Discovering Rougette, partI: the Madison set

One of the complaints I read the most on the internet about bras is that a lot of full busted ladies think they have to spend 60£+ on good fitting bras while core size ladies can get away with 20£ bras. And while you can really find a great fitting bra in any size for no more than 35£ nowadays (if you have access to internet and a mail box), I know bras are an investment for the majority of women.
Full-bust bralettes, on the other hand, are becoming more and more popular but are usually either very efficient, with a simple design, or kind of useless with a super pretty design. To get the best of both worlds you can always go indie, but then the price may remain an issue.

[Tutti Rouge lingerie gifted me this set for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]DSC03515
Last August, though, Tutti Rouge lingerie launched their new sister brand Rougette.  If you haven’t heard about it yet, it is all about comfy, fun and affordable lingerie in a size range going from 32 to 42 band with cups from FF to G. This size range is narrower than Tutti Rouge main brand’s but in my opinion, it is more like a complement to the brand than an individual entity. Rougette offers bralettes as well as bras in different shapes. Every style looks different from the others but you can definitely feel Tutti Rouge touch in all of them. The price are also way lower than Tutti Rouge usual prices with 15£ bralettes and 20£ bras.

I was actually quite surprise last month when I opened a package from Tutti Rouge containing two Rougette sets. I thought I would be out of this range since I wear a 30GG in Tutti Rouge, but everything they sent to me fitted actually ok.

Today I will introduce to you Madison, a triangle bralette that I got in size Small/FF-G and it’s coordinate in size Medium.While I am not into animal prints, I think Madison compliments my skin tone, and after seeing it on a lot of Instragram ladies, I think tons of people enjoy this print. I like the idea of the lace to add some contrast to this set. The cups cross each other at the middle which helps the breasts getting close together to avoid an East-West look. You can also recognize Tutti Rouge signature heart shaped sliders on the straps.


But most importantly, this bralette features a real band with a 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes. I believe that a full-bust bralette needs a band to keep providing some support/shape through the time, and this one is actually really wide from the front, which makes it more secure. This is definitely a plus for me since I hate feeling a thin elastic rolling under my breasts.

That said, if you have ever read my other bralettes reviews, you know that I have a lot of prejudices about triangle bralettes, especially when they features a unique seam at the middle of each cup. They usually look really ugly on me, since they tend to cut my breasts in two parts which looks quite awful under shirts. Plus they are often too narrow to cover the side of my chest, creating a very un-elegant effect. This time, I am positively surprised.

As you can see, the seam, doesn’t cut in, and the cups seems actually “deep” enough to contain my breasts. I think the construction is interesting for such an affordable product. Each cup is made of a stretchy leopard print fabric and stretchy black lace, lined with a thick black mesh. As a result this bralette is quite flexible and comfy but less likely to get shapeless through the time. Although, I wouldn’t wear this to go too far from my home during the week this bralette is really pleasant to wear and gives a natural but not weird shape to my breasts.

The coordinate is a cute brief that offers a nice coverage and is really comfy too. I especially like the stretchy lace at the back which you can find in most of Rougette coordinates. It is invisible under pants and looks quite pretty over the skin. The size Medium can look a little bit big from the front, but it is perfect from the back, so I wouldn’t size down (note that I am a UK10/US6). It would also fit a UK12 in my opinion.
I usually don’t mix and match my coordinates but I like how easy it is to mix Madison with the second set I received: Jasmin (review coming soon!).

Now I have to admit, that along with the price, Rougette quality is lower than Tutti Rouge usual quality, the attention to detail and the finishes are not the same (see for example, the pendant of the bralette is slightly off-center), but if you are looking for affordable, cute and comfy lingerie, then this brand is for you. I have no complaint that wouldn’t be justified by the price point. This set does exactly what it means to do: make me feel cute and comfortable during my less active days and save my chest from the pressure of underwires when they aren’t needed. (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE underwires, but sometimes my skin really doesn’t.)
Since I discovered that some bralettes could actually fit me and be relatively secure, my collection has been ever growing. It is always nice to see brands creating more and more wireless designs for full-busted ladies. I think it helps us to accept our natural breasts shape which is really liberating. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring to our drawers!

Bisou bisou!


Last day of summer with PrimaDonna Salsa bikini (32G/S)


While I love Canada, I admit that I am not a winter lover. This year, summer has extended until the 27th of September and winter has apparently started on the 30th. What’s wrong with the weather? Probably global warming. And as sad as it sounds I think I enjoyed this hot wave and already miss it. I happily took advantage of the last weekend I could stand being in bikini outside ( well, it was between 8 and 11°C and I was freezing) to introduce you a gorgeous bikini I received last week from UK Swimwear .

