Mini reviews: Lovehoney Seduce Me garter skirt and Black Bow stockings

If you’ve experienced Canadian winter, you must know that it is NECESSARY and HIGHLY recommended to enjoy yourself during this time. If not, you are more likely to get depressed before February. So I thought, some fun pieces from Lovehoney could be of help…

dsc07812_edited4*These pieces have been gifted to me by Lovehoney for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.*

Did I mentioned that I’ve had a lolita period? I mean, something between a Kawaii and Pinup way of dressing myself, but darker…(Is that clear?) Well, I did. I still have some cute pair of heels from that time, and some dresses but I don’t feel like wearing them anymore. However, I still really like wearing doll clothing’s once in a while and when I saw the Lovehoney Black Bow stockings, I had to try them out!

They are made from nylon and my first impression was that they felt very sturdy. It is not the type of stockings that will get ruin at first wear. That was a very good surprise because my experience of fantasy stockings led me to think that they are made to be worn only once. They are also quite long, which is a plus since I am usually too tall for one size stockings (note that I am 1m71). However, I wish, they ran bigger. I think you can clearly see that they are too tight for my thighs. Sadly (for me), I can’t size up with the Plus Size option, so I am stuck in the middle (story of my life) for being too tall/too big for “One Size fits most” stuff. I guess these stockings might fit plenty of women, but they don’t seem to be super thighs friendly.

Aren’t they super cute, though!? I really like their thickness. I could wear them out in winter without hesitation if they fitted better. Plus they don’t slip off my legs! They have no gel to make them stay up but they stay very well without a suspender. I wonder if it is because they are too tight or if they would stay up on anybody’s legs.

I like those HUGE satin bows! I wish I could find a way to wear oversized bows in my hair/clothes on a daily basis. I find them so adorable…
If I put aside the sizing, which is a personal issue, I think I can still wear them for special occasions or maybe find a way to style them with other clothes. They make me feel super cute and even if they are visually too tight I don’t feel like a sausage.  🙂

The second piece I picked was a super girly suspender that actually had a little vintage touch to it. The Seduce me range is definitely playful and by no means made to restrict yourself in anything. Well, I don’t have much suspenders that are really restrictive but they often make me keep a certain posture. This one is more like a skirt with suspenders.
Made of floral lace and microfiber, it is soft and very stretchy.
I initially received a size Medium (10-12) which was way too big for me. The size Small(6-8) is nice but I think I could even wear a smaller size.

This piece is comfortable and cute. It doesn’t really look like me but as you know, lingerie is my favorite costume.
I have to say that this skirt would be perfect for people with long torso but if you are kind of small, maybe you will find it a bit long. I found it to be pretty long on me. I think it wouldn’t be an issue if the suspenders were adjustable but since they aren’t you can either adjust the height of your stockings or wear it higher on your belly to make it work.

As a bedroom piece, this shouldn’t be an issue. But I would prefer something more adjusted on my body as an everyday suspender. It might work perfectly for you but on me it tends to move a little bit. I think maybe if it was tighter that would prevent it from moving but, I guess I have to accept that I have no hips and deal with it. ^^’
The Seduce Me skirt is very easy to put on/off. Seriously if you want to be able to move like you are wearing nothing, this suspender should give you entire satisfaction.

This skirt features an opening on the back, which is similar to a bra set of hooks and eyes just above the key hole that you can see on my picture. I can wear it to the tightest hook but I prefer the second one to keep the smooth aspect of the skirt. On this picture I wore it at the tightest hook so you can see that I get some wrinkles but nothing dramatic.
Note that this piece need to be worn with stockings, otherwise it won’t behave like a skirt and is probably going to go up up up very quickly…


As often with Lovehoney, these two products also exist in a Plus size version! I like the way this brand makes lingerie affordable to everyone, either with the prices or the size range.
Of course if you are like me you won’t find a bra in your size on this website but you have plenty of fun options and I am always happy with the quality vs price ratio ( here 14.99£ for the Suspender skirt and 7£ for the stockings). It is more about fun than super well fitting lingerie, so if it is your cup of tea you should look at their selection. I personally enjoy the comfiness of their garments!

