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UPDATE: The winner is @fairelyse! Congratulations beautiful!
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Wen ❤

Lejaby Elixir Rosae set (32F/85F & Small)


Lejaby, with its full-bust range “Elixir”, was the first French brand that made me feel “included” when I thought I should actually give up on lace delicacy for my G/GG cup. While some other brands reserved beautiful lace and embroideries to their core size range, Lejaby Elixir was offering dainty lingerie up to a G cup in different cup shapes. I know a G cup is not much for nowaday full-bust lingerie industry but it is still rare to find luxury brands that use the same material for their core sizes range and full-bust size range.

[This set was gifted to me by UK Lingerie for the purpose of a review. This doesn’t affect my opinions.]DSC08991

Let me explain… Although French Lingerie is known for luxury detailing and high price point, something it always missed in my opinion is inclusivity. I have found myself out of most French lingerie brands size range after the age of 16 while I was a UK 32FF/G. Indeed, everytime I went to a lingerie store the bra fitters used to tell me I was a 85F(32F), F being basically the bigger cup size they had in stock and it was usually too small for me in the cup and too big in the band. I felt like my needs as a full busted teen were ignored by the lingerie industry for such a long time… So I just stopped buying lingerie in stores and discovered British lingerie, which saved my boobs.

However, I have to admit that I was still a little bit sad that I couldn’t wear the fine tulle and lace or gorgeous drape detailing that were only available in core sizes. This lack never disappeared since I couldn’t afford British luxury full-bust lingerie which is usually less affordable than brands like Chantelle or Lejaby, essentially because you can hardly get it on sale. And then, one day I discovered Lejaby Elixir, which was basically what I always wanted to wear : fine French lingerie that could fit me and still make me feel young at a time when lingerie made me feel like I was more than my age and beautiful when I was self-conscious about my body. I think Lejaby makes lingerie for a wide age range of women. Colored, black or white, simple or featuring ruffles and huge tulle bows… This brand is one of my favorite.


I know I am being talkative, but before starting this review, I should probably give you a quick introduction about French brands sizing.
I have heard plenty of things about an International size system but I truly think YOU CAN’T RELY on it. You can’t translate a UK 30GG into a FR 30J. This will simply not help you. EU sizing chart can be helpful for Polish brands but it has nothing to do with French brands. Actually French brands tend to run bigger than UK brands, both in the band and in the cup. While I can sometimes get away with a F cup in France, this is quite impossible when I buy UK bras (I usually need GG cups). Nevertheless, brands don’t usually translate bra sizes on tags, except for band sizes. So on a French bra sold in England you might read FR 85F/UK 32F/Int 70F and then think that this bra runs really big. My best advice would be to try in store at least once, since French brands tend to be very consistent in the sizing. And now let’s go back on track! 🙂


Guys, I would recognize Lejaby’s lingerie from thousands, but the Rosae set really caught my attention in a different way and you might guess why! This definitely has to do with the big embroidered guipure rose that pops out like a big brooch. I find it gorgeous. It looks old fashion in a very nice way and really gives life to that set. Because of this element Rosae reminds me of ballroom dancing clothing. I instantly think of tango. Warm colors, beautiful arabesques embroiderie that recall sensuality, impetuosity.  This set also exists in black but I had a crush on the red colorway. It feels fierce and regal. The quality of fabrics is noticeable, it feels precious. I like the touch of this high quality microfiber on the band of the bra and the panty.


I own several sets from this brand but this one is the first full cup I tried.
Lejaby classifies its full bust bras in different categories. First, some style goes only up to a F cup (usually the “balconnet 3T” which is more like a plunge but also some halfcup bras called “corbeille” in French) and some goes up to a G cup ( “cerclé 3t” or “cerclé” which look either like full cup, or balconnet bras as we know them in the UK system). Note that 3T means that the bra is made in three part.
I think the full cup are a better fit for even to full on top breasts while the balconnets have less room at the top.
This time I am glad I went for a F cup since I am very full on bottom, I think this bra could even fit bigger breasts than mine depending on their shape. However a smaller size would be too small at the sides for me. I would love to try a 30G to see if it fixes the top part wrinkles on my smaller breast. You must know that French sizes don’t have double letters so a French F cup runs bigger than a UK F cup, plus Lejaby Elixir range runs quite big.

