Curve NY Preview: Scantilly & Curvy Kate lingerie SS18

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been very present lately but trust me it was for the best! I have been traveling and thinking, fixing some issues and now I am coming back to you with exciting news! Curve NY was very interesting and I have way too many things to show you!
But let’s start somewhere! I know y’all are very into Scantilly lingerie so here are the new upcoming styles, and some as soon as November!

My favorite is definitely Decadence (coming in January) which is a three-part balcony bra with vertical seams. I love that it provides a low coverage but still seems wearable as an everyday bra! I love half-cups but balcony is the way to go if you want uplift and practicality. I love vertical seams in balcony bras because then, you get that shape that is called “corbeille” in French which is supposed to provide discreet cleavage and a round shape. Sadly this kind of styles are often made in core sizes only so I am always happy to see brands making it possible for larger cups as well.

Decadence features neat edges and very sheer cups. It reminds me of a tuxedo 🤵 but at the same time makes me think about the sports wear aesthetic. I especially like the suspender belt which is a great coordinate to the knickers’ strappy back.

The bra is kind of a midi-line with its large underbreasts band, and as you can see from the back, it features 3 sets of four hooks and eyes and fully adjustable straps.

Now here is another amazing set! Actually one of the comfiest unlined plunge I have tried so far. Knockout is back in a lovely red colorway. Still very sheer and featuring the same stretchy mesh, I think this one will be on my wish list. However, if you haven’t read my review, I highly recommend to size down in the cup if you are not full on top. I got it in the latte colorway in a 30G and I still have room for my smaller breast.

Still in love with the cutout on the gore and all those rose gold rings! And although the latte was nice, I think this colorway would fit a wider range of skin tones!

Captivate is a mix between Marie-Antoinette cleavage and the cutouts/strappy trend. It reminds me a little bit of Playful Promises Tamara collection but the Marie-Antoinette touch makes the big difference. Here, I like the contrast between the two coordinates. The sheer high waisted panty keeps you all dressed and secure, while featuring a nice cutout at the back, and the thong, which looks more like a short with wide side cutouts , only suggests coverage.  This set weirdly reminds me of a 18th century British military uniform (probably because of the cross at the gore and on the front of the panty) but as usual I am probably going too far. I am constantly see Amazon/warrior inspiration in boudoir lingerie.

I really like the strong black accents. I think they really give structure to this set. Scantilly style becomes more and more recognizable. Definitely feminine, never cheesy.
Talking about the fit, even without having tried it on, I would suggest to size up in the cup for this bra, I think Scantilly half-cups are always kind of shallow and are made for a true “cakes on a plate” effect. But I might be wrong. Let me know if you put your hands on it when it is released! 🙂
Scantilly size range goes from 30 to 38 bands and cup DD to HH, except in the Peek-a-Boo and Surrender permanent collection which go up to a 40HH. The brand just extended their size range for these styles.

Now let me introduce to you some new Curvy Kate collections! Some SS18 styles really made me think the brand is taking an interesting direction.

So here is Sheer Joy, a beautiful and delicate balconnet bra, which in my opinion would be as appropriate for winter as it would be for Spring. I love this print. I love how the blue pops out against the black mesh and details of this bra, and look at this blue edges at the top of the cup! This set makes me think of an evening in a European forest, with a watercourse, dragonflies and stars making everything more shiny and romantic.
The size range for this set goes from 30 to 44 bands and D to K cups.

Jinx is, according to Curvy Kate, a re-luxe of the sportswear trend. I personally see it as a little bit of Scantilly in the Curvy Kate everyday options, which is great for those of you who like the strappy strend but wear, for example, a 40J. This set should give you the fit of your everyday lingerie, with the spirit of a more boudoir set.
I do perceive something more sporty in the material but the padded cups, the deep plunge styling and the straps definitely make me think of something more sexy. The short goes from UK size 10 to 20.

Lifestyle which will be available in black, latte and red (kind of an orangey red) is also a new style for Curvy Kate. I like the double rings details at the straps and gore and the colour makes it more sporty for me than the Jinx. Look at the lines at the top of the cups. Lifestyle feels light, minimalist. This set looks young and “active”, plus it actually fits the model like a dream! I would almost see it in a swimwear version, perhaps less transparent.