Sending love,



Sacha Kimmes Alicia bralet & Sabrina brief review

DSC06734_editednn.jpg   *I received this set free of charge for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.*

So a few months ago I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Sacha Kimmes on her La Sylphide collection. I was absolutely in love with it and got to review the cutest skirt ever but I needed something stretchier than the beautiful lace of La Sylphide to accomodate my breasts.
Sacha has been kind enough to send me her Alicia bralette and Sabrina open back brief and I think they make a beautiful set.


The Alicia bralette is part of her Classics collection. It has been made to my measurements and I find it pretty comfy.
This bralette is made from two layers of black mesh and it is slightly transparent but opaque enough to save your modesty. The straps are fully adjustable and it features a band that you can close with 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes.


Under the bust, an elastic provides a little bit more support to the breasts and adds a finished look to this very minimalist design. I wish it was thicker or firmer since it tends to roll under my breasts very often but it is soft and I suppose, would do very well on smaller busts.
I would say that the difficult part with making bralettes for full bust ladies with small backs is to make the back tight enough without losing depth in the front part.
This bralette definitely has enough space for my breasts but the back would need to be shorten a lot. I would say it feels more like a 34-36 band than a 30. As a result the band goes up with the weight of my breasts which is the main issue with this piece.


Talking of experience it is hard to get a 30band with a bralette also because you might prefer stretchy fabrics to accomodate your breasts, but this fabric will eventually be too stretchy to provide support.
That said, I love how Sacha made the sides of this bralette. My breasts being very full on sides, I was scared to get spillage since Alicia seemed to be almost triangular in the stock pictures but this didn’t happen. I get some nipslip but my nipples situation creates this issue with a lot of bralettes.


The first picture of this post is the more representative of how the bralette fits along the day. My breasts wouldn’t stay separated for hours without wires.

I really enjoy the Sacha Kimmes huge bow signature. It makes most of her pieces super adorable. I am a sucker for huge bows and black lingerie so I really find myself in this indie brand. Did I say that she is based in Belgium? For those who are interested in meeting designers in person and who live eventually in Europe, she gives sometimes private sales IRL. I wish I could go! It must be amazing to be able to see her pieces in person!

About the Sabrina brief, it is from the Petit Chat collection! I think she always chooses very well her collections names. Indeed, Petit chat could be translated as kitten and all the pieces from this range are just as delicate as sensual. I adore this lace! Some people find black lingerie boring but I think Sacha knows how to make it playful and stylish at the same time.


I have to warn you about the sizing, though. I tried 2 Sacha Kimmes bottoms in a Medium, and I honestly found them to be closer from a XS and a Small. I simply couldn’t put the first one on without being scared of damaging it. Note that I usually wear a UK size 10 or a Small in most of the brands. I think indie designers very often run small and a Medium is my go-to size when I try a new indie brand. So far I haven’t had any issue buying this size. But I think I would need a Large in Sacha Kimmes bottoms. So I would suggest you to give her your measurements before buying panties if you have any doubts.


The Sabrina brief fits my hips but my bum is definitely too big for it. The fabric is not stretchy, so I can’t wear it under a pair of jeans without getting a four butt effect. It is super cute though and for me it will be a super fun bedroom piece. I will probably also take a lot of photographs in this brief but it is not an everyday panty. I have seen a lot of ladies on instagram wearing it much better so I think either my butt is just not proportionate to the rest of my body or they just knew what size would be the best for them.

DSC07514_edited_edited c.jpg

This set is very nice to lounge around during the weekend or simply love yourself in front of the mirror. One last thing about the fit of the bralette is that each “cup” is sewn in the middle, vertically. It was the first time I tried a design like that but I end up with my boobs cut in the middle which appears under tight tops. You can probably see it on some pictures. I wish it fitted me better so I could wear it more often but I really love the way it looks on me when I don’t wear clothes.