[UK Swimwear generously provided this bikini for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post doesn’t contain affiliated links although there are a lot.]DSC03773.jpg

I am really excited about this set because it is also the first time I get to try PrimaDonna since the time I was looking for my bra size (≈5 years ago). At this point of my life I wasn’t interested in this brand at all to be honest. Now I think I might be growing up because I am seeing it with a different eye. Some of their designs really match my aesthetic and I feel like I was missing out by not knowing my size in this brand.

For those who missed my last collaboration with them, UK lingerie / swimwear / tights is a group of websites which stocks a wide range of fashion brands. I truly appreciate that their carry products in different price and size ranges but also that they offer free shipping worldwide! Their team is quite friendly and helpful as far as I can tell, and I’m definitely buying my winter tights and stockings from them.

The bikini I received is actually way better looking in real life than it is on the stock pictures and this makes me want to know more about this brand’s lingerie. PrimaDonna is a Belgian luxury brand known around the world for its quality and beautiful fit in every size its carries. The size range goes usually up to a G cup with some styles going up to a H cup and bands from 30 to 44. I noticed from the reviews I’ve read that their unlined full cups tend to run slightly big in the cup but it is not the case with all of their styles.


I received the set in 32G and Small, and I think these sizes fit me well. When I first saw it, I found this set to look classy yet sporty, and now that I hold it in my hands, I think it looks quite glamorous as well. It is hard to see from my pictures, but this set features a gold pattern and a beautiful amount of glitters as well. I wish we did a better job at capturing this detail because it really feels special. Far from being flat, it is quite textured and sophisticated. I have a hard time finding the words to describe it but it looks like straight gold lines have been pinched every centimeter to create a lovely undulated  pattern. On some pictures you should be able to notice the relief pattern.  This colorway is called white yacht and it’s quite the spirit, in my opinion.

Sizing wise, Salsa‘s band runs a little bit small, in fact it almost feels like a 30 band. The cup however run true to size but on the shallow side. I must say that the padding is quite light and rather flexible at the top. For my full on bottom breasts it allows some contained cleavage which sadly isn’t obvious on those pictures but really pleases me in real life. The gore tacks softly although it is not narrow enough for my close-set breasts. As a result one side of the gore doesn’t lay against my thorax but more against the curve of my bigger breasts which creates a subtle asymmetrical effect when the straps are crossed. This doesn’t affect the comfort or support provided by this bikini top so I personally don’t mind.


The gore also features a gorgeous and thick gold bow ended by two shiny beads. I  also really love the rushed fabric at the bottom of the cups.
The straps show again the attention to detail in this set. As you can see, instead of the usual hooks used to allow different straps placement, here you have some neat white clips which secure the straps in the desired position.

IMG_0490_2 copy3
This set is great for tall roots like mine. Also, the taller point of the gore is covered with some soft fabric, probably to prevent any discomfort. The wires aren’t especially wide or narrow, but for my own bust they are just fine. They are covered with a thick and soft fabric which makes them very comfy.
This piece gives a beautiful profile and I love that the side of my breasts are entirely contained since I often experiment side boobs issues with swimwear. Here my entire breast is secured and everything is quite in the right place.

The fabrics used for this set are really good quality. I especially like the inside layers of the brief and the bra, which are very pleasant to the touch. Aside from its aesthetic, I really feel good in this set. I can’t wait to wear it in December when I am going to see my mum in the Caribbean. I am sure gonna use this babe a lot!

It is quite hard to capture the beauty of this colour combination, it is subtle but it feels way more luxurious in real life. I am not usually a fan of padding but I wouldn’t prefer the unpadded version of this bra. I find this one very flattering and glamorous. I also really appreciate that the brief doesn’t become transparent once it’s wet. This has always been my biggest fear with white swimwear.

IMG_3548 copy3 copy.jpg
While people tend to expect less from swimwear than they do from lingerie, I think this set is equivalent in term of comfort and support. Of course it is a little bit thick and textured for regular clothes and the design is maybe not “appropriate” but I wore it all day last Saturday and didn’t have to complain. Thank you UK lingerie for sending me this beauty! It is another summer treasure in my collection and I rarely find padded bikini that look that good on me so I’ll surely cherish it.

Also, I want to thank La Finca, a lovely Montreal café that my boyfriend discovered last weekend when we were struggling to find a good place to shoot this set with the cold Canadian weather. I must say that they make a delicious hot chocolate and the staff is super friendly. I actually took most of this review pictures (the dry ones) on their adorable patio. I will probably start my Montreal cafes/patisseries reviews with this one as I love their atmosphere ! Stay tuned! ❤

I hope you enjoyed this review, and that I won’t get sick after spending so much time half naked for its sake. :’)

Yours, truly,

Harlow and Fox Serena Violet review

The word “luxury” can take different meaning for every individual. In fact, it is a relative concept depending on where you come from, what you’ve seen, and what are your expectations.
In the lingerie industry I have heard this word quite often to describe products from 35 to +1500£. I personally associate this word with excellent craftsmanship and good quality and/or hard to find/produce material. To me, it also means consistency and reliability.

