Comme un air de Printemps : Gossard Harmony review

Winter has been warm and nice this year but I have to say that I love to see all this snow melting… Scarfs are amazing, boots and coats can be gorgeous but what I really need these days is sun and comfy and light under/outerwear. Winter is sometimes like an asthma attack for me. I feel trapped in my apartment, and as a chilly person I need thick socks and pyjama not only for sleeping but most of the time if I stay at home. It is never hot enough between November and March wherever I am.


Gossard generously provided this set for review. All thoughts and opinion are mine.

The Harmony set, reminds me the summers I spent in Toulouse countryside when I was younger. We used to stay in a very old familial house of my friends and this set has the same vintage touch. It also has exactly the pyjama feeling I need these days.

You know, I was quite hesitating when Gossard asked me if I wanted to try others styles from the SS16 collection because except the Entice range, the other ranges seemed not to be fullbusted-friendly. But after watching again and again the Harmony range I realized that it could be pretty similar to the Entice even if the stock pictures were not similar at all… Weird fact.
So I took the plunge, and the lovely Frances from Gossard confirmed that Entice and Harmony should fit me the same way. So I received the bra in a 30G and the short in a size Small.

I have to say that she was right. The bra has the same fit as the Entice bra, so if you have read my Valentine’s day review you already know a lot about this bra.
The wires are quite wide (too much for my roots), the straps are fully-adjustable and it gives a round and projected shape. Even if it is not a perfect fit for me it is pretty wearable and comfy. Also I like that my breasts stay in place in these cups and the plunge effect is incredible.
I’d say that the difference between the two sets lies in the designs and bottoms.
The Entice brief runs quite big while this one is really true-to-size and terribly comfy!
Also the pin tucks details on the cup and on the front part of the short are adorable.
The central gore features an unusual bow made with the fabric used for the front part of the short. I love this fabric. Gossard description as a “soft stretch paper touch fabric” is very accurate. Due to this light fabric I was afraid that the central gore would not tack perfectly but it does. And it is softer than the Entice gore.


The band is quite narrow and fastens with three sets of two hooks and eyes what can be uncomfortable for some full bust gals but the bra is still supportive so it doesn’t bother me. If you have ever tried a Wonderbra strapless bra, this cup seems to push up your breast in the same kind of way. The Wonderbra strapless provides more uplift and the shape is very unique for a strapless bra but I feel like the support of the Harmony comes especially from its cup.
The only thing that bothers me with this bra is that the cup side is a bit too wide for me. I think that is a very recurrent issue with Gossard padded bras. I don’t know why the Entice doesn’t bother too much my armpit but with this one I have to loosen the straps to avoid the friction between the cups and my skin…

The short is SOFT. I am very happy to say that it is flattering and doesn’t give any VPL. This short provides just the right amount of coverage. Just enough to be sexy and comfy at the same time. Also, its backside is white and sheer.

This set has a very different aesthetic from my usual lingerie choices but it is nice! It is like a little Hello! to Spring and Goodbye! to Winter, and it does it in a soft way.
I love the new shape of Gossard padded bras and all the new designs of this season! However I would love that the Lustful balcony bra comes in my size! I am more an unpadded bras gal and this one is so gorgeous! I hope this brand will create more unpadded styles up to a G cup in the future!

Until next time!



Gossard Desire soft body


I have always enjoyed wearing bodysuits. As a former gymnast I used to wear bodysuits very often and that was certainly my favourite part of competitions… Even when I was very young, you know, when you are too old to wear bodysuits because it’s time to go to school and so nobody will help you to open it to go to pee… And your parents say “you are a big girl now”. Well, you know what I am talking about… I guess… Even at this period of my life I loved bodysuits. I was quite sad when my mum gave all my bodies to a girl younger than me… x)

But, I grew up as a busty girl and it became difficult to wear this kind of piece without a bra. As gymnastic bodysuit are often thick (they are sportwear, not lingerie) , it was not a problem to put a bra under them. But now that I am more a lingerie addict than a gymnast I often see beautiful sheer bodysuits which have not enough space for my bust to fit me decently….
When I saw the Desire bodysuit I immediately thought it was never going to fit me, since the “breasts part” of the piece seemed unable to contain a bust like mine. Plus, I didn’t know what size to buy because my breasts would have needed a M but the rest of my body needed a S or a XS.

After looking at a lot of retailer websites I opted for the size 10 and now I think it was a great choice! Also I got it for 21 pounds on Gossard UK website which was a great price for this fit and quality.

