Stellar lingerie crush : Empreinte Cassiopée set

My obsession for French lingerie will probably never die, although I will probably always fit better in Polish bras and buy even more British bras. French lingerie has been my awaken. I started being interested in my breasts when I discovered the lingerie part of the Galeries Lafayette about 6 years ago… Argh time goes so fast…

dsc05263_editedEmpreinte Irina in Bleu Celeste

After I finally left my family this passion kept growing and the lingerie world kept evolving… My tastes changed a lot too. Empreinte was one of these brands that looked too “grown up” in my teenage years when I only wanted to wear Aubade , Huit or Passionata lingerie. However so many people at this time recommended them to me.
Their skills are legendary and their name, although not known in the same way as brand that focus on sexiness, is definitely related to timeless elegance and quality.


This summer I have been lucky enough to meet their lovely PR at Curve NY who was kind enough to tell me about their Parisian Atelier (I took some pictures for you as you can see). She also was kind enough to send me an amazing set after she noticed my love for it.


I cannot stress enough how well made is Empreinte lingerie. I would definitely pay full price for their lingerie. I have tried so many bras and the design was often as impressive as the fit. If you can go to their Atelier, do it! The service is impeccable and the ladies know what they are doing. Also the way they calculate band size seems weird to me they still get what you need at the end so I have nothing negative to say about that.
This is also a gorgeous store and the experience makes you feel special.

DSC05259_edited5_edited.jpgEmpreinte Ornella in Violine

They have the option of adding some personalized details on your lingerie!! Next time I go I have to do that. I was in a rush when I visited them so I didn’t have time to try this service but I was really happy to be helped by women who were never haughty (something I experienced so often in luxury stores…) and always friendly without getting too much in your space. The place itself looks modern but still kind of traditional. I love it.


My second name is exactly the same as this bra’s name so maybe it is a great reason to get it? What do you think? I liked the black and blue colorway but this one is super pretty too! :p I intentionnally won’t tell you how it’s called so I can stay mysterious until you google it x)! This colorway is Opale (which is also the name of my first hamster). On my picture it looks brown and I sadly I cannot remember if this color is the right one. I think it was lighter more like a taupe. Like a brown grey but I don’t think my picture is extremely far from reality which is weird because it looks grey on the stock pictures. Need to look for that info.


So that was that. If you go to Paris and plan to do lingerie shopping, you should definitely visit this place, even if it is just to take a look! Now let’s back on track!

If you have read my CurveNY preview you must know my first thoughts about the Cassiopée range: I expected to hate it on me.Well, this set is one of my 2016 lingerie revelations. I am in love (again, yeah!).


First aesthetically, this bra is special. It is not common at all and seems to suit a large range of ages. It is the first time I love a bra with this cut. Usually anything close to it looks grandma-ish and gives a weird minimized shape. Also the design of the embroidery is simply somptious. Not alike the usual black/ beige/red(if you’re lucky) colorways that you can usually find with this cut. Everything reminds me of French royalty symbols. Am I the only one to see the flower of lily?
The finishes are flawless as if they were to be the fruit of a perfectionist spirit. I might sound like I’m exaggerating but it is something I have seen with every Empreinte bra I have tried. The quality is one of the best I have seen on the French lingerie market.


This bra feels as sturdy as delicate. The brand describes the cups as “molded”, which I think, is the reason why they are “sturdy”(perhaps it is not the right word, though). As you can see they have no seams and I can tell that the bra has its own shape. I mean, it’s  been made to encapsulate and structure the breasts. I should have taken a picture so you could see how the cups can keep their shape even unworn. Obviously it remains unpadded but it has a very unusual construction.
I don’t feel like it is going to get damaged if I wear it a lot but it still looks like pure elegance. So often ( and I think I said it before) luxury brands make bras that are definitely make to be lightly and carefully worn. I don’t mind paying 85euros for a bra but I do it only if I know the piece is trustworthy. When I know it is not going to become loose because of the weight of my breast or simply start fitting weirdly with time.
I didn’t pay for this set but it was on my birthday/Christmas list so I would definitely have  paid for it.