[Harlow & Fox generously provided this set for the purpose of a review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.]DSC03262_1.jpg
Sometimes, I feel like a brilliant original design (on the paper) takes the form of a very cheap looking product with a high price tag, and sometimes, simplicity and quality equal to a less expensive price tag. It seems hard to judge the worth of a product when you have to take in consideration so many factors such has personal investment, intellectual work, craftsmanship and engineering behind it. One might judge that his product worth 45£ while someone else would judge the same item as a 30£ one. Nevertheless for each customer, what is important is how satisfied  he/she is with the way this money is gone and this is also very personal.


I used to pay between 60 and 85 euros for bras as a teen before I discovered that I could get bras in my size for half this price, but of course you can’t really expect the same thing for 40€. You might get a better fit though, depending on the brand. It is not necessarily disappointing. My very wish since I started my lingerie journey was to find a company that would sell breathtaking designs without compromising on the fit, and quality of its garments. Well, I have discovered a few companies that fit in this description so far. Let say that they’re not cheap, but I swear, they rarely (never) disappoint. Today I am happy to introduce a set from a brand that might match this description. Although this is the first set I own from them, I know I am getting another one as soon as I can. This is definitely worth waiting and saving for a few months.


To be honest Harlow and Fox, is the type of luxury brand that feels quite out of reach at first sight for a 22yo student. This brand’s designs look sumptuous and totally decadent, featuring a crazy amount of silk (I mean, 95-100% silk satin) and the most gorgeous embroideries. Their designs are made in the UK and manufactured in Romania.
When I discovered this brand four years ago, I had never seen full-bust bras featuring such delicate material. However, I was concerned about the fit since I couldn’t imagine how a silky bra would support my breasts so I thought I would never be able to look good in their bras and finally put this idea aside. Guys, I was so wrong!


I can’t stress enough how happy I am for the opportunity of working with such an amazing brand. I am so impressed with their efficiency and how smooth everything went for this partnership. I swear they just got a future customer.
I had a really hard time picking one set between all these beauties! I finally chose the new Serena colorway, which looked so different from everything I already own, with the hope to put my hands on other treasures later this year (my birthday is next month y’all). So I initially received the Serena bra in 32G, the brief in Small and suspender in XS. The 32G was too big for me in the band and the cup so we exchanged it for a 30G which is a pretty perfect fit. Note that I am a full on bottom/sides 30GG and a UK10.

I received this set in a beautiful gift box featuring a gold branded wax seal, as well has a small bottle of washing agent for silk and viscose. You must know that silk is a natural fibre and requires special care in order to keep its shine. Shampoo or your usual clothing wash wouldn’t do a good job on silk and you actually need to be a little bit more delicate than usual (don’t twist or rub your silk garments).

I must say, the first thing that attracted me in Serena was this glorious Italian embroidery. I am crazy about it. I love it in every colorway but I found it captivating in Violet. The colour is so bold and regal! It adds contrast to the set and results in a gorgeous tattoo effect on the skin. I also love the construction of the set itself.


Actually the cups are made from a stretchy embroidered mesh lined with two different unstretchy nets, and feature two layers of silk as side supports on each side. Even more dreamy, a very thoughtful construction in order to provide support, lift and durability.
The lower part of the cup is lined with a very firm net which prevents the embroidered mesh from stretching out and somehow pushes the breast up. The upper part is lined twice. The first layer after the embroidery is a breathable but also very firm net, and the second is a little trapeze made of the same firm mesh I described for the lower part of the cup. This little trapeze doesn’t cover the entirety of the upper section. It seems to make a link between the silk and the lower part. Probably to give stability to the whole construction. The first upper layer is a folded net and is sewed to the diagonal seam of the cup but not to the top edge. This, in my opinion, gives some flexibility to the top of the cup. (Hope this is clear enough…)


This construction is very compatible to my breasts shape since I am full on bottom and sides, it doesn’t cut in and encapsulates my chest perfectly. Leanna Williams, Harlow and Fox creative director told me that the sizing is quite consistent so I must be able to wear a 30G instead of my usual 30GG in all of their styles. That said, if you are fuller on top,  you should probably stick up to your usual size to avoid quadboobs.
The straps are made of silk and are delightfully wide and soft. I just want to touch them constantly. They are half-adjustable but short enough for me so I don’t need to tighten them so much to be comfortable. The gore tacks perfectly and stays in place through the day. I love that this bra doesn’t move from my inframammary fold, I never have to adjust it.