What I really appreciate with French lingerie is how light weighted it is. Even for bigger busts. But note that it usually doesn’t give much uplift, it is more like a natural rounded shape under clothes. The wires are not super narrow neither wide, actually they are shorter than the ones I encountered with British and Polish bras. Because of that, I can sometimes have my breasts being too full on the sides to be fully encapsulated while the cup volume is big enough for me. With this bra, I would say that this is not really an issue but depending on the position I can see that my bigger breast shows a little bit at the side. That said, these wires are super soft and comfy and the gore tacks perfectly.
The band features 4 sets of 2 hooks and eyes, something I noticed with several Elixir bras. I would say that this band is true to size as a FR 32 band but will feel looser than usual UK 32 bands. I am glad there are plenty of hooks and eyes so I can start at the second set and still have 2 other positions for the future.

The straps are not fully adjustable but are short and wide enough for my taste. I love the satin elastic used for this part, it is kind of shiny and doesn’t only look utilitarian, plus the embroidery of the cup continues on the front part of the straps.

The coordinate in size Small is perfect for me. I usually wear a UK size 10. On the tag it is said to be a size 2 which is the size I usually pick with French brands if that can help. The microfibre as I said before is super soft. The finishes are beautiful and I think it offers a nice and flattering coverage. I like the medium rise that allows this set to be worn very easily under clothes. You can also find an high waisted and a brazilian version which are gorgeous as well.

I am so glad I got to try this set. I am usually not into red lingerie or clothing since it makes me feel like everybody has his eyes on me but I really love this shade of red. It really feels audacious but elegant at the same time. I would say it has this femme fatal vibe that is actually far away from my character but definitely makes me want to discover other lingerie horizons. 😀 (Also I watched too many Miss Fisher episodes and she might be rubbing off on me)

What do you think of red lingerie? Do you associate it to special occasion or does it make you feel brave?

This is a long post so I hope it is clear enough, ^_^ anyway feel free to ask question!

Sunny kisses,








Evil Queen attire: Avocado Ce Soir HCT set (60J & Small)

As you must know, Avocado is one of my favorite brands so far. Their designs get better and better through the years and I must say, the fit too. I have been lucky enough to review about a dozen of their sets and the quality never disappoints me. The material is made to last but yet looks so delicate and precious. The embroidery can really be breathtaking (cf. my Valentina review ) and the construction is often very interesting (cf. Chamade review). The attention to detail is beautiful and I think the price point is fair.
Something I also like is that you can always recognize the romantic classic style of the designer and yet, none of those pieces seems to be outdated. In fact, Avocado seems to grow and evolve with the trends without loosing its particular touch.

DSC088635050** I received this set free of charge for the purpose of a review, all opinions and thoughts are my own.**

Avocado’s new collection Intimacy nº2 didn’t fail to blow me away.  Indeed, it completely owns the concept of layering and strappy and as usual you can find those amazing gore detailing which stay away from the traditional bows… The way the designer played with shadows and light, sheer and opaque is incredible. So when she offered me to try a set from her new collection I had a very hard time to choose.

The Ce soir set really caught my attention as it looks like a very evil queen attire. Hehe. 🙂
I also love that they used the same lace as they did for the Isadora to create a very different look. It is simple yet complex, monochromatic, sophisticated. It is body jewelry to me. This set would make any woman look strong and powerful.

About the construction, Ce Soir is a three-part balconnet, layered at the top with what I would call a collar of straps that can be attached around the neck.