Dragonfly is my candy crush of this collection! This set is too sweet! It looks a little bit different from usual Curvy Kate collections. I wish I took a picture of the adorable babydoll. It features a longline-bra and sheer black “skirt” (already on my wishlist). I like the combination of colours, the super sheer cups and wide underbreast band. Plus, you can’t see it  well on this pictures but it has double straps. I am not a fan of pink but I love how this almost neon pink floodlights the warm purple and black mesh. This set is super playful and I would love to see how it fits in bigger cup sizes! The babydoll and bra go from a 30 to a 44 band and cup D to J (although the cup sizes go up to a G with the 42 and 44 bands).

I know that some of you prefer smooth, practical and more discreet lingerie so here is the Smoothie Soul in Navy. I personally don’t like T-shirt bras that much especially now that I have other options, but I think this one has a very nice geometric look! It reminds me of computer circuits. The blue mold cups are lined with a thin mesh that creates this geometric picture. When the panty is worn, the mesh stretches and also shows the pattern. You can also wear it as a racer back! This set is like an easy to wear pair of jeans!

Curvy Kate well-known Princess bra will soon be available in a plunge version as well. You’ll be able to find it in black as a continuity and in this Lemon colorway next winter. A brazilian panty has also been added to the collection.

Back in the sporty minimalist vibe with Victory! You must have seen this set in black last season. Victory is one of the more structured bra I have seen from this brand, with four-parts cups and a very full coverage. The cutout at the gore gives it a modern touch and the triangle charms makes it sporty and accentuates its geometric look. I have seen a lot of triangle charms at Curve NY this summer by the way! This is another bra that I would see as a bikini. Nice addition to the CK collection!

After Hours is one of those sets that really emphasize Curvy Kate’s aesthetic but if you look carefully, you might notice a touch of Scantilly in this new style! Actually, I am not into leopard prints, but this is not a print! It’s a lace over an almond base! I really like this detail as it looks more classy than a usual an so common animal print. Also, you can see black satin on the front part of the brief. This would be another option for ladies who love the Scantilly range but size out of it. Look at the bottom of the cup: I like the three little seams that give the illusion of ruched fabric. After Hours goes from a 30D to a 40J.

What do you think of Curvy Kate new collection? Are you more into practical lingerie or is it all about ruffles and lace? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section :-*

Sending you love!

Yours truly,

Dryads inspired pieces by Esty lingerie

      What do you wear when you feel sad, anxious, or powerless?

Something I hear very often is that people tend to care less about their appearance when they feel bad. Weirdly enough, I am one of those people who will wear make up at home on a Sunday if I feel terrible. I can only wear large, basic clothes when I am happy enough to actually not care about how I look. In these rare cases I usually borrow my boyfriends clothes, which could probably take twice my body to be properly filled and lounge around without thinking too much about anything. But I am an anxious person so this actually didn’t happen for about 2 months. When I feel weird, or insecure, my first reflex is to put on my favorite nightwear pieces and I usually spend the whole day in them. If I really feel terrible then I put on some eye liner and style my hair. This is my way to feel like I have something together, if not my life.


Because of that, when life gets tough I get even more obsessed with lingerie, and at this year, weirdly, nightwear. About six months ago, I came across an Esty Lingerie sale and noticed a cute black and green chemise that looked like it would never fit me. I had seen it before, several times, without really looking at it because I was sure that it was an item made for smaller busts. I don’t know why but this day, I decided that I had to get it. It was on sale so at least if it was not fitting right I would not have a lot of regrets.
So I got the Glimmer green sparkly lace chemise and its matching thong in a size Medium. The website indicated that the size Medium was a UK 10 for the babydoll but a size 14 for the thong. Estelle told me that I should be ok with those sizes since the thong was adjustable and the babydoll, although it could have been big at the under-breast elastic was supposed to have enough room for my boobs.


Unfortunately the chemise I received had a little defect, which made it look asymmetrical due the tension on the elastic being slightly different on the left compared to the right side of the garment. I think it wouldn’t be a huge deal on a small busted woman, but since my own breasts are asymmetrical and quite full on bottom, it was obvious on me.
I was sad cause I loved it but also, knowing myself I would never be able to forget this defect. It made me feel bad about my breasts and I knew I could not be completely happy even though the rest of it was adorable.