The band, just like the straps is made of silk, which means that it isn’t likely to stretch out so quickly. I wear it at the loosest set of hooks and it is a little bit tight, though not uncomfortable. I found a significant difference between the 32 and the 30 band as I had to use the tighter set of hooks in the 32 one and it was still too loose for my taste. This really depends if you prefer a comfy fit or a tighter fit, because anyway, I think your band is likely to remain the same way with the time going. It also features three sets of 2 hooks and eyes, which is enough for me but is to consider for people who prefer wider bands.

The coordinates are absolutely everything in this set. While I was hesitating between all the Harlow and Fox collections, what totally sold Serena to me was the deep suspender. I ADORE deep suspenders. How can you say no to a garment made to cover your belly and back with a precious embroidery, mesh or lace (and accidentally helps your stockings to stay up)? I really don’t know. I wear dresses just for the chance to wear suspenders.
The Serena suspender features 6 silk covered straps and beautiful gold hardware. Since I fit in a XS, I think this brand runs a little bit bigger than other UK brands. This suspender feels a little bit like shapewear on me but the net used to line the embroidered mesh is quite soft and comfortable. I really love those 6 straps. Not because I don’t trust 4 straps suspenders (I actually do) but because they add something to the ensemble. The attention to detail is incredible. The stitching is so neat and discrete! My only complaint is that it is a little bit more difficult than usual to move the suspenders sliders due to the thickness of the straps.

The brief in a size Small fits me very well and is comfortable. The gusset is made of silk and lined in the inside with cotton, which is great. I think cotton is still my favourite fibre when it comes to gusset. It is the perfect rise in my opinion but note that there is more room in the front part than you’ll see in most briefs. I actually love that this brief doesn’t cut into my bum. There is a large key hole featuring a precious little pearl at its apex which is a nice and unusual touch (you can easily see it on the brand website.) As for the rest of the set, the finishes are on point. Did you notice these silk covered edges around the legs and keyhole? They are a great reminder of the cup edges and make the whole set look very refined.

Now I get that people might judge my opinion as biased since I receive free garments, but I am honestly impressed and I think this set is totally worth the price. Based on my personal customer experience, this price is close to most full-bust luxury brand average price and the quality is definitely in my top 3 of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The designer clearly put a lot of thoughts into every garments. I think that longevity-wise this set is one of the best I have encountered with also a perfect fit and a breathtaking beauty. What else could you ask for?

This year, I am willing to spend my money in a smarter way and on garments that I am truly in love with instead of just experimenting or feeding my cravings for new stuff and I see Harlow & Fox as a very worthy investment. I’ll try to review some other sets in the future so you can see if I keep the same opinion about their products when I spend my hard-earned money on it. :p

Sending love!

Yours truly,

Kiss Me Deadly Everythingless set (S&M)

If you are following me from the beginning you must have noticed a very recurrent pattern in my indie lingerie reviews… A true obsession that the lovely Maz from Hepburn & Leigh has noticed a couple of months ago. Imagine how surprised, excited and grateful I was when she offered to feed my addiction by gifting me the Kiss Me Deadly Everythingless set?! Y’all know my love for indie lingerie. I also love high-waisted panties and garter belt but more importantly I love this bow and diamond pattern mesh. It is the fourth sets I own featuring it. I hope people stop making things out if this mesh because I am starting to look crazy, buying all of them. Well, this time doesn’t really count, since it is a gift.

[I received this set as a gift from Hepburn and Leigh . All thoughts and opinions are my own.]DSC03399_2.JPG

This is not my usual lingerie review, since there is no cup size to evaluate but who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful unpractical set once in a while? I personally do when it is that cute and sassy. Kiss Me Deadly defines the Everythingless top as cupless bralette, but let say it, it looks like a longline bra band. I really like it because quarter cup bras never suit me, and this piece fills quite the same purpose, without making my breasts look weird.

This set is made from a beige mesh, lined with a beautiful black mesh, but it is sewn in a way that it feels quite firm. It doesn’t stretch much. I find this beige mesh very comfortable and I like the way it hugs my body. I wouldn’t call it shape wear  because of the way it fits me but on someone with a more proportionate body it could definitely feel that way.

I chose a size Small in the bralette, despite the fact that Maz told me that this set fit smaller than usual KMD lingerie. In fact I thought the band was adjustable with hooks and eyes.  Unfortunately, it isn’t and she was really right about the sizing: the small fits very tight. There are hooks and eyes but only one set, so I think you should size up in this product. I was worried that a Medium would be loose but now I think maybe it would have been more comfortable. This feels like a 28 band (although I haven’t measured it).