I received this bra in a 60J (I own the Isadora NF in a 60K, so Ce Soir definitely runs bigger) and it fits me beautifully. It seems that this shape is the best for me. I mean, I own several Avocado bras but this one fits like it was made to my measurements.

The sheer part of the cup is stretchy which makes it perfect for asymmetric breasts like mine. Depending on the way I stand you might see some wrinkles but I swear the fit is spot on. ❤ I am impressed also by the way it feels. Seriously, I could wear this bra everyday. The wires are very narrow, definitely narrower than any of my other Avocado bras. I also love the narrow gore and its height is great for my breasts. It doesn’t hurt and tacks properly against my sternum.

I love the construction of the cups too! As you can see, although it is a three-part balconette, it is not exactly the traditional pattern. If you remember my HCT Caprice review, it seems to be the version 7.0 of this pattern. So I’d say it is an hybrid between an halfcup and a balconette  pattern in the best way possible. The cup are closed at the top compared to the Caprice HCT, I also must say it feels more comfortable around the armpits. The wide and fully-adjustable straps are stable on my shoulders. There are narrow set which I really like. An other detail, that shouldn’t be ignored is the string around the neck, which is ended by little metallic caps that prevent it from getting damage, and give a more finished and fancy look.

I received the hipster briefs in a Small and it fits me well! I am going to sound redundant but I love Avocado’s briefs: they are always easy and pleasant to wear. They use a very soft fabric for the back which is also stretchy and usually cut to provide coverage without giving visible panty lines under jeans. I personally like hipster briefs because they are flattering and comfy at the same time. Plus they have the perfect rise to be worn with every type of clothes.

These briefs have a fun cut out at the back that reminds quite well of the strappy design of the bra although they are more discreet. Here the string isn’t adjustable but I like the coordination with the bra. I have seen on the website that Avocado also did a high waisted brief and a classic brief as coordinates for this bra. I would like to see how different they are from the hipster, especially the high waisted one! If one of you guys buy it, let me know how it looks! 😀

I must say this set is a win. I think it definitely worth its price and makes me want more of Avocado lingerie. I love the spirit of the brand. If you are in between a C and HH UK cup, I highly recommend to give it a try!

Also, if you enjoy Ce Soir as much as I do, stay tuned! I might have some exciting news about this set for my readers in the next few days! ❤

Sending love and sunny kisses,


Freya Fancies bralette and chemise review


Can bralette equal support? That is a question I have been asking myself a lot since I started considering the idea of wearing this type of garments.
Bralettes are soft, comfy, they make us feel… Hum… Free? Can we say that they basically are the equivalent for PJs in the underwear world?
For me, during a long time a bralette, also called brassière in French, was a bra for little girls and teens. I also associated it to small bust lingerie.

**These garments have been gifted to me by Large Cup Lingerie for the purpose of a review, all thoughts and opinions are mine.**


However, last year, I started noticing independent designers saying they could make proper bralettes for full busted ladies. Of course made-to-measurements stuff are rarely cheap. And then Freya launched the Fancies collection. Bras, bralettes and chemises in plenty of colorways. All the garments seemed to be made in order to be practical but still cute. The bralettes especially were supposed to provide the same support as bras for full busted ladies.


According to Sweet Nothing’s review, the size range covered by this bralette should go from 28B to 38HH.  Cha, the owner of LCL was kind enough to send me these bralettes (navy) and chemises (black) in size Small (supposed to fit 28 E-FF, 30 D-F, 32 C-DD, 34 B-D, 36B) and Medium ( 28 G-GG, 30 FF-G, 32 E-FF, 34 DD-F, 36 C-E, 38 B-D). Note that I am a small 30GG at the time. So technically non of these sizes should have fitted. But guess what? Both of them did!


First off, it seems that bralettes, although they don’t give “uplift”, make the breasts look smaller than bras do. Maybe because they don’t really allow projection. They can actually “hold” the breasts but the shape and support they give really depend on the way they are sewn.