I received this bra in a size 75F. I know it sounds weird ahah but it is my Empreinte size. I explained their sizing in one of my Curve NY preview if you need deeper info.
Note that if I was more full on top I would need a 75G in this brand I think because most of their styles are closed on top. (So a FOT 30GG should probably go with a 75G since their bras usually have no stretch, as it is the case for the Cassiopée.)
With this brand you can usually size down from 1 to 2 cup sizes depending on your shape.
The fit of this bra is spot on I think. It looks neat and gives a beautifully rounded but natural shape. The gore tacks softly but securely and just feel comfy.


The wires, to my surprise are sooo narrow. I mean, French bras are usually not that narrow but these wires are as narrow as one of my Ewa Michalak bra. Because of that it looks super small when unworn.
If you usually struggle with wide straps placement this bra might please you. Actually the straps are more centered (if I can say it this way) and on me it is the reason why my bigger breast seems to show a tiny bit on the side. But actually this bra is the perfect size for me.
It is just super comfy and you don’t have to worry about it throughout the day.
The band is wide and the strap placement is also different. Empreinte bands have their own construction  it is not obvious on my back picture but I find it to look different from my usual bra back. Actually it reminds me of the back of my Avocado Chamade bra.
This type of bands feels very secure. I found this one to be super soft on my skin and it was even disturbing at the beginning how light weight this bra feels but  it gives an amazing support.


I received the shorty in a size Small (FR 40/ Eur 38) and I love it. I think a size smaller could definitely fit my bum but the elastic on the high hips looks better on me in this size (from what I remember of this day at the store). This shorty is super comfy and flattering and the design is marvelous. I mean. I was surprised at the beginning. I was expecting to find more of this glorious embroidery. But then I noticed that it was there. Just less transparent because, the mesh is a little bit different on the top of the shorty compared to the cup of the bra.
Also the lace that you can also find around the wires of the bra and on the gore looks so architectural.  (It is more obvious if you look at my back picture x’))
You can definitely see that they put a lot of work and ideas in this set and the result is impressive.

Oh and talking about French brands, I decided to write reviews in French too from now! You can find the French version of this post here but I will list them in the new section of the blog until I find a better way.

❤ Love,


**This set has been gifted to me by Empreinte for the purpose of a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.**

Giveaway winners!!


Hello everyone! Yesterday I finally did the drawing and got the 4 winners of my blog anniversary giveaways! But first of all, I think I haven’t thank you all enough for the kind words and support I received for the occasion! You all give me the motivation to keep going even when I just feel overwhelmed by my life or don’t feel comfortable enough to take pictures or just don’t have any inspiration to write.
Thank you! I am so grateful! I remember the first weeks of blogging! I was really surprised that even 100 people would be willing to read my stuff (and I was not that good from what I can see). Thank you for believing in me. Thank you also to the brands and stores which were willing to work with me from the beginning and keep doing it. I know I have got a lot of support to get there. It is hard to realize how this blog changed my life, the way I see the world and the person I am becoming.

In May I couldn’t even imagine how I was going to communicate at Curve because I was so shy and so scared that people wouldn’t take me seriously. Also I was so intimidated thinking about these people that I admired so much for years and that I might see over there. I am pretty sure some of them might have found me weird because I am not that talkative when I’m intimidated x) but hopefully we’ll meet again and we have more things to talk about, and more time to do so.

Now a year after, I can say that I learnt. I have a better camera, I met a lot of amazing people, I have bigger dreams and more info about how to achieve them. I also feel more comfortable with my own person and the people around me. You are more and more to read my little blog every month and I hope I can continue sharing with you for a long time.

Well, you know I am a chatterbox… Now I guess you wanna know the more important part of this post? Ahaha! So…

The winner of the Nessa Francheska set is… Devisarraqa!
The winner of the Lovehoney prize is… Caitlin!
The winner of the Brag travel bag is…  Jax811 !
The winner of the Queen of Suburbia chokers is… Stellarino!

Congratulations girls! ❤ If it is not done yet, I’ll contact you via email or PM later today!

Thank you to everyone who participated or just wrote lovely things under the posts!
You are all too sweet! ❤

Yours truly,


CGNB x Queen of Suburbia Giveaway


If you have heard about All Fair in Love and Lingerie, you must know that its founder and editor, Megan also created a few months ago her own lingerie label Queen Of Suburbia.
This lovely indie brand is all about delicate and comfy pieces with unusual prints, and she recently added some chokers to her selection!
While Queen of Suburbia seems to be a small bust brand Megan is able to make customs orders if you want something made to your measurements!