Aesthetically, I like the simplicity of this top. It features the same type of straps as my Vargas dress which are very nice because they are thicker at the front than at the back which helps giving some structure to the style at the front and leaves the back more minimalistic. I also love the front fastening. As a full-bust woman I don’t have much hope to get a front fastening bra that would actually be supportive and stay closed through the day, so I love the idea to layer this piece over my bras! That said, I found it surprisingly flattering even worn by itself. That these thick straps somehow provide some side support and help my breasts to go forward (but maybe I just have very full on side breasts). Of course it will not change your breasts shape but it does add a little something that enhances their beauty. If you are small busted, you may even be able to use it as an actual bralette to get some more cleavage.

The Panty girdle is my favorite part of this set. It is so versatile! And can we talk about these amazing straps? As you can see on some pictures, they are removable, but trust me they won’t go away until you want to remove them. They also don’t try to pull down your panty… I have had some bad experiences in the past with super thin removable straps but these ones won’t let you down. They are thick, stable and feature unusual silver hardware. Indeed, instead of sliders, you can adjust them with metal clips. I love this idea. It has certainly be done in the past but it was my first time seing this on suspenders.


This piece is also very high waisted so I can imagine that if you have a shorter torso, the top and bottom might reach each other and look like an actual bodysuit, which would probably look super cute.
Just like the bralette this girdle wears its name very well: it doesn’t have any gusset, or any bum coverage. It is quite easy to pair with a black panty or thong, though. And if you find your perfect nude panty I think it’d look good as well. That said, nobody prevents you from going pantyless, and this back is the sassiest I’ve ever seen. It is basically shouting ” you’ve got nothing to hide”!

I received the panty girdle in a Medium which is right for me but since my waist is 25,5 inches and my hips/bum circumference is more like 37″, the waist elastic is a little big for me. Interestingly it feels tight when passing through my thighs but once I have it up to my waist it feels looser around it. A size small would not be comfortable for my hips and I believe would cut into my bum, so I am happy with a Medium.

Everythingless makes me feel like a really sweet badass and I love the way it looks paired with this Ellesmere lingerie set (coming very soon to her shop, a review will probably follow). The Everythingless bralette must also look super hot layered as outerwear! Indeed, Maz from Hepburn & Leigh has recently written a bilingual post (FR/EN) about how to style these pieces, if you need some more ideas!


I love Kiss Me Deadly because their lingerie always shows as much elegance as it shows creativity. I could write a story about their pieces and it would either happen in a manoir or in a futuristic world (seriously, these latex dresses need to be featured in Dr.Who). Anyway, this brand totally gets me and I can’t wait to show you guys other garments from them.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! ❤

Yours truly,

PS: There is a very interesting sale on Hepburn & Leigh website at the moment. I missed my size but you might find your own happiness if you are fast enough! xx

Sugar Candy bralette x Foxers Lace boxer review

The perfect fullbust bralet is a unicorn. Too many aspects would have to be considered to achieve it but today I want to introduce a product that might be close to the magical animal, in term of comfort, shape and support.

I discovered the Sugar Candy Bra, last month during my trip to New-York, while I was scrowlling through my tweeter feed, and just the day after, I had the chance to meet the brand at Curve NY. Considering all the good things I had just read about Sugar Candy, I was quite happy when the lovely PR lady offered to send me a sample so I could give you guys an idea of the product.

[ Sugar Candy provided this bralette for the purpose of a review. The boxer short is a gift from Foxers. Foxers did not require a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

You must know that Sugar Candy, although associated with Cake lingerie, is a brand on
its own right. The product I am showing you today isn’t the final version. In fact, the branded elastic featuring “Cake lingerie” was confusing for the customers, so in the future, you should read “Sugar Candy” instead.

Sugar Candy has its own website where you can order its products and find all the information you need about the brand. At the moment, the Sugar Candy bra comes in three colorways, black, pink(only a nursing version) and beige. You can buy this bra as a nursing bra or as a regular one and the size range goes from 30 to 42 bands with cups from F to HH.


I received the bra in a size Small, which is supposed to fit the sizes 32F/FF/G/GG and 30H. I think it fits my 30GG pretty well, but I could probably also fit in a XS.
I have to say that it is hard to evaluate wether or not I am a “true” 30GG at the moment. Since last Fall, I have seen my breasts change in a way that I am now able to wear a 30FF/30G/30GG/30H depending on the brand. I don’t know if they are softer or smaller. Almost all my old bras still fit but I am able to wear smaller sizes than usual. Take that in consideration if you used to compare your breasts size to mine.
Aesthetically, this bra is quite simple. It is seamless, and black. The use of a very smooth nylon make it very comfy and stretchy. The cups are molded but not padded at all, this piece is definitely more like a bralette than a bra. (If you remember my Empreinte Cassiopée review, this is quite the same definition of molded).