I was really surprised when I tried it on.
1) It was very very comfy
2) There were two sets of poppers to open the gusset (such a great idea!)
3) My breasts looked lovely in it (Hallellujah!)

I am so terribly happy! This is my first bodysuit since my last gym competition four years ago! And it is a lingerie piece! Don’t you see this beautiful eyelash lace!?
I think the only issue with this piece comes from the short “sleeves”. They constantly fall at the side of my shoulders. I think my breasts weight doesn’t help them to stay in place but they are really thin…
Oh and my bigger breast would have needed a little more space but when I wear it with a bra it is (almost) unnoticeable.
What made me want this body (and ask my best friend and my bf, it was a big deal!) is its construction. The central part is lined with a mesh that hides a bit the transparency effect but mark the waist. And the bottom part is made like the Desire brazilian brief, so no VPL in sight!
This body makes me feel like I am really feminine and I love the shape it gives to my body. It is not really a shapewear but my body looks “well designed” in this piece.
I also love the fact that it is easy to remove, not like some of my gym bodies which hadn’t any zipper…

As you can see it has some stretch so if you want this body and you are not sure about your size take this in consideration.
This piece is still available on Gossard UK (only in size 8 and 12 for an affordable 21 pounds), lemon curve , where it is much more expensive than the original Gossard price but this one has Swarovski gems and it is a limited edition (150euros). You can also find the normal version on  Asos and  Amazon .

Until next time, ❤


Valentine’s Day lingerie from Gossard : The Entice


Valentine’s day is now in a heartbeat and I hope, you gals, single or taken are ready to enjoy this weekend! Mine will be shared between my boo and my homework… School can really sucks…  But today is a great day as I have no school and I am going to tell you about my new crush : THE ENTICE from Gossard!
Ahaha! Dolls, I am so excited! You know, I always had a complicated relationship with Gossard padded bras… The main issues have always been the side part of the cup, the so wide wires, the fact that my boobs wanted to meet at the middle with every single padded bras I tried from them and the shape of their cups which was always strange on me… So I just stopped to try and only got the unpadded ones.


This set was generously provided by Gossard for review. All opinions are mine.

Buuut ! This time I have to say that I am delighted! I really want to thank Frances from Gossard for giving me the opportunity to try this wonderful range. Oh Gosh! The bra is the very first plunge that actually suits me. And I think it fits me like a dream. The dramatic plunge effect is increased by the fact that I have gained some weight between the day I received it and the day I did the shoot (yeah I eat my emotions… And it is a big exams period… I hope to loose this weight very soon because I want this bra to suit me forever) .

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I received a 30G and a Small for the suspender and the brief. I really think that this bra runs large in the cup as I made a comparison with my Desire longline bra (32G) and they have quite the same volume. This bra suits me much better than the Desire because the wires are narrower even if they remain wide. And about the bottom, I finally realised that my butt was growing up and now I have to go up a size! (I am happy with that :D)
I am wondering if Gossard will now run larger in the cup with every styles they make because, the Gypsy range surprised me in the same way. I think it could be very nice as in this size I have no longer to deal with the armpits problem I had with 32G padded bras from this brand…

The cup shape is JUST PERFECT! You know, I don’t like so much padded bras in general because they take to much place under clothing for my taste. But this one has the kind of projection that helps clothes to fit better… And for the first time my close-set boobs can get the push up effect without any spillage. They both have enough space to live in harmony with each other and with me. I am amazed. This bra makes my breast look so good!


The band is not the usual X that characterizes Gossard bands, it is more simple, but as the bra has enough cute details I don’t miss it. However it is a really narrow band with only two hooks. I think that a 32 band would have a larger band with a longer distance between the two hooks as I noticed that with Gossard bras in the past. The narrow band doesn’t bother me but I know that some of you would prefer a larger one. It is a bit firmer than usual Gossard bands, and slightly transparent. The central gore, which is very low (I am not used to this but I do like it) , tacks perfectly against my sternum without hurting me or anything else.

I really like the contrast between the floral print and the “cappuccino” part of the cup. I think it makes the entire set more classy and it is different than the lace that is usually on the top of Gossard bras. It is more sophisticated, more delicate. I am conquered.


