldn’t put the first one on without being scared of damaging it. Note that I usually wear a UK size 10 or a Small in most of the brands. I think indie designers very often run small and a Medium is my go-to size when I try a new indie brand. So far I haven’t had any issue buying this size. But I think I would need a Large in Sacha Kimmes bottoms. So I would suggest you to give her your measurements before buying panties if you have any doubts.


The Sabrina brief fits my hips but my bum is definitely too big for it. The fabric is not stretchy, so I can’t wear it under a pair of jeans without getting a four butt effect. It is super cute though and for me it will be a super fun bedroom piece. I will probably also take a lot of photographs in this brief but it is not an everyday panty. I have seen a lot of ladies on instagram wearing it much better so I think either my butt is just not proportionate to the rest of my body or they just knew what size would be the best for them.

DSC07514_edited_edited c.jpg

This set is very nice to lounge around during the weekend or simply love yourself in front of the mirror. One last thing about the fit of the bralette is that each “cup” is sewn in the middle, vertically. It was the first time I tried a design like that but I end up with my boobs cut in the middle which appears under tight tops. You can probably see it on some pictures. I wish it fitted me better so I could wear it more often but I really love the way it looks on me when I don’t wear clothes.

Sacha Kimmes is a beautiful label and I am super happy to get to know it better! Her latest release “Ace of Wands” is DELIGHTFUL. I wish I could afford it because these bodysuits are to die for! Seriously! They are unsual and look so comfy and perfect! Lingerie with CAPE(let) = Super hero lingerie! ❤ I forgot to tell you but the little mirror I have in my first pictures arrived with the set and I think you might receive one with your order too! If you want to know more about it just click here!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I really want to introduce more indie designers and small brands this year! I think lingerie is art and  people who think out of the box makes it more and more fascinating to me.

I am sorry for not being super present lately, I am just super super busy with school…

Still love you though, thanks for reading!

PS: French version here!

A Toru and Naoko set for a 30GG gal: The Kumiko

I am actually wondering if I feed on lingerie. I don’t think I spend as much money on food as on underwear… But as I am still alive I guess this lingerie diet suits me… And by the way, how could I resist when every season brings cuter and cuter pieces to my eyes?

More than one month ago I had a huge crush on the Kumiko panties which were on sales. (The bra was cute but I didn’t think it was going to fit me in any kind of way)
Unfortunately the only size available was a Large. As I had read some old reviews of Toru and Naoko sets I thought the L could suit me (everybody seemed to agree the fact that the brand ran very small).
I decided to ask Camilla (the owner of the brand) if she thought that a L could fit me. She kindly offered to make a size M as she had enough residual fabrics of this range to make an entire set. I felt so lucky!! So she also offered to make a made-to-measurement bra. Guys, as I said before I didn’t think that a bra like the Kumiko could fit a chest like mine. NOT AT ALL. But she said that it might work because she also owned a Kumiko bra and she was a full bust girl too. I decided to trust her… It sounded like a very exciting possibility…


How cute is this!?

About one month after I placed order I found this lovely little pouch in my mail. I think I have rarely felt so much excitement for a parcel that small. There was no way I could wait to try it on! Ahahah! I had been so patient, and here was the object of my desires! If you are a lingerie lover, I am sure you can understand this feeling !


First, I was very pleased to see the back of the bra. I had not realised that it would be like this (how could I missed this fact?). I was both happy (lovely band, isn’t it?) and worried because all these straps looked so thin! And then I tried it on. Mmh double reaction:
_ I was looking like a real lingerie superhero (cute but BAD-ASS)
_ I could never fight crime in this bra (an other one…)

Okay… Just kidding (I am not obsessed by supergirls and fights)… We all agree the fact that a bralette is not the best suit for fights but what bother me with this one is that the back is a bit too loose. You can see that it is really adjustable and it could have been very interesting if it was possible to tighten it more. It is only possible to make it larger than my underbust circumference. So I have to wear it on the tightest hooks (there are two sets of hooks) and I tighten the straps of the “band” the more I can. I really think that this issue is partly due to the fabrics of this band. It is like a strong flat elastic.
Apart from this issue the fit of this bra is spot-on! I love how it makes my boobs look! The mesh is so adorable! And even if this set is delicate, and the bralette seems fragile compared to a real bra, I see the quality of the fabric and I don’t think it will be damaged or stretched at the first (hand-)wash. It’s like this mesh has enough stretch to follow the curves of my breast but it is strong enough to keep all the things in place. The straps are fully-adjustable what I really like but I think they would be more comfortable if they were larger/thicker.

As expected the bralette doesn’t provide a lot of support so it is not something I’d wear everyday but it makes me feel cute and sexy in the same time so I definitely like to wear it on the weekend or for some special occasions. Look at these bows! Seriously ! Aren’t they irresistible?
To be honest, I don’t think I would have bought this if it was not in sales. Not because I think it isn’t worth it but because I am a student and I am not rich so I usually look for bras that can be worn more often. But I am really happy to add this one to my collection and I think the white version shouts my name very loudly.


The Kumiko panties are one of the cutest high waist I’ve ever seen. It is very personal… I am a sucker for bows and transparency. I also love its sobriety. These knickers have all the characteristics to be loved by me. They are also very comfy! The comfiest high waist knickers of my collection. And I can say that they are true to size according to the size chart. I am so glad Camilla has been kind enough to make this bottom in my size! This babe provides a good coverage without looking like a “grandma brief” (although my grandma is so fashion that she doesn’t wear any of these briefs…) .


As you can see I am very pleased with this set. It is a true doll set. Well made. Glorious… The kind of precious little thing that you don’t want to wear too often but that makes you feel so great. I am very happy to see that the brand improved the sizing of their panties because I have read some lukewarm reviews about their first collections. If I had a bigger budget I would say that I’d be glad to buy some others styles from this indie brand, but I think it will be the kind of occasional purchase, maybe for birthdays or Christmas.

Do you buy from indie brands ?  Do you think it is worth it to pay more for something made  with ethic considerations/by hand?

With love,