The band features 6 amazing sets of three hooks and eyes which makes sens since it is supposed to fit 30 and 32 bands. I personally feel comfortable at the third set of hooks but with all these hooks positions I think this bra will have a very long lifetime.

My usual complaint about bralettes is that brands use an underbreast elastic only for aesthetic purposes. Because of that, after a few uses bralettes are usually unable to provide any support. Inevitably the elastic gets looser and looser. To be fair, this is not only due to the flimsiness and quality of these elastics. The fact that you have to pull it over you head and pass your shoulders is a big part of the explanation. Since I realized that I only buy bralettes that features hooks and eyes.


Here I love that I can simply put it on like a usual bra. Plus the band is very thick and supportive. It doesn’t move or get uncomfortable, and I dont see it stretching out so fast.
The straps are not only fully adjustable but multi-position. This definitely adds value to this bralette in my opinion. I know I can always use special accessories to make a racer back out of regular bras but I always feel like it is going to damage the bra straps somehow. Crossing the straps also gives a nice sporty look and additional lift to the breasts.

The cups provide a full coverage but if you look for a deeper neckline, you might want to size down. Although I am curious of what my boobs would look like in a XS, I am worried that the side support would cut into my breast tissue, as I am super full on sides.


The bra construction is pretty interesting. Indeed, I can see that the compagny worked hard to come out with a product that would offer the advantages of a bra without the inconvenience. For example, there is no wire but the bralette separates the breasts very well, without giving a East-West look. The wires role is also played by a folded fabric under the breasts which is very soft so you can have some kind of structure under your breasts in addiction to the band but in a comfy way.

There are side supports to help center your breasts and avoid a wide uniboob shape (I’m sure you know what I am talking about). I have worn this bra  under my usual clothes and I found the shape to be similar to the one I get from some wired bras. It didn’t look weird. I think the only thing might be that it is not suitable for low coverage shirts, but this is not an issue for me, since I don’t think it is the purpose of this particular product.


I can see this bra get a lot of use this winter. It is so comfy! Like a pajama under your clothes. That is actually why I paired it with this Foxers lace boxer that I got at Curve this summer. This two are the comfiest combo! I’ve also got the boxer in a size small and I love the way it fits me. It is made from an amazingly soft lace (seriously Foxers lace is super super soft, I wish I could fit in their bralettes). This lace is also very cute and I enjoy the way the designer played with different levels of sheerness. The thick hips elastic gives an androgynous touch and I am really into it. I also find it a lot easier to wear on a daily basis than my first Foxers boxer , which is more suitable as a pajama bottom.

Overall, I am very happy with these two pieces. When I put them on, I never want to remove them.
I wouldn’t use the Sugar Candy bra to do sport but if you do so at least your breasts won’t jump out of the cups, it is very secure. You’ll feel them move though. This bralette is nice for everyday wear and my new go to bra when I just want to chill and lounge around. Of course keep in mind that it is not a traditional bra, so the feel is different when taking the stairs. ^^
I am quite surprised that I love it that much but this bralette is worth a try!

Hope you have a lovely day!

xoxo Wen

Curve NY Preview: Discovering fashion nursing bras

Interestingly, not quite long ago, it seems that the fashion industry put women in two big categories. First, the “normal ones”, meaning, the 20 to 45 years old women which are healthy, proportionate with no additional conditions and want to be pretty. Second, the others. Plus size women, fullbusted women, pregnant women, older women, women with breasts cancer or any medical condition which requires special garments. For a long time all the women in this big category had only the choice between boring lingerie or boring lingerie. Because obviously they had better thing to mind than being pretty.
Now I can’t complain, I was born at the right time and since I started to be interested in this industry I only saw improvements, years after years.

DSC00730Cache-Coeur lingerie: (from left to right) Khali in Honey, Iris in Noir, Iris in Nude, Khali in Night blue

At Curve this year, I had the pleasure to discover some cute or rather sexy options for every type of women. So today I want to focus on brands that offer maternity bras!
The first one I have come across was Cache-Coeur lingerie.
Cache-Coeur lingerie is a French brand specialized in lingerie and loungewear for pregnant women. The first thing I noticed was that they featured underwired bras. I used to hear that wires were not good for pregnant women breasts tissue but lately I started hearing that you just need to be wearing the right size and then, it should be safe.

DSC00736The Magic bra in the Petal colorway, going from a French C to F cup, with bands from 32 to 40 (85 to 105). Also available in Black and Nuage (Cloud), which is a lovely light blue.

I love to see beautiful detailing in nursing lingerie, like these cute ruched straps and this draped microfiber at the side of the cups. Did you also notice the tiny pearls at the gore?This bra actually looks like a “normal” bra and I am sure non pregnant women could be happy to wear it based on its aesthetique. As you can see, it still features magnetic nursing clips so that it can be pretty and practical at the same time.