My breasts are in between sizes (as usual) in this range. Apparently, the Small isn’t deep enough for me even though it is quite right in the band and the Medium would be alright in the cup but the band is too large. However, sizing-wise there are some differences between the chemise and the bralette.


Well, when I received the garments about 1,5 month ago, the bralette in Small wouldn’t even pass my breasts. At least it didn’t seem to, but the Medium fitted like a dream. That said, the chemise in Medium was way too large in the band and fitted large in the cup too. For this one, the Small was a better choice. So in these pictures I am wearing the bralette in Medium and the chemise in Small. However, it seems that holidays make me lose weight (I guess eating only cereals, apples and almond milk because of lazyness doesn’t help) and now, the bralette in Small although it is too tight in the cup, can “contain” my breasts. I would easily fall out of this one, though. Note also that the straps are fully-adjustable in both pieces.


I think these bralette and chemise would fit better full on bottom women. Indeed, I heard that some people experienced their breasts to get out of the bralette during their sleep which never happened to me and I have worn it a lot (as you can see by the crumpled fabrics on the third picture ^^’ ). Also, I feel like the big difference between these two garments are the support they provide. The bralette seems to be made to be supportive but the chemise is bigger under the breasts even in the size Small. I imagine that the support is considered as less important with a chemise as you mainly need to be comfortable to sleep.


To be honest, I couldn’t go out with this bralette but it is not because I would not feel secure, it would be more because of the shape it gives to my breasts. It is almost like it flattens them (not in a painful way, though). But I guess that is also how it provides support. In fact I am very happy to wear it all day long. It is like a supportive cropped top so I can just lounge around in my apartment without shirt and without looking naked. That said, it is not the same feeling as a bra because my breasts will always meet each other at the middle at some point. They aren’t squeezed, though!


I also enjoy the chemise design. I first thought it wasn’t that pretty but then I saw it in real life and I really liked the difference of opacity between the different parts of this piece! Also the lovely lace at the sides makes it definitely prettier and more elegant in the way it falls. The little bow at the junction of the lace (on both of these pieces) has tiny white polka dots which is an adorable detail here.
For me, the black and navy were the prettier colors (but y’all should know I mostly wear black and navy blue so I might not be the best opinion to listen to on this x)). Nevertheless I am happy to see that Freya made these garments in a lot of colorways and also at an affordable price so it is easy to own several of them or to replace them if they get damaged.

Tell me your thoughts about bralettes? Did you find one that was satisfying? Have you ever tried the Fancies collection?

Sending love, as always,

xoxo Wen

About Playful Promises nightwear: Sabriel Teddy and a lovely eye mask

My love for fancy pajamas started quite soon, when a friend of my mum offered me my first sets of pajamas from a lingerie boutique at the age of 15. Two sets of cotton pajamas but very classy for my age. So classy indeed that I used one of the tops as outerwear a few times… I loved them and from that time, I knew that I really liked matching stuff.

A few years ago when I fell in love with the pin up aesthetic of Playful Promises, I was also under the impression that this brand was unaffordable for me as a student. Then, I’ve come to realize that it was mostly because I was not used to shop this type of products. I mean, when I was 18, lingerie was basically bras and panties. Let alone the fact that I didn’t know what was an indie designer and had not idea that lingerie could be something else than what I had seen at the French boutiques where my mum used to bring me (where everything was also unaffordable but well, I didn’t have to pay with my own money at that time). Kiss me deadly and Playful Promises were the first UK brands to catch my attention with their loungewear, corsets and lingerie accessories.

Last year, when Playful promises launched their first full-busted collection I finally decided that it was time for me to become a faithful customer and discovered that it was actually possible to buy from them even with my small budget. Indeed, the brand has sales quite often, and I have been able to grab some wonderful pieces without squandering my small fortune.