So I contacted Estelle and explained the issue. She was super understanding and very helpful. She offered to make me a new one as a replacement, made to my measurements, with the last piece of fabric that she had. I couldn’t believe how kind it was of her but gratefully accepted the offer.

The second chemise arrived, and it was perfect. It was slightly different from the original design, since I told her that the straps were too short for me, and she offered to also modify the length of the chemise. Because she hadn’t enough length of the green velvet straps, she added black satin elastics at the back, and some cute little black bows as well. This version is also 2 inches longer that the original one.

When I said it was perfect, guys… This chemise, made me actually feel so good about my body! It fits my breasts beautifully, provides some light support and it is so light that feel like I am wearing nothing, but in a positive way. The length is lovely too, I like that it can cover my butt. The effect of the edges on the skin is gorgeous! Because there is no seam, it reminds me of those amazing microfiber brazilians that give a nice look to the hips and bum. The finishes are lovely… When I wake up in the morning, I usually stay sat on the edge of my bed for a few seconds looking at my glittery thighs and this makes me happy. This chemise is delicate and comfortable. I feel like I am actually covered wearing it. I wouldn’t open the door to the post man without putting on a gown first but otherwise, it became my favorite pajama, and I can spend the whole day just wearing it and a robe.

The attention to detail is there, as well as gold hardware and the garment itself is less fragile than it seems. Actually this fabric is sturdy enough. I think the only thing I would improve is the touch of it. I think it would be nice if it was softer from the inside. But I figured out that it is the glittery fibers of the lace that make the fabric feel sturdier at some places. And I wouldn’t prefer this chemise without them so it is ok with me.

I wanted the matching thong for a very long time and I just had to get it at some point. No disappointment here. Estelle was right, the size 14 fitted me thanks to the adjustable straps. Oh I am so happy I got this set, really. It is very special to me. I wear the thong way less often than the bra since I usually wear matching sets of lingerie but it is always a pleasure. I love its effect on my bum. It looks all rounded and lovely. Ahah! I adore those velvet straps, they are everything.

One of my girlfriends told me I looked like a forest fairy in this set and I like this idea. It is green, black and shiny. It was made for me. And I have to say that I have been wearing it way more often than any other pajamas since I got it. I am impressed that it is still shiny after I washed it so many times. I wash it by hands, of course, but I didn’t know what to expect from this set since glittery stuff tend to fade. But as far as I know it didn’t change much (I see it too often to be sure that nothing has changed but it looks great to me).
I wish I also owned the tap pants but my size was already out of stock. (I am still considering getting them in size Large, though.) I am crazy about this fabric because it looks so good against my skin! Plus I am really into green lingerie. The garter was a gift I got with the first babydoll, since Esty originally shipped if later than expected. Although it is not my usual style, I like that it has a double strap and looks like a jewel! I really appreciate my pieces more when I know they were handmade with love, and considering the whole story behind them, I feel like those pieces are even more precious to my heart.

Sending love,

Yours truly,

Sophistication in the Boudoir : Scantilly Ignite set (30H & S)

While I truly appreciate satin and sheer mesh, something I literally adore is a discrete embossed pattern. I love it when details are un-obviously glorious, and this is what attracted me first in the Scantilly Ignite set. (Also as a proof, here is a picture of my first pair of Dr. Martens). Well, once the bra arrived I realized that the flowers were not an actual part of the cup but an embroidered mesh strategically coloured and placed to give the illusion of an embossed surface. However, after seeing it in real life, I loved it even more.


The shape of the cups also put this bra at the top of my “absolute-need” list, but the detailed that made it totally indispensable was its super strappy racer back.  Since my teenage ages, I noticed that racer backs can easily result in a very nice cleavage, something that my full on bottom breasts don’t experience so often, plus it makes this set looks like a warrior/amazon attire. So I thought Ignite could feed my need for a Marie-Antoinette cleavage and a Xena look.


Seriously, look at these cups! They catch the light so beautifully! The bronze mesh makes them look dark brown but I actually think the thicker material is black. I really enjoy how shimmery they are without looking covered with glitters. I love it.