She also has been kind enough to participate in my giveaway! Yeaah! Exciting right?
So what would you win and how to enter?!

First, this super cool three rings Hex choker, that I bought myself and wear approximatively all the time since I got it… 😀

Second, another choker of your choice! You can see her selection on Etsy! She currently sells black, blue, purple and red chokers, and all of them features golden hardware. Some of them, as the one below have a 14k gold plated charm.


How to enter? 3 steps:
_Subscribe to my blog or to my Instagram
_Follow Queen Of Suburbia on Instagram
_Repost our Instagram giveaway post and tag us.

Competition closed on the 25th of November.


Good luck! ❤

xoxo Wen.

CGNB x Lovehoney Giveaway

DSC06340_edited_edited - Copie.jpg

If you haven’t hear about it or read my review of their products, Lovehoney is a company specialized if everything sexy that supposely will put some spices in you sexual life. They are well known for their sextoys but also create frilly, cheeky, sassy lingerie. I like them because they are straightforward, and efficient but they also want you to feel comfortable! 🙂 I am happy that they participate in this giveaway, giving you the opportunity to know them better! ❤
Of course you don’t need to have sexual intentions to buy from them. Personally, studying wearing this gown is absolutely not a problem ! Their price are affordable and they have some really nice pieces. I also like that they have a Plus size range for the exact same lingerie than the core sizes.

Well, it does feel weird to put a picture of myself on top of a giveaway post but the thing is that I have no idea of what the winner will  win this time. Sounds like a troll yeah :p . But I am damn serious. Let me explain… The winner will have the opportunity to select his favourite product from the Bodies or Bodystockings section of Lovehoney website!

How to enter:
_ Subscribe to my blog
_ Follow Lovehoney on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.*
*Note that the more pages you follow the more chance you have to win but you only have the obligation to follow one of them.

Just put your username/URL on the social media(s) of your choice in the comments and don’t forget to put your email (courriel) in the comment form so I can contact you if you win.
Competition closed on the 25th of November.


Good luck everyone!


CGNB x The Brag Company giveaway


Well, bras are not always the easiest thing to take with you when you travel, even when it is only to go sleep at a friend house or your grandma. Bra is one of the most structured garments you might own, if you don’t wear corsets. The bigger the cups, the more complicated it is to make them fit anywhere without risking to alter their shape.
I personally really struggle with mines when my luggage is full since I just want them to have their perfect nest without anything to crash them…
That’s one of the reasons that got me interested in the Brag company. Well, maybe the second. I have first been really into some of their cute designs after seeing one of their bra cases on the Breastlife website.
The idea of a bra bag sounded funny but at the end very useful for someone like me that always bring too much lingerie when travelling…

You might have seen this type of bags through the internet. They are usually made for smaller cups and you basically have the choice between polkadot and leopard print only.
The main reason why I thought this company was a great fit for this giveaway is that not alike a lot of company they innovated by bringing bra travel cases that have the capacity to contain bras up to a 32G cup. Plus their designs are more diversified than the usual offers.
The main idea is that you could win the bag on the picture above! Hope you like it! It was my personal favorite.
How to enter? It is quite simple! Just subscribe to my blog and write in the comments where you would like to travel with your Brag Buxom bag!

Don’t forget to put your email (courriel) in the comment form so I can contact you if you win. You will have 1 week to answer my email, if you don’t another winner will be picked!  Good luck!
Competition closed on the 25th of November.


Nessa Francheska Review + Blog Anniversary Giveaway

Can you imagine that I started blogging exactly the same day last year? I remember how scary that seemed.  How I bothered all my English speaking friends so they could check  out my texts, see if I didn’t leave awful mistakes. Also I was always wondering why people would read my reviews. The blogosphere is so huge now, why another 30GG would be of any interest. Well, guys, I still haven’t find out but I am so grateful!
Thank you for reading, for taking the time to comment and share my posts. I also want to thank the brands and stores that were willing to work with me from the very beginning! I know they’ve helped a lot!
I’ve really discovered another part of myself through this year. My English is so much better also. I met some incredible persons and traveled too.  Hopefully I’ll be there for long!