Today, I want to talk about the Sabriel teddy that I have been lucky enough to get for a VERY affordable price on Kiss me Deadly more than a year ago. This piece is now out of stock** but I think it could be of interest to describe my love for it as I think it could give you an idea of Playful Promises nightwear quality. The Penelope teddy which is pretty similar in the cut is still available in size Medium ( ❤ ).

When I saw the Sabriel teddy for the first time I was unsure that it would be a great idea to buy a piece made of satin. Satin can sometimes look very cheap and even make you feel very uncomfortable when wearing it (you know when the fabric doesn’t breath properly and makes you feel hot and sweaty…). But I am so glad I gave this piece a chance! The fabric looks so bright and gorgeous! It feels soft and delicate !


Seriously, LOOK AT THIS PRINT! (picture from Playful Promises website)

As I don’t think my pictures give it justice, you can see it from closer on the picture above. I find it so elegant, so unusual! This piece manages to look young and yet, it reminds me of some of my grand-ma’s furniture. I must read more English books to improve the way I describe my emotions, but this print is everything. I adore it.

** You can still find the Sabriel teddy in a size M here (I might have seen a size L somewhere else on ebay).
I got this teddy in a size Small (UK 10). I think it runs a little bit big but it is nice for us full busted ladies. I usually have to go up a size with bodysuits and teddies to fit my breasts, but this time there is all the space needed.

This piece features an elastic at the waist which is nice since unfortunately the little belt straps didn’t last long. They might have been a little bit too thin. Now I have to admit that I often lose my belt because it doesn’t stay in place too well without them (I should probably replace them).


The detail that sold this piece to me (since I was first hesitating on buying it) was the eyelashes lace. It reminds me of climber plants but also of a peacock wings…. A year after this piece still fills me with joy! This lace completes it very well! The only thing I am not very fond of is the super thin straps. I know that they come with most of nightwear pieces but I just feel like really thin straps and big breasts don’t get along. It is not a question of support (this piece is not mean to support anything but itself). For me it is more about proportions. But that’s only my  personal opinion and I am fully aware that this teddy was made to suit different body types and not only mine. So I wouldn’t call it a real issue.

Nevertheless, I feel very light and free wearing this piece. I would love to get more of this print in my wardrobe. I am also happy to tell you that it didn’t fade and still looks awesome (note that I only wash it by hands, though).


Believe it or not I also have a deep love for eyes masks… Some people think that they are useless accessories only meant to make women look fancy but first there is nothing wrong with that, and second I am really sensitive to light when I sleep so they actually have a purpose for me. So I decided to get one of Playful Promises eye masks which looked like everything I like.
If you buy Playful Promises products now, you can have an overview of what the actual product looks like, which can be slightly different from the advertising pictures, but last year, I could only see the model wearing “it”. If you pay attention, you might see that she is wearing a bigger, square mask so I was a little bit disappointed when I received mine. I actually loved that her mask covered a big part of her face and more.
Apart from that, the mask itself is really well made, I really love the touch of satin against my eyes! (what a weird sentence…) The attention to detail is beautiful! I love that they didn’t forget the elastic that goes around the head. Too often I see that this element is left behind but here it is covered with a cute ruffled satin. Just like my Sabriel teddy, this piece remained beautiful through the time. I would love to get another one… They are all so lovely!

I am really into Playful Promises nightwear: I own now several pieces and it seems that every season they bring something new and refreshing! I would love to see their François gown and chemise from closer. 🙂

Sending lots of lingerie love and good vibes to you guys!

Wen ❤

Discovering Samanta lingerie: The Daisy set (65H & M)

Spring is finally here. Meaning, 70% of rain, 30% of sun, and around 12ºC more or less constantly. But I am happy. A lot of opportunities are coming up and I feel blessed even if life seemed determined to make me learn everything by the tough way. I am where I am supposed to be.