Sacha Kimmes is a beautiful label and I am super happy to get to know it better! Her latest release “Ace of Wands” is DELIGHTFUL. I wish I could afford it because these bodysuits are to die for! Seriously! They are unsual and look so comfy and perfect! Lingerie with CAPE(let) = Super hero lingerie! ❤ I forgot to tell you but the little mirror I have in my first pictures arrived with the set and I think you might receive one with your order too! If you want to know more about it just click here!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I really want to introduce more indie designers and small brands this year! I think lingerie is art and  people who think out of the box makes it more and more fascinating to me.

I am sorry for not being super present lately, I am just super super busy with school…

Still love you though, thanks for reading!

PS: French version here!

Royce Impact Free Sports bra review

This post was supposed to come out like 2 months ago but to be honest, this Autumn, I think I went to the gym like 3 times and didn’t really felt inspired to write about sportswear. I didn’t treat my body that well either, sleeping like 5hours every night and eating only because I had too. I was constantly overwhelmed and didn’t have a second for myself.
Now I have slept a lot during the holidays and while I am writing I feel sore and it hurts when I sneeze. I still have a poor alimentation because 2016 just erased my food education but at least I am not a zombie anymore.


The first reason why I went back to the gym is because it gives me energy, and helps me feeling in control with my disorganized life. It really helps me not giving up when I am fed up with everything.
Also, sportswear can be SO motivating😂! Ahaha I always feel like wearing a sport crop top and a leggings just to lounge around! If sport leggins were not that expensive I would have a way bigger collection. They always make me feel great.

[I received this bra free of charge for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.]dsc06285_editedbl

That said, I am always glad to try a new sport bra and today I will introduce to you the most comfy sport bra I have tried so far: Royce Impact Free sport bra.
I received this bra in a 32G since Royce lingerie doesn’t sell 30GG so I wear the bra at the second set of hooks. I would say that this bra is a little bit generous in the “cup”. I would not size down because my breasts are very full on side and I wouldn’t like it to cut in my breasts but I think volume wise, I could probably fit in a size smaller. It is not a certitude, though.
I personally really like the design of this bra, because it is simple yet feminine and easy to match. Plus it looks more like a crop top than a bra so I totally see myself running outside only wearing it and my leggins next summer.


This bra is incredibly comfy. I really like the band part because it sits perfectly and gives a secure sensation while not feeling too present. I mean, I don’t like the sensation of a super tight elastic around my ribs, or thick underwires digging in. This band is thick but does it jobs gently. I could sleep in it for sure.
I also like the fact that it has no wires but doesn’t give a too weird shape. Of course it does separate the breasts but not dramatically (at least in my opinion) and it looks good enough under shirts.

The straps are wide and comfortable but I wish they were shorter since I already shorten them close to the maximum. The band features 3 sets of hooks and eyes and I find the construction to be fine. The weight of my breasts is well distributed and I can forget about them while working out.


However, I wouldn’t say that this bra is perfect for every type of sport. It would definitly be good for yoga, workout, boxing, or even cycling (depending in what type of land) but I used it for running and although it was not uncomfortable I did feel my breasts bounce more than I’d like.
I can still run with it, you know, it isn’t like running with a poor bralette but I was surprised because I am used to no bouncing at all with padded sport bras (or a slightly too small unpadded sport bra which definitely compressed my breasts but that I kept using for years and which finally grew with me… It is not a recommended practice though…).
I think if you are not a very fast runner, and you just like hiking, or jogging then it is a nice bra but the faster you go the less I can guarantee the Impact free effect.


In a nutshell, I used this bra every time I worked out since I received it and I wasn’t disappointed. I like that it is not bulky, and is very light weight compared to a padded sport bra. It is soft against the skin (100% cotton ❤ ) and feels sporty, secure and somehow cute. I don’t like a lot of colors on my sport bras so for me a totally black bra is fine but the small touch of pink on this one is nice.

If you want to see this bra on another body and in another colorway, the lovely H Cup Chronicles reviewed it here!


Princess lingerie by Avocado: Caprice HCT & RV reviews

White has never been my favorite color. I mean, it always reminded me of wedding and purity. Which are probably nice stuff but sounds definitely too serious for me. However last summer, I was in a weird period of changes and I decided to get new colors in my drawers since it is filled at 80% with black pieces. You probably don’t realize it because most of the lingerie samples I receive are colored but when I buy things for myself, most of the time I go for the black option. It always makes me feel more comfortable. Also, even if that doesn’t influence my choice, it makes lingerie laundry super easy.