Well, now the brief… I think the Small is my new bottom size. This one is so cute, I love its back but I can’t take a decent photo to prove it! >_<
The Entice brief is very comfortable. I don’t have any muffin top, or any marks on my skin after wearing it. Maybe I would need a stronger elastic on my hips but I can’t complain because a XS would certainly have been too tight… Now I am in between sizes even in the bottom… But this brief has a bit of stretch at the back side so I think it is nice for the in between sizes ladies. I have no VPL, and my butt has also enough place to avoid that the brief turns into a brazilian… I am really happy with this one!
Oh I was so pleased when Frances asked me if I also would like to try the suspender! This suspender makes this set my first three pieces set! (So many first times in this article!)
I feel like a goddess wearing the full set, I swear! I have only one suspender from Gossard and it is a part of their Sophia range which I couldn’t buy entirely because the bra did not go in my size. The Sophia suspender is quite rigid and I can’t wear it so often but this one I so much wearable!!! It is very light and I can easily move in it. The details are really cute on this one but I think Gossard suspenders have always wonderful designs. It has three hooks (the Sophia suspender has seven) and I think it is perfect for a suspender as it stay in place and I am not feeling like I wear a little corset under my clothes. I am not the kind of girl that could wear a corset because I am still too unruly… I need something that would be practical enough to run with in case someone would like to chase me (… Do you think I am paranoid? x’) ) So this piece is an everyday suspender belt and I think I’ll wear it very often!


To summarize, The Entice wears is name very well! And it is a perfect comics girl lingerie choice. I’ll definitely try more padded bra from Gossard in the future! I am in love with this one! My boo really like it too so I think it will be a perfect Valentine’s day set!

What do you think about Gossard padded bra?
Have you already made your lingerie choice for Valentine’s day?

I hope you’ll have a weekend full of whatever you need in this period! I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day so often, but I know it can be a special day for a lot of people!

Sweet red kisses,

Gossard Gypsy in Rouge Review

Christmas is already gone, and it’s time to enjoy our lovely presents…
This one is from Gossard. You can’t imagine my joy when the lovely Laura from Gossard gave me the opportunity to choose some ranges  I would like to review. As I have almost tried all of their ranges, I decided to pick out the amazing Gypsy range in Rouge. With the help of the nice Frances I get this gorgeous set just in time for Christmas Eve!


The Gypsy range was launched in the 1980 by Gossard, and was a very successful range. The brand is now reintroducing this vintage beauty to our delight in red, black and caramel!


Update: Now that I have a better camera…

I received the Gypsy non-padded bra in 30FF and the brief in XS.
The first thing you have to know with the Gypsy is that it runs reaaallly large in the cup! If you have read my previous articles you should know that I’m a 30GG (except with Gossard (30G) and, you’ll see it later, with Curvy Kate (30H)). In fact, I initially received the Gypsy bra in a 30G but it was way too big in the cup and I had no choice to ask for an exchange. It was the first time I needed a 30FF in these three last years of lingerie addiction. So, if you want to try it, maybe you should go down one or two sizes in the cup (as it is a full-cup bra, if you take a too large cup size your breast will be literally swallowed by the cup, maybe in a very bad way…). I think this sizing “issue” is a good new for all of the beautiful gals who are usually out of Gossard sizing!


The 30FF, after many worries, fits me beautifully.
The central gore which did not want to lie against my sternum with the 30G tacks perfectly with the 30FF.   This bra is one of the comfiest Gossard bra I ever owned (and I own a lot of their collections…). I feel like my boobs are in a cloud. The fabric is soooft! For real, my friends! It is so sweet inside of these cups!
This bra gives a nice shape, quite round, and a good projection.
The band is true to size but maybe less tight than other Gossard bands. It is still a snug fit. Also the wires are narrow and don’t hurt at all.

I do love the colour of this set. The first pictures of the article are really close to the reality. It’s a lovely red, not too bright but still vibrant, and elegant. The lace is beautiful and stretch! These big vintage flowers make this set very different than other modern Gossard ranges and I like it. The straps are similar to the Desire straps: nicely pleated over half of the length, but a bit too thin.
Well, now the brief! What I appreciate with this piece is its “super flat lace”. I hate VPL SO MUCH, at the point that I wear thong and brazilian knickers most of the time. But this brief is, just like the bra, made with a super soft fabric and the lace follows perfectly the curves of my bottom (Ahaha!). I like it and it would be perfect if the elastic has been less tight on my hips. But it’s no big deal,as there is no real muffin top.


To stay on a comfortable note, I hope you’ve noticed my sexy Christmas slippers 😀 ! I freaking love them!