So I bought the set in 30H and Small. I think the bra runs really small in the cup since I am a 30GG (on the small side of the size) but the band is true to size. It feels tighter than my other Scantilly bands, though. Note that I own the Scantilly Peek-A-Boo (black) in 30GG, the Knock-Out in 30G, and the Unleash in a 30H. So I would say that this brand isn’t really consistent in the sizing.

The cups are in three parts linked by two vertical seams and are kind of shallow, although they have less padding than the Unleash bra’s cups. I personally feel more comfortable wearing Ignite since my breasts don’t get out of it. It actually shows the top part of my nipples at some point, but still contains my breasts. Of course, this is not really an everyday bra and if I move to much, or if I bend over my breasts eventually comes out a little bit but in all honesty this is something I decided to ignore in order to wear this bra as often as I can. If my nipples weren’t as high situated and my breasts so projected, I think this would not be a big issue.

I have read that some people didn’t like the height of the gore on this bra, and while I usually don’t like high gores, this was definitely one of the elements that sold the bra to me. This fashion detail has the property to give more dimension to your boobs and I had only seen this on small bust lingerie. However I was really jealous that I couldn’t wear anything like that so now I am happy ^^ . I think it makes the bra look somehow more luxurious and it seems that Scantilly designers put a lot of thoughts into it.

DSC09296_1As you can see, my nipples are already showing… I didn’t rearrange the cups on purpose so you could see what it actually looks like after only taking pictures of it.

Construction wise, I would say that it is a very nice half-cup for full-busted women. Considering that the real definition of a half-cup would put half of your breasts outside of the cup in a very immodest way, I think this one is a more wearable version. It allows you to wear it quite easily under clothes for a limited period of time without much things to complain about (if you choose your clothes thoughtfully).

The underwires are wide, but comfortable, and the band features side bones. The double set of straps is only adjustable on the lower part, below the ring. I think this type of bras may be nice for the shoulders but sometimes I experienced neck pain, which is to take in consideration if your breasts are bigger than mine. I am not sure of the accurate reason of the pain since I didn’t experience it with the last bralette I reviewed which had the same type of back straps. So it might be due to the straps placement, my posture (since it doesn’t happen everytime I wear it) plus my own shoulders shape, so not everybody might have the same issue.

I really enjoy the rose gold hardware used in every Scantilly set, even if I am not really lucky with them. One of my Scantilly panty just lost its little charm and one day I received a set which had both the bra’s and the panty’s charms chilling at the bottom of the plastique envelope that contained them. I am not sure what is going on with them but they rarely lay flat on the gore which must be one of the reason why they tend to easily get lost. On this bra the charm doesn’t lay flat either but so far it stayed in place, and I am glad because it is lovely.

The coordinate is very provocative, yet delicate and comfortable. The front part is made of the same mesh that covers the bra cups, and you can see that it is very transparent.
The sheer back features two keyholes, and one very wide hole at the crotch, meaning you really don’t need to remove them to do what you might do in the boudoir, lol. I was very surprised when I received them, as I thought there were only two keyholes at the back which is already more than usual, but then I realized that the crotch was split in the middle. So it is not really crotchless like my Lovehoney bodysuit but the crotch is only there to make you feel comfortable when wearing this panty with jeans, I think.

I got this set on sale this winter and I really don’t regret my purchase, although I think I would not buy this set at its original price, considering my student budget and the fact that I can’t wear it  as often as my other sets. That said I love Ignite, it makes me feel really good in my skin and I think it is a unique set in my drawer!

Sending love and positive thoughts,

Yours truly,

The one and only shirt (for full-bust) review

I am not bringing anything new when I say that buying a fitted shirt when your bust isn’t proportional to your waist is a pain. It’s an understatement. I only have one shirt in my wardrobe. Actually it took me days to find it and it is still too big for me anywhere else than the breasts part. Well, I am only talking about work clothing. I have some large shirts that I bought oversized on purpose but when you really want that long sleeved white well-fitting shirt you need both time and money by your side. This is also true for a lot of dresses and tops.

[Exclusively Kristen generously provided this shirt fort the purpose of a review. As usual, this fact doesn’t affect my opinion.]
In order to fight against this issue I used to wear some minimizing bras. Note that I am not talking about minimizers, which I find ugly and evil, but usual bras that had the particularity to make my breasts fit into some Audrey Hepburn inspired dresses and shirts. This worked for a time but now I think I am just running out of this type of bras and have no desire to look for new ones.
So when I discovered Exclusively Kristen on Instagram, I thought it was a great idea for people like me. I already knew Pepperberry (Bravissimo clothing) but never got the chance to try their garments. Luckily, a few weeks ago Kristen kindly offered to send me one of her shirts.