[These pieces have been sent to me, free of charge for the purpose of a review, this doesn’t affect my opinions.]


However when I saw the new Caprice colorway, I particularly liked the delicacy of the lace, the very discreet transparency of the fabrics and maybe the fact that it looked nothing like what I am used to. It is princess lingerie.

While I love lingerie that makes me feel like a queen, I have never seen myself as a princess. I mean, I am not a cute, girly person. I just started feeling feminine like 3 years ago. I haven’t had a pink period. I don’t think the 5 years old Wen was girly either. So I wanted to try something different. And overall, I like it!

DSC07371_editedhh.jpgI received the bras in a 60L and the panty in a Medium.

I have to say, that the difference between this set and the other Avocado sets I tried is big but I am starting to figure out some things which might help you to find your size.
First, I always needed a 60L in the RV bras I tried (except the Lorca that runs really big because of the stretchy lace on the top of the cup). And I think  all the other cuts are deeper so it might be more or less possible to size down compare to the RV cut. Also, this range is made from non stretchy fabrics. Take this in consideration if you consider sizing down.

Caprice RV is a 3 part balconnet which provides almost a full coverage. I thought I would prefer the HCT cut since I love the shape half cup bras give to the breasts, but finally I think the RV is my favorite fit wise. The lovely gold embroidery looks like jewels on the skin, thanks to the transparent mesh. Also the full coverage is beautifully balanced by this transparency. I am surprised by how much I like it.


The pleats alongside the lace makes the ensemble looks just neat while the embroidery gives a luxurious touch.

The gore is so amazingly narrow and tacks without hurting me. It is one of the rare Avocado set I have seen with a bow on the gore, but I think this time it is just appropriate considering the very feminine design.
As usual, the straps are not left behind and feature the same stripes than the lower part of the cups. They are very wide and comfortable.


The cups are definitely deep, although the wires are very very wide. My roots are too narrow and high situated for these wires to follow perfectly my inframmary fold. Note that I don’t have particularly narrow roots, my breasts are rather wide, which is a plus in that case, since I still fill the bra except a space on the side. This doesn’t make it bad for me, it is more an aesthetic detail since the wires are not annoying otherwise.
This bras feels very secure and the band sits nicely. The fabric used for the band and back of the brief is super soft and comfy. I have got this bra in August and I have to warn you that sizing up in the band (or at least, don’t size down like me) should be more comfortable. I wear it comfortably now but at the beginning I really found it to be tight.


The HCT cut is very different either in the construction, fit or sizing.
I admit that I have been wondering if a 60K would fit me since I got the bra, but have also been scared that it would be too small considering how I filled the bottom of the cup. However, I have lost weight since this summer and I think I could probably fit in a size smaller if the difference is not too big.
I think this cut is even to full on top friendly while the RV cut, more closed at the top is very full on bottom and side friendly.
The picture below shows my smaller breast, which would definitely be better in a 60K while my bigger breast is pretty fine in this size. I think a 60K would probably fit and give me some cleavage.


In this size though, the cups do cover my breast a lot more than the Chamade HC and even more than the Caprice RV cut. It might be a question of sizing but I think even a size smaller would provide a lot of coverage compared to an usual half cup bra.
I consider this bra as a different style. It is beautiful and I think, is a good alternative for those who don’t like the sheerness of the RV cut. (Younger I used to hate this type of designs that show half of the nipples in diagonal… Well, I was a very modest-padded- bras kind of gal)
The striped part is much more present here and the embroidery gives a more subtle jewellery effect. I like that. I really like that it looks more like a detail than a big part of the cup construction, making the bra look like a 2-parts cup while it does have 3-parts.