Here is the Cache-coeur Iris wireless bra in white. This bra goes from a French C to F cup, with bands from 32 to 40 (85 to 105). It is available in three colorways “nude” , black and white. Can you believe it is the same as the black one of the first picture? Lace can look so different from one colorway to another!

Lisa is a three-part balconnet bra made from soft microfibre and lace. Like most of Cache-coeur bras, it features band from 32 to 40 and cups from French C to F (no double letters), this bra is also available in four colorways : Pearl, Khaki, Black, and Fig.
I like this adorable big bow and the detail on the cup seam adds some classiness to the design.

Opéra plunge half padded bra looks more like a bedroom garment than an everyday one which is nice to see in a nursing bras collection! I like to see some ruffles and adventurous plunge shape where nobody expect them.

The Aquarelle is a balconnet bra featuring a soft floral microfibre and cute white lace at the top of the cup. It comes from a C to H cup with bands from 32 to 40.

DSC00747On the left Illusion bralette in Cassis, on the right Illusion Dentelle bralette “vintage” colorway (S-M-L-XL)

The Lollypop wireless bra is mean to give a “retro-chic” look, while providing support and comfort. I like that this wireless bra goes up to a H cup. It’s interesting to see the difference between the black one and the beige one. It is exactly the same design through the whole size range, so I would love to see how this bra look on different bodies.

DSC00752Lollypop wireless bra in Black (32-40 band, C to H cup), also available in Grenadine.

These bras look all sweet and comfy, and even if you can’t see the coordinates very well, I found them to be lovely. Cache-coeur swimwear is also pretty. I love the english embroidery-inspired design on the red one.

These swimsuits go from S to XL. Some of them have an inner bra to provide more support, but none of these are bra sized.

Also look at their imagery! It makes nursing lingerie look very glamorous and fashion.


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I also came across the brand Bella Materna which makes nursing bras from B to J cup with bands from 30 to 40 and coordinates from S to XXL. Note that this brand uses European sizing.

Here is the Peacock wire free bra, which is supposed to fit women from 32B to 38E. However this bralette isn’t bra sized. The sizing system goes from S to XL.
S= 32D to F/34C to E/36B to C
M=34E to F/ 36D to E/38B to C
L=36C to F/ 38B to D

Here is the Vine lace t-shirt bra from the Nacita collection, in Navy. This bra actually goes up to a J cup. It is available as a nursing bra and as a “normal” bra.

The Vine lace t-shirt bra in khaki. I love the cameo detail at the gore, and the combination color is super sweet and warm. I find it pretty delicate for a t-shirt bra.

DSC01143The Pretty sexy bra which is also available in B to J cup.

Bella Materna designs are definitely looking like everyday lingerie for non-pregnant women, and I especially like this Peacock bralette because it looks quite different from the usual offer for nursing lingerie. This brand also does custom sizing! It’s very refreshing to see the lingerie industry evolving to reach women expectations!


I think you guys have heard of Cake lingerie before, but I didn’t know much about them until this summer. Their size range goes from A to HH cup with bands from 30 to 42. However this isn’t the case for all of their bras.


The Truffles plunge nursing bras goes up to a F cup with bands from 32 to 38. Its cups feature a 3/4 foam to provide a nice shape and comfort. Again a very deep plunge, and feminine design. I love that the designer didn’t neglect the back of the coordinate!


The Chinotto tankini and brief set is made for fuller bust from D to I cup. This is a very sporty style and it looks very supportive! The bikini are very low rise to accommodate a growing belly.

DSC00863(Seriously, the cutest smile☺️)

This might sound stupid but I didn’t know sports nursing bras existed. I mean, I know pregnant women do sports but I wouldn’t imagine that they would need nursing clips. Well, the Lemon zest sports bra has been made to be super comfortable and supportive. Actually it must be the more secure sports bra I have ever seen. The design is quite sporty and fits women up to a 42H cup (UK). It has flexible wires that should be gentle to the breasts and also moulded cups.

I have already talked about the Sugar Candy bralette in my last Curve NY preview! So here is a reminder that this bra comes as a nursing option as well!

Also Mayana Genevière lingerie, that I featured in my fashion bralette preview already, has the particularity that its lingerie is made to accommodate a changing body. Meaning that even if the garments don’t feature nursing clips, they are made with breastfeeding in mind.

Here is the Camille “Before and Beyond” chemise, which is made to make you feel beautiful and comfortable through your body’s transitions. It features a built-in bra and can be use for breast-feeding as well.

I am happy to see improvements on this aspect of the lingerie industry, although I wish some styles came in a wider size range!