At this time I was looking for a job and was more than happy to accept.
According to my measurements Kristen thought I would be a size 8, which was sold out in the item I wanted to try, so instead I chose the Classic short sleeved shirt. The shirt arrived super quickly but unfortunately (or fortunately?) was way too big for me. So I was able to try the One and only shirt in size 6 and here are my thoughts on it…


The One and only has a very particular construction. Unlike usual shirts, it features a curved seam (not sure if I can say it that way) on each side of the front allowing some extra room to the breasts. That means that this shirt can never be completely flat when laid down, or it will be crumpled. The buttons are very close together to prevent your breasts from pulling the shirt and create an unruly gap (gap that can eventually lead to the loss of the weaker button) … I also noticed that this garment has a hourglass shape that is very accentuated at the bottom.


I have to admit that this shirt is a little bit too big for me but considering that my shoulders are a little bit wide, I think I wouldn’t move my arms comfortably in a size 4 (note that this size isn’t available in this particular product). Also the cufflinks are very fitted around my ridiculously tiny wrists which makes me think that the size 6 is probaby the best option for me.

Nevertheless, it is safe to say that there is a lot of room for my breasts and even for the rest of my torso. Because of that, I prefer wearing it inside my jeans rather than outside.


The sleeves construction is also different from what I have seen before. The seams start very low from my armpit, which makes my movement a little bit restricted. However this could be a more positive aspect for someone with thicker arms, as I heard that some shirts sleeves are too narrow at the roots for a lot of people. So even if I find it more restrictive for me at this level, this construction gives the same level of comfort wether you have thick arms or thin ones.


I think Kristen’s shirts are made with a nice attention to detail. The collar has a great shape, feminine but not girly. I also appreciate that I don’t look weird when closing the shirt up to the third button before the last one. I usually don’t know where to stop buttoning my shirt. If it’s too high then it looks ugly and if it is too low then I’d look provocative. But with this shirt I didn’t came across this issue. Thanks to the buttons placement I can finally find a balance and just look like I am wearing nothing more or less than a white shirt.


I also really like the cuffs. I am no specialist but I think they really give that professional touch to this shirt.

To summarize I think this item is an addition to my wardrobe that will certainly be useful! Plus it is 95% made of cotton which makes it a nice garment for every season and good for sensitive skins. Just note that it was made with a fuller figure/fuller bust in mind. I am so surprised to actually see a shirt with too much room for my breasts ahah! It is nothing terrible but for the first time, instead of minimising bras I have to use Polish bras to be able to fill the breasts parts. I only wish it existed in a size 4 so it could be a good option for ladies with similar shape as me but with narrower shoulders.


Before ending this review, I have to inform you that this shirt pattern has recently been updated for the best! The subsequent production which will be manufactured in Fall 2017 have smaller armholes which corrects the restricted movements issue and the upper arm sleeve is pinched a bit. Also there will be a button at the neck. This new version will be available in size 6-20.

That said we can make the statement that this company is steadily trying to improve itself and it is very nice to see that most of the inconveniences I pointed out in my review will get better in the future!

Hope this post is helpful! If you have anymore question feel free to ask via comments or email!

Yours, truly,

Wen ✨

Feeling like the Queen of hearts in Monsieur est une traînée lingerie

I am an obsessive person. Well, I said it. I am this person that will buy from the same brand again and again if I love their aesthetic, sometime I eat only the same fruit for about 2 weeks because it’s the only thing I am craving (be reassured, I eat other stuff too but not different fruits), I can be haunted by a piece and never feel peaceful until I get it in my wardrobe, and of course I can buy a set in every colorway available if I love the fabric enough for that.

DSC09119The red looks a little bright on this picture but it is a deep and darker red in reality.

Last year, I came across Toru & Naoko lingerie and the Kumiko set stole my heart. I ended up buying it (it was my very first made to measurement bralette) and also it was not perfect (the band was too big) I adored it. About 10 months later I got the white version with different measurements. And then I realized that this fabric that I loved so much was also used by Kiss Me Deadly for their Everythingless collection and by Monsieur est une traînée, a French indie brand based in Grenoble, for the Heartbreaker set.