Once again, you can see the very narrow gore, which is rather high ( around 0.8cm higher than the RV gore) and tacks firmly. When I first put it on in the morning everything is ok but, I think because of its height, I feel it too much for my taste, through the day. That said, it is amazingly narrow and doesn’t bother my close set breasts.
The edge of the cup is a little bit too close from my armpit. I think this issue would be solved with a smaller size, though. I am a little bit annoyed that I didn’t send it back with the 1st HC which was too big, but my breasts were fuller this summer, so I had big doubts about the fact that one size smaller would fit. However, those facts don’t prevent me from wearing it and I still find it to be a very elegant bra.


I think I love the shape it gives more than the RV shape. While the RV gives a rounded but pretty natural shape, the HCT should be very appreciate among ladies who love a very uplift, and literally round shape for their breasts.
I don’t think I own anything so round that is not padded. Maybe the Tutti Rouge Nichole but I am not even sure. Anyway, I love it. It is a good alternative to padded bras when you just need their shape.
I know the white colorway really looks like bridal lingerie but on me, I just don’t see it that way. However, I think the black colorway is amazing and would be a better everyday bra.


Can we talk about this brief? Well, I think it is the first bikini brief I have seen that actually wear its name properly. I just feel like some brand or stores just call “bikini” whatever brief which doesn’t (but sometimes does) provide a lot of butt coverage.
This panty was initially sent to me in a size Small. I think you can easily imagine that it was too small. The Medium is definitely better but it is so low rise that it barely sits on my hips. I wouldn’t go for a Large because I think the front and back part does have enough fabric but my pelvis is apparently too narrow for the front part to fit me perfectly. I think the full brief would fit me better. However the design, is super cute. I mean, seriously, the embroidery on the side is lovely, I wish it could be stretchy and sit higher but I love the design of the brief itself. Also the back of the brief feels amazingly soft and is actually stretchy enough to be butt friendly.


So I decided to end this post with this (not very professional) montage, in order to show you the difference between these bras and also, give you a close up of its delicate details.
I think these colors would go especially well with brown skin gals but as you can see on Avocado pictures, it looks equally good on lighter skin tones.

What do you think of white lingerie? Is it something that you would only reserve for special occasion?

Hope winter is not too tough on you, guys! Seriously, I am turning into a bear in hibernation…



Bettie Page (dreamy) Cage Basque review


Happy New Year, ladies and gents! 🙂 I hope y’all ate plenty of good things and enjoyed the time you spent with your loved ones! I personally totally abused of sugar and have been sick for the last 2 days… Ahah… I didn’t see it coming…
Well, I thought it would be nice to start this new year of blogging with something as fresh and new as Bettie Page lingerie! If you haven’t heard of it, it is a new sister brand of Playful Promises! And their lingerie is already so stunning! I got 3 pieces from them and I love them all. Sadly one of them doesn’t love me in return and I know I cannot keep it.


I have to say that I didn’t know much about Bettie Page before Playful Promises came out with this sister brand. For those of you who are in the same case, you have to know that she was a Pin-up famous in the 50’s for her provocative photographs which were definitely borderline for this period. Indeed, she posed for some bondage photographs (even if that was not the bigger part of her portfolio) which really affected her reputation, positively or not depending on the point of view. She also inspired several artists in the 70’s and after, while she thought she had been totally forgotten.
I think she is still a symbol of sexual liberation and natural sens of glamour.
I don’t know why all the glamorous women of the 20th century had to have a terribly tough life but it always breaks my heart to read about them. Even if we all remember her as a glorious pin-up Bettie Page was definitely struggling with her personal life apart from being a model. I am so glad PP decided to do her honor with this new brand!


I received this beauty today and I have to admit that I was pretty anxious about how it would fit. However, I got it on sale for 27£ so I knew I wouldn’t feel too bad if it wasn’t perfect. I have to say that Bettie Page and its amazing items is definitely a brand for small busted ladies. Their bras only go to a DD cup and seeing the cut of this basque, I think it was obvious that it wouldn’t fit my wide and side heavy breasts. But I was still so in love that I had to try it. And so did I.


First, I have been very surprised by the size of the package. It was actually pretty small for something which contains a basque! But this piece is easy to fold and I guess it is a good thing for those of you who don’t want to feel constricted. It is way lighter than a usual corset!