**This set was gifted to me by Samanta lingerie for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are mines.**


Today I want to introduce to you a set that is not only unusual for my wardrobe but from a brand I had never tried before. The Daisy set by Samantha lingerie is what I needed to wear during these cloudy days. I think my pictures hardly give it justice.

For those who don’t know it yet, Samanta is a Polish brand which focuses on very feminine designs to create a wide selection of every day lingerie and nightwear. This brand has now 24 years of experience and claims its lingerie to be created by women for women.


When Samanta’s designer offered to send me this set, I was a little bit worried that it would be too girly for my taste since I am not into white feminine lingerie, but once I finally held it in my hands… GUYS ! I loved it.

I received the set in a 65H for the bra and the coordinate in Medium and these sizes are just fine for me .


The Daisy actually exists in 6 shapes of bras and 3 shapes of coordinates. One thing I really like with Polish brands is their ability to created the same design in multiple cuts so that the costumer always has a chance to find the right one for their size and body shape. So I received the A922 cut for the bra and the boxers.

I know I must sound very excited, but guys, I am! The pattern is very nice and I don’t know what exactly is the difference between it and my other balconnet bras but I love its shape. Also, I don’t think I have ever had a set that white. It is like immaculate and so bright! After these 5 months of winter (and dark lingerie),  it feels so refreshing!


Also, can we talk about the details? Daisies used to be my favorite flowers as a kid. They are so simple and yet so nice and welcoming. I like that Samantha went for a monochromatic look with these flowers. It makes this set classy and simple. I could have it in nude, black and white and they would be my go-to everyday set.

The gore is narrow and feels also very nice against my sternum. I mean, even when I lay down, I still don’t feel any pressure. The wires are also very narrow and just like the gore they sit comfortably. So far I haven’t got to complain about them. This bra is a real everyday bra, I have been wearing it for like 12h hours straight and didn’t feel the oppressive need to remove it at any point.


The back features 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes but I don’t think I would prefer it with additional hooks. The straps are fully-adjustable, short (as you can see, I didn’t even need to tighten the left one, note that it is also my bigger breast’s side) and cushiony, which makes them very comfortable, and certainly prevent them from slipping. You can’t see it on my pictures but the embroidered daisies continue on the straps.
The workmanship is so great on this bra… The finishes are neat and the fabrics are soft yet sturdy. I particularly like that the side support is almost invisible. You must have noticed that some brands add some side support to the bras after a certain size (usually a G cup). Most of the time they also “slightly” change the pattern.


Well, the result is more likely to be unattractive to my eyes, but not this time. Although you can see the side support on some picture it is due to the light since the brand used a very transparent and light mesh instead of a sturdy white fabric. The bra itself gives a nice natural, yet rounded shape to my breasts.
As you can see, my smaller breasts would probably need a smaller size but considering how great my bigger breast fits in the cup and how symmetrical the overall look is, I think this bra is a great fit.

The coordinates are also very nice to wear. I adore the sheer back of these boxers! It has a satin touch and I really appreciate the seamless edges! The size Medium is a great fit for my bum. This bottom feels very secure, it doesn’t go up or down and my butt does not eat it either ^^ . I think Polish brands know very well how to make comfy bottoms, I always find them bum-friendly. I haven’t talk about the cute flat bows on the gore and on the boxer but I really like this detail, despite its size, I think it completes the set without being too present.


This set is a very nice surprise and I hope I’ll get to try this brand again in the future! If you are not a fan of white lingerie this set also exists in beige and green colorways. The green one looks actually very nice! I think the ratio quality/price is pretty good with this brand. This lingerie set is young, delicate and makes me feel pretty without compromising the fit. Yeah, you get it: I am conquered.

Hope it is sunny in your part of the world!

Yours truly,

Wen. ❤

Tutti Rouge Sukki 30GG and Medium review

Dear readers, I am SO so sorry for the radio silence… Life has been as cruel as generous to me these past months. I went through some real roller coasters… But here I am. Happy, healthy, and ready to conquer the world. 🙂 And today, I am bringing you one super cute set from Tutti Rouge lingerie.