The Everythingless collection was not affordable for me (also I still wish I could get it) but I knew I had to get the Heartbreaker set. After all, it was a longline design with one of my favourite lace (mesh?)! I lusted after it for almost a year and finally bought it since I was scared it would be discontinued. Well, this was one of my best lingerie decision. Milena was an absolute angel to work with and everything went quickly and smoothly! Also the deep red set arrived in a pink plastic pocket and was wrapped with a lovely tissue paper and sprinkled with confetti.

You have to know that there are about 20 cm difference between my bust circumference and underbust circumference. Because of that, the original design would have been very tricky to put off and on for me. Milena realized it and offered to make some adjustments so the design could be more wearable for me. So, she added seams at the breasts part and also an opening made of 3 sets of hooks and eyes at the back.

Thank to those changes, this bralette feels better than any of those I have tried before. Although I love the design of the other ones, this one has an amazing fit. The band feels supportive while still very comfortable, it is very fitted, I only have to wear it at the first set of hooks and eyes so I know I will be able to wear it for a long period of time.
The mesh is stretchy and the seams at the bottom of the breasts give some more structure to the design, visually and also physically (I hope you get me). I am glad she didn’t make a complete seam from the bottom to the top of the ”cup” since this never worked out for me.

I would usually complain about the thinness of the strap but weirdly enough, this time I have nothing bad to say about them. The support they provide must be due to the racer back.
Of course they could be wider but I don’t feel any discomfort and they don’t make the band ride up so for me, they are almost perfect. It is really rare that the band of a bralette stays so stable on my body and feels that secure! Also I like the gold sliders and ring on the back! I am considering buying this bralette in other fabrics and colorways because it is wonderful to wear.

The Heartbreaker panty was made to my measurements and feels super good to wear! Well, the first one I received was a little bit too tight and very low rise. It actually felt like it was made to my measurements but with a tight tension on the elastics. I contacted Milena and she was very helpful. She offered to send me another one before I sent the first one back and inside the new package she put another plastic envelope so I could use it to send the smaller panty. She also offered to reimburse the postage fees.

I asked her if it was possible to make the new pair of knickers with more coverage at the back and a higher rise and the new one I received was perfect. It is stable just like the bralette, my butt does not eat it when I move and it doesn’t create VPL.
I love this set and I am glad I bought it full price because it is worth every dollars. It is very well-made with a great attention to detail. ❤

Thank you Milena! I am definitely buying from you in the future!

Now, dear readers, what do you think about the Heartbreaker set? Do you think it is worth it to buy made to measurement bralettes or do you usually go with the S,M,L,XL system?

Sunny kisses!
Yours truly,



Backseam lingerie for a full busted lady: the Black Petal set

[This set has been generously provided by Backseam Lingerie for the purpose of a review. That said, all thoughts and opinions are my own.]
Spring didn’t last long this year again and we’re already in Summer. I love Summer. I love getting tanned and wearing dresses and shorts. This year again I’ll miss the beach and sun of the Caribbean sadly. Summer also means flowers and trees being colorful and healthy again. After a terribly long Winter this never misses to make me happy. But while I love to see flowers around houses I have never been into floral prints and it is very rare that I love super floral embroideries. Leaves and curved stems, nevertheless, are usually welcome in my lingerie drawer…

A few months ago Alena Danchenko, the owner and designer of Backseam lingerie offered to send me a made-to-measurement set so I could review it here for you guys! If you look at her Etsy selection, you might see why I was excited by this offer. Backseam lingerie looks super delicate and elegant. Something that worried me, however, was the sizing. I mean… These bras and bralettes seemed to be made with small busts in mind and I wasn’t sure if they would be appropriate for my breasts. Alena reassured me and very quickly I received an amazing three pieces sets in my mailbox.