I love the total sheerness of this piece and the black lines make it so classy! I wish it was socially acceptable to wear this as outerwear! Even with fun nippies! Cause apart from the fit, it makes me feel glorious! It is such an audacious design, seriously! My favorite part of it is the peplum below the waist! Even from the back it’s stunning! I particularly love that it is so minimalistic and has no lace.


I bought a UK size 10 (my usual clothing size) since the customers service told me it must fit tight. I was about to buy a size 12 but I had a feeling that it would be too big on my waist to stay in place. To be honest I wish I tried them both just to make sure I am not missing out.
I guess it is not obvious on the pictures (or maybe it is?) but my breasts are WAY too full on the sides for this basque. In reality I would need it to be like 2 or 3 cups smaller to wear it comfortably. But I am not even sure since I am not 3 cups smaller. What I know is that anyone close to my size shouldn’t buy a size 10. I think the basque have been made with the same size range as the bras in mind.


I really struggled to take decent pictures. I mean, this piece wouldn’t stay more than 1 min in place on my chest or I would have to be motionless. Also my breasts were totally crushed… The recommendation for buying the smaller size possible was smart in that sens that if you size up, the basque might slip off your body. That is what happened with mine. I actually wear a size UK 10 in clothing because the size 8 cannot contain by breasts. Sometimes the size 10 fits perfectly and sometimes it is too big on the waist but my boobs take enough space so it is not a big deal.


With the Cage basque, I had to close the 3 sets of 7 hooks the tightest possible (which was rather difficult x)) but it was still not tight enough to prevent it from slipping. I can imagine that the issue comes both from my breasts shape and size and from the fact that my waist is too small for this piece. Also, I noticed that the mesh on the back has some stretch but the one on the front really doesn’t. I guess some stretch on the front would have helped my bust but I can imagine that this choice was the best to maintain the shape of the piece itself. Also, the boning is only on the top part of the piece not on the peplum.


I am sincerely so sad that this piece didn’t work out for me! I love these pictures but they really don’t show how off was the fit. Just keep in mind that I had to readjust the basque between every picture and it was slipping so easily that I wouldn’t wear it for 20min under a tight dress. But it would be nice for photoshoots if you have the patience of readjusting it constantly. Again, I am only talking about my experience. I am a 30GG and a size UK 10.
I am still glad I got to try this amazing piece and I think it is well-made. The finishes look great and it is very stylish! Also it is still on sale so if you like it and are in the right size range go for it! 🙂


One last weird pose, just for fun. I thought if I couldn’t keep it I had to get the best of it in pictures at least. ❤
I am desperate for a basque that wouldn’t look too lacey! This one was a beautiful dream but alas I have to wait for another opportunity.

What do you think of Bettie Page lingerie? Did you try their pieces already? I am all about their French Knickers! Also their Ostrich Feather robe and babydoll are wonderful! (I got the robe and I am SOOO in love with it!!! I am waiting for the black version to get the babydoll…)

Sending love!


Avocado Isadora RV & NF reviews

Well, Christmas is already gone. I wish it lasted longer. I love it. I watched Nightmare before Christmas (maybe for the 15th time…) and a Disney movie in English for the first time (it’s funny in a totally different way when you are not a kid). I also ate plenty of things which were only related by my love for them.
What did you do for Christmas? Hope you enjoyed it. I know it is not fun for everyone… Every year for like 5 years I have been super stressed out because I never know where I am going to spend it and with who. For those who know this feeling, I hope this one was a happy lucky Christmas for you too.

[These pieces have been gifted to me for the purpose of a review. As usual, all opinions are my owns.]


I thought a review of Avocado Isadora range was perfect for the holidays season. After all this range has it all: the huge bows, the red and silver touches, the discreet flowers stems and the classy lace which seems to be made for special occasion. I wouldn’t mind having a top made from this lace. Isadora is cute, modern, sophisticated.


After my review of the Valentina set (65K/Small) , Anna, Avocado’s designer noticed that I might fit in a smaller size in the NF cut and was kind enough to offer to send me the Isadora in a 60K. Apart from the fact that I was thrilled with the idea of trying this gorgeous collection, I also realized that it