To summarize, I think this set works for every occasions! It provides enough support for everyday life and is pretty enough to make me feel beautiful. As I don’t have so much red in my lingerie drawer, this set is a very nice addition to my collection!

I hope you had a lovely little Christmas, with many presents but above all, lots of love!


Never judge a book by its cover… The Glossie Gossard bra

Even if I’m quite a Gossard girl I thought for a while that the Glossies range  was a big fail in both design and fitting… The first Glossie review I read was from Invest in your chest and maybe I have been a bit influenced. After Becky’s boudoir  review I was doubtful but wanted to try it myself. Then I was not sure about my size but I had a hunch that 30G could work. I’m so glad I followed my intuition.


This bra was an epiphany. I bought it at the same time as the Desire. And I’m surprisingly feeling better about this expense than the Desire purchase.
I can’t find no issues with this set. This is one of the comfiest set I bought this year. Maybe the colour is not easy to wear but I love this neon pink. My boobs are on a cloud. The material is so soft! I was worried about the central gore to be floating or the material not to be strong enough to support my 30GG breast. BUT this bra is actually supportive. There is no cutting on the top of my breast and the band is perfect for me (maybe it could have three hooks but two-hooks bands don’t bother me). I love the touch of this bra. You should touch it. For real ! I think my Paramour and this bra are the softer bras I’ve ever owned.


It’s a bit strange coming from me but I do love the discrete glitter and these small gold plates… 

It provides a round shape but not a lot of projection ( what I sometimes appreciate when I wear the kind of clothes which are usually created for more small bust.)
I think the transparency could be quite intimidating for some people but it doesn’t bother me. The straps are very thin. I know full chested gals usually love more wide straps but personally sometimes I need more discretion and so I like thin straps ( I think the things would be different if they hurt my shoulders but this is not the case so…)

I bought the short in a XS and it fits pretty well. No muffin top like the Desire thong ( I’m still crying about not return it to a size Small)… This short is very easy to wear and fits beautifully.


In a nutshell, I love this bra. I know transparency is not everyone cup of tea but these days it’s all about comfort and transparency in my life. So I think this bra has just the right tone!

All the best,

Oh my god… First bra review ! The Gossard Desire Bustier bra

The first time I saw the Gossard Desire, it was on a 2cakeonaplate article about AW15 upcoming styles… I just fell in love. Since this day I was overseeing Gossard facebook page to be the first to buy this beauty (even if I knew it would take a big part of my student budget…) . Then, october came and my birthday too… I had to put my hands on it. As if the lingerie God heard me, Gossard’s newsletter gave me a -20% code the week after my birthday. NO CHOICE. HAD TO BUY IT.

Less than one week after having placed my order, the object of my desires was at home.
I’m actually a small 30GG so I bought a 32G because Gossard don’t sell my size. My first impression was “DAAAMN these cups are huge!”. My roomate found it very funny then she wanted to compare with one of her bra cup.

Yet, after trying it, I realized I shouldn’t size down in the cup, but it would be magic if I could buy a 30GG.

The fact is that I ordered in the same time the Gossard Glossies in 30G ( my usual size in gossard unpadded bra) and the difference between the bands firmness was huge. I wear it at the medium hook to extend the life of my bra but I could comfortably close it at the first hook. I was a bit surprised as Gossard 32 band are usually more close to a 30 band.


However, after wearing it for several hours I find it to be correct. The bra gives a round shape ( I was worried about that because I tried in the past the Floral print plunge  gossard bra and it really didn’t fit me). I have to say that the lace are absolutely marvelous!!! I do love longline bras, I find them so elegant! This one is no exception. I feel like a queen (or like wonderwoman) when wearing it.
The biggest issue with this bra are the cup edges… They are too close to my armpit and to be honest it is a bit disturbing. Also, the wires are not firmly into my infra mammary fold ( maybe a 30 band would solve this problem). I don’t know if these issues are the result of a bad adaptability of the style to my size but I know it could be a real inconvenience for narrow wires lovers.


I bought the matching brazilian knickers in a XS (as usual with Gossard) but this time I wonder if I shouldn’t take the S because the elastic create some muffin top… I don’t like that but as I am not sure that the S would not be too big, and as my roomate told me it was fine, I think I will just go more often to the gym…
But at the end, I think I really love the Desire. It’s my first “boudoir” set and I think it is one of the things that mark the beginning of a new part of my life.