DSC08481_edited_editedessay.jpg**This set was gifted to me by Tutti Rouge lingerie for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

For those who are still skeptical about cute lingerie for larger cups, I think it is time to stop the sad propaganda… I mean, you do have some great options. 🙂 Better late than never, right? So while the strappy trend saturated the lingerie industry these past 2 years, some cute pieces are still popping out in their own way.
Here is Sukki, a lingerie set named after the burlesque doll Sukki Singapora. And just like her, it is unusual, girly and kind of sassy.


The first time I saw this set, I was immediately attracted by the “fishnet” layer on the cup and on the front of the panty. It looked different, and gave a touch of sophistication to this set. Actually it is not a simple fishnet. It is more like a lot of lozenges linked together by their four angles.  I would love to see it as an unpadded bra! I actually like the choice of this beige foam for the cup. It gives a smoky look to the whole set and seems to go well with every skin tone.
I received the bra in my usual 30GG and the panty in a Medium and these sizes seems to be the right ones for me.


Although the design was attractive to me, my first concern about this bra, when I saw the first stock pictures was that it seems very open at the top of the cup. You might know that I have bottom heavy breasts and I usually struggle to fill the top of plunge bras. I had a feeling that I could have the same issue with this one.


Actually, the bra fits true-to size if not a little big in the cup. It is deep and while its shape reminds me of a half cup bra, it provides much more coverage.
The shape is clearly made to provide cleavage, though. It is kind of shallow at the bottom of the cup and deep close to the top. This probably saves me from the gap I see when I put the bra on at first. I mean, my breasts tend to adjust themselves in the cup through the day  and then everything falls into place. I think this bra is very good for ladies with wide roots like me but it would probably fit better if you also have full on top breasts. This way you should get a cute cleavage and fill it completely. If you are not FOT, you could still fill the cup completely since the depth is close to the top of the cup, your breasts should be somehow pushed up but yes, I think there will be a gap at the bottom. I personally get some discreet cleavage after wearing the bra for several hours .


The bra itself is super super comfy. Its narrow gore tacks softly against my sternum and it sits very well on my rib cage without digging in. The band features three sets of three hooks and eyes and the straps are fully adjustable. As usual, you can see Tutti Rouge’s signature Love heart sliders which make everything cuter 🙂 .
Talking about straps, you might have noticed the two removable straps? Well, in reality, it is only 1 strap that you can attach to the gore of the bra and link to the main straps by a little hook that fits around the straps rings.  I personally prefer the bra without these additional straps but when I am in the mood it is always nice to have this option.


Can we talk about the coordinates? Because they’re adorable! I am so glad Tutti Rouge made a high waisted brief to go with this bra! It makes this set utterly comfy and adds an elegant touch. I love this brief! It looks so neat and feels so nice!
Take note that Tutti Rouge panties usually run smaller than other UK brands, though. I usually order a size 10/Small for my underwear (except indie brands briefs) and this Medium is almost tight against my hips. However, this is the best size for me I think and I don’t feel any discomfort. I like the little keyhole and the ruffles at the back of the brief, but my favorite thing must be the seamless edges… I wish all my panties were this way. I hate visible panty lines. Let say that I adore this coordinate. I find it very well-made and it makes me feel super cute too. If high waisted briefs are not your cup of tea, you also have the brazilian brief option which seems to be nice as well. 🙂


In a nutshell, I am very happy with this set. It is easier to wear than I thought at the beginning and although the bra doesn’t disappear under tight shirts, I like the shape it gives. I hope so bad it is going to be released as an unpadded bra! Every year I am happy to discover more fun stuff for us full busted ladies. I can’t wait to see the next trends.

Also, I want to thank you for still reading my blog even if I kind of disappeared lately. I have plenty of reviews to come and I am almost in holidays from school so everything should be fine from now.

Sending love,
Yours truly,