What do you think of these collections? Do you find it easier nowadays to find garments that please your eyes during pregnancy? Did you know about all these brands already?

Let me know your thought in the comments section! 😘

Take care, the flu season has started already! (I’m actually sick lol)

Wen ❤


Sonata Rapalyte Paradis Ribbon Bodysuit review (size M)

Dear readers, while bras and bikinis are amazing, I have to say that I have a deep love for bodysuits. I associate them with ballet and artistic gymnastics. I love how they make me feel dressed up while being half a naked. Bodysuits are wonderful.

[I was sent this piece free of charge for review purposes by Sonata Rapalyte. All thoughts and opinions are my own]

So, when I received a message from Sonata Rapalyte offering to send me one of her bodysuits for the blog, I was over the moon. I had been lusting after her lingerie for years but never thought I could afford it or even fit into it. Looking at the size chart, I was in between a Small and a Medium but I suspected that the models were wearing a Small or XSmall and my breasts were way bigger than theirs. I finally gave my measurements to Sonata and a few weeks later, I had the surprise to receive the Paradis bodysuit in a size Medium, packed in a luxurious packaging that made me feel like it was my birthday.
[Picture from my Instagram story:]

The size M was too big for me especially in the bust and at the back (I know it doesn’t show on these pictures but it is a question of position). I contacted the brand about it and sent the bodysuit back for an exchange. Sadly there was an issue with the parcel and it came back to me. I finally decided to keep it since I was unsure if a Small would even fit my breasts, plus it didn’t look “bad”. It is actually a very loose fit on me but since this bodysuit is very unstructured it might fit differently on different body type.


Aesthetically, this piece is dreamy. The delicate floral lace gives a beautiful tattoo effect over the skin. Although I wouldn’t have picked this colour myself, I believe it looks good on my skin tone and would compliment women with darker skin tones as well. The lace is actually less vivid than the silk which create some kind of contrast.
The top part of this piece features a beautiful scalloped neckline which ends with a beautiful row of nine silk covered buttons. This is my favorite detail on this piece, I think.
The back of the piece also features a scalloped V-shaped lace with each side meeting each other in an oversized pure silk ribbon. I love how big and thick this bow is but if you don’t like this detail, this bodysuit also exists without it.


The gusset is lined with silk instead of the traditional cotton and the seams around the legs are covered with silk as well. All these details make this piece feel very precious.
Now I think Sonata bodysuits are special occasion pieces and not really made for everyday wear. The lace has a little bit of stretch to it but when worn without bra, I am a little bit concerned by the effect of my breasts weight on it. It is super delicate and feels good over the skin but I am afraid that it might stretch and never get back to its initial form. With a bra on, it feels more secure, although I know, it is hard to find a bra that would honor this lace, especially in this color.

This bodysuit’s construction seems to be made for long torso ladies. I am 1m71 but I think my torso isn’t in the long category. It is quite average from what I have seen with other garments so this might have contributed to make it look too big for me.

The back provides a good coverage for the bum, doesn’t move in any uncomfortable way and is quite pretty. I think the weight of my breasts tends to make it ride up but it only affects the ribbon area and not my bum. I noticed that a seam has started to undo on the bow, and I suspect that it is due to my breasts weight. So far I have only worn this piece for pictures or around the house in order to be able to review it honestly. I think I will re-sew it, and then avoid to wear it without a bra so it doesn’t get damaged. That said, maybe I am just unlucky and got that one piece with a less secure seam.

Overall, this piece is confortable, easy to put on and to remove. The gusset is closed with poppers which is good since bodysuits can be very annoying when you need to use the bathroom. The only part that restricts the body’s movements is the sleeves. I find the seams to be kind of rigid and if I want to lift my arms then I have to move them closer to my neck to prevent them from tearing. Paradoxically, since this bodysuit is also too big for me, when I am not active with my arms then the sleeves fall out of my shoulders.

I have read different reviews of Sonata Rapalyte bodysuits but most of them were about custom products. I think it is interesting to see how the regular sizes fit and I am glad I got to try this piece. I would recommend full bust ladies with unproportional measurements to ask for a custom size, but if your body is quite proportionate, I feel like you could be ok with the regular sizes. My bust is around 37,4 inches, my waist 25,5 inches and my lower hips 37,8 inches. This bodysuit could fit someone with bigger measurements, surely in a better way.

This piece is a nice addition to my lingerie collection, and I hope one day I can afford one of Sonata’s amazing gowns, sequin (the Soprano looks so good!) or long sleeved bodysuits ( the Olive jade is probably my favorite design from this brand).

I hope y’all have a lovely day! ❤

Yours truly,

PS: At the moment, you can get 50% off Sonata’s lingerie with the code SALE50.