Sadly the bra was really too small for me. I thought maybe there was a confusion with my measurements and Alena offered to send me an other one as soon as possible.
The second one arrived in a very sophisticated packaging and fitted like a dream. It was obviously different from the original design that you can see on the website but I love it better. I received the bra the day of my graduation and although I was busy I tried the bra right away and felt ridiculously sexy. Ahah. ^^

The Black Petal set is composed from a balconnet bra, bikini knickers and a gorgeous suspender belt. I think the stock pictures don’t do it justice. This set is so lovely!
The three-part balconnet is unlined, and feels as light as a bralette. Really it feels like a second skin. This is partly because it is made from an unique layer of mesh which is rare for a bra in my size, however there still are support panels at the sides. Considering this construction, I am amazingly surprised by the shape I get from this bra. It is natural but not too low and happily for me this bra is full on bottom/side friendly.

The straps are reasonably wide, as they were thinner in the first version of the bra. The overlapping gore tacks comfortably and the wires are wide but perfect for my breasts. They also are really thin. Because of that I wouldn’t recommend this bra for bigger busts than mine, or at least be aware that you won’t get the same support with this bra as a usual factory-made full bust bra. That said, I have been wearing this bra several times without discomfort since I got it. The narrow back features 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes. I am happy with the length of this band since I can wear it at the loosest set of hooks and it doesn’t ride up my back. It also features side bones. However, I think a wider band would be more comfortable for full busted ladies.

Now I have to say again that I really love the appearance of this bra and how it fits. While my nipples are situated exactly were the cup’s seams meet, the shape is not pointy at all( this happens to me sometimes). The bra allows a beautiful projection and seriously it feels like my measurements have really been respected. The cups are slightly elasticated at the top, which gives room to small changes in my breasts volume.
Now the leaves embroidery is lovely. It looks elegant and discreet unworn but I think it releases its charm once you see it on a body. The extra sheer black mesh makes it a perfect boudoir set but without the suspender I see it as a nice everyday set for Summer.

The bikini panty is simple but matches the bra perfectly. The front and back features the same leaves embroidery but the sides are made from a stretchy black mesh. I find the panty to be on the small side but fits me in a cute way I think. It is very low rise and gives a light coverage to my butt (butt that actually eats it if I move too much). But I really like how that they used the embroidery on the front and back of this panty. So often I am under the impression that the front is more important than the back for designers, which is understandable but often disappointing.

The suspender belt is a nice addition to this set. I especially like the sides embroideries and the triangles detail of the straps. However if I could change something about this suspender it would be adding little satin covers over the clips. I wouldn’t have noticed this detail since I am not an expert in suspenders but one of the silicone pieces disappeared and I only noticed it once I decided to take these pictures. I decided to replace it with one from an old removable suspender strap but then I realized that usually these silicone pieces are sewed to satin covers that prevent them from getting off and also gives a more luxurious/finished look. Apart from that issue, the suspender holds my stockings very well and is nice to wear.

As you can see from the side view, this bra makes my boobs look almost naked, and you can see that my breasts are very bottom heavy. At first I was worried about the impact of their weight on the mesh but since it has no stretch at the bottom it seems to handle it for the moment. Because of that I believe that this bra would be better if your cup volume isn’t much bigger than mine, unless the design would be modified to add another layer of mesh at the bottom of the cup.

That said, I love this set, I find it rather easy to wear and comfy. It must be weird to say so but one day I found myself touching my breasts to verify if I was actually wearing anything. It is an unusual feeling at first but once you get used to it, it is actually nice to feel like you are free of bra while still being supported and wearing beautiful lingerie.
I am super happy to wear this set having in mind that it is hand-made and that Backseam’s team actually made an effort to get out of their comfort zone and create a bra that fits and makes me feel fabulous. I think this set is pretty affordable for hand-made lingerie especially since you have the made to measurements option.

PS: Note that I photoshopped my nipples for the sake of modesty but the bra is completely transparent. Also I am wearing the Café au lait Nubian Skin hold ups, and a Karolina Laskowska choker on these pictures. I love those pieces so damn much >_<

Sending love ❤

Yours truly,

Giveaway Alert: Win an Avocado Ce soir set!!

So after all your positive reactions to the gorgeous Ce soir set, Avocado Lingerie decided to team up with me to give you a chance to get your own! The competition is open on Instagram and Facebook (just follow the links).
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The winner will be randomly selected and announced on the 22th of June! Best of luck!

UPDATE: The winner is @fairelyse! Congratulations beautiful!
Also thanks to everybody for the participation! ❤ You are amazing!


Wen ❤