As today is a special day, I am happy to introduce to you a set from a brand which is totally new to me: the Nessa Francheska!
I wonder how Poland is always so right when it comes to lingerie fit and construction for the bigger cups but I am always positively surprised! Nessa is a very feminine brand, and from what I have seen on the internet they are into pretty embroidery. This brand in my opinion could please a wide range of ages since their design look elegant but still youthful most of the time. They also have a very wide size range! Francheska for example is available from the volume of a 28DD up to a 46 G, which means that for a 28 band you have 13 cup sizes from DD to L then the number of cup decreases with the band to keep the bigger volume available as all the sister sizes between a 28L and a 46G.
Hopefully you get what I mean.


** Zathiya generously provided this set for the purpose of a review, all opinions are mines**

I received this set in a size 65K for the bra and Small for the coordinate. Note that 65K is roughly an equivalent to a UK 30GG.
Can we start with the appearance of this set ?  Cause I think I’ve never mentioned that my favourite color is burgundy. Burgundy and everything around. The color of this set looks just so warm!  I love it ! It is so perfect for Autumn ! When I first saw the stock picture I wasn’t sure if I’d like it on me. But well, this embroidery got me right away after I put it on. These flowers look enchanted!


The 3/4 of the cup are almost opaque and feature sleeves and some kind of vines which make lovely curves. I love the top of the cup! I wish they could create a half cup version of this bra with only this transparent part.
As you can see they added tiny little bows at the apex and on the central gore. I am not sure if that was necessary especially on the gore since it is not very noticeable compared to the embroidery but well, it is there, and it is cute.

The straps are wide and fully adjustable. They also have a good length for my taste, not too long and they are very stable on my shoulders.Even if it is not obvious on my picture, the straps also features a discreet and more linear floral embroidery.


The gore is narrow  and tacks very well on my sternum. However the wires are wide for a polish bra. They don’t bother my armpits, though cause they are not too tall. Just  wider than my roots (which are wide already).
The band is true to size as a EU 65 is supposed to be a UK 30. In my opinion it runs a little bit big in the cup, though, I could easily size down to a 65J. That said, it remains supportive and secure. I think this bra is full on bottom friendly but it is still open enough at the top for a lot of upper fullness. In this size I would need to be fuller on top to avoid wrinkles on my smaller breast.


The band is made from a comfortable fabric which is just stretchy enough to feel good but not enough to stretch out easily after a few wears. You can see the brand signature embossed near to the hooks.

The panty is pretty as well! I like the sheer back! It balances very well the full coverage of this piece. Also it feels soft against the skin and is very nice to wear. It gives a very discreet to no visible panty line depending on the pants. It does look a little bit like a shorty from the front and I like these wide edges.
The middle of the front part is made from the same fabric as the bottom of the bra but thinner, which makes it more transparent. The lace on the side is a floral lace and it is stretchy, I like that it has no seems around the legs. That gives a more delicate finish.
The mesh of the back also has a fair amount of stretch.


Overall, I am positively surprised with this set! I am also glad I have been able to discover a new Polish brand! It is always complicated to try something new from Poland since it seems that each brand has its own sizing.
What do you think about Francheska? Would you like to try it? :p
I didn’t begin with that but the title might give you a clue… For my blog anniversary, I collaborate with Zathiya to organize my first giveaway! Ahah! Congratulations if you have read until that point!


How does it work? It is simple:
_ Follow my blog
_  Follow Zathiya on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.**
_  Repost our giveaway post (on the social media                                                                     of your choice)
**Note that the more pages you follow the more chances you have to win but you only have the obligation to follow one of them.

Once it is done, just put your account name/URL on the social media(s) of your choice in a comment and don’t forget to write your email (courriel) in the comment form. Don’t worry I will be the only one who will be able to see it and it is my only way to contact you personally if you win.
Competition closed on the 25th of November.


I wish you all the best of luck! ❤

Yours truly,


Lovehoney Flaunt Me Cupless Bodysuit and Robe

Hey, guys! 🙂 Hope you are fine and that the weather is not too cold in your part of the world! ❤
These past weeks have been hectic and I have to say that I wonder how I find the energy to keep going… Especially since I ruined my laptop. I realized after this terrible episode that I spend like 16h/day with this soldier and it never let me down. So now that I have to write this post on an awfuly slow notebook with a French keyboard which I am not used to anymore life is not so fun.

**I received these pieces free of charge for the purpose of a review, all thoughts and opinions are mines.**

But well, lingerie still cheers me up and I know everything could be worst (like having to write this post on my cellphone for example…).
So, I’m super happy to introduce to you Lovehoney lingerie! If you are not very familiar with this brand, Lovehoney could be described as a website specialized in sexuality related products.  They are well known for their sextoys and have also a lot of other accessories that are basically made to cheer your sexual life up.
I admit that I am usually a bit skeptical when it comes to lingerie with this type of brands since I can be kind of obsessed with fit sometimes and they never make my size.

However, the lovely Krista gave me the choice between their whole Lovehoney selection and I finally found some things that piqued my curiosity.
First of all, let me tell you about my gown obsession… I think I don’t have enough bodies for all of them but I keep getting more just because they make me feel sooo elegant and classy even when nobody is looking 😀 .
When I saw the Flaunt me robe I loved it pretty much at the first sight. It definitely looked very sensual for something that is supposed to wrap you up! To coordinate this robe, I chose something that is the absolute opposite of my personality: a cupless bodysuit.
The Flaunt Me body  caught my attention because I wanted to know since forever if something like that could look good on me. I always thought that this type of pieces looked better on small busted women because they provide no support.

But now that I have learnt much more about body love I think the concept of the perky, round and “medium” sized breasts as the only type that can look good enough to be allowed to go braless (or cupless) is a sad and stupid concept. SO… I definitely love my body in this bodysuit and I imagine that a lot of women would feel amazing wearing it!

But let’s back on track!
I received the bodysuit in a size Medium. Overall I think it is the best size for me with this piece since the “cups” would have been too narrow in a size smaller. I found this part surprisingly flattering for something that is not made to provide support. It might be because the lines around the breasts give a more structured look.

I forgot to mention it earlier but it is also crotchless! Ahah! This is a very discret detail but I guess it is still an important one! Actually, it is the first real crotchless item I own and I thought it would feel weird but strangely enough it feels quite normal since you still feel the elastics of the crotch part. They give the illusion of wearing something but… Nope, it doesn’t cover your more intimate part.
This piece also gives a good coverage to the butt without being too much and I like these cute ruched details on the back!  🙂


The fabric looks nice and is quite soft against the skin. It is very comfortable to wear and not alike some bodysuits it doesn’t become annoying in the crotch part through the time. I might be because of its stretchness and the fact that you cannot open it.
The lace is also very light! I like the simplicity of the design and I think it could be layered pretty easily. I am not very good at layering though, but with the picture above I just wanted to give the most shy of you an alternative to wear it.

I love the removable suspenders!🙌 I wanted a bodysuit with suspenders for a long time too so this piece really meets my expectations. I find it to be able to hold my stockings up even when I cheat and wear hold ups instead, everything stays in place ( it is not really easy to put the thick elastic bands of hold ups into suspenders clips but well, once it is done, it works).


The Flaunt Me robe also wears its name pretty well! I love its collar and I think it is another reason why I choose this piece! I think it makes it look more finished. The wide satin belt totally complete the look and adds some kind of elegance to it.

I noticed that the collar and the cuffs of this robe, however, are made from a different lace than the”body”part . While I think it is part of the design, since the collar needs to be made from a more sturdy fabrics to keep its shape, I would have loved a softer fabric for these elements. I am not saying that it is awfully uncomfortable, it doesn’t itch or anything but it is just not the most pleasant feeling against the skin.

Nevertheless, the bigger part of the robe is still nice to wear and I do it everytime I want to feel a little bit more girly than usual. I love that it hides without hiding and compliments the body as well. Mine is a one size fits all but also exists in a Plus Size version. (Here the Plus size version of the body)

I think Lovehoney really tried to make this piece look feminine and sexy but they also paid attention to details which is great considering their price range.
So they give you the possibility to build your boudoir with nice looking pieces at affordable prices. The quality in my opinion is comparable to what you can find in stores like La Senza or Victoria Secret.

To summerize, the Flaunt Me range makes me feel like a burlesque doll, and I like being out of my comfort zone once in a while. Playing another character is not that bad 🙂

Oh and if you speak French or just want to have an idea of the bodysuit on a different body -> go check Mlle Caroline review!

What do you think of those pieces? Would you dare to wear something like this bodysuit under regular clothes? :p

Yours truly,


PS: Lovehoney also has UK and Canadian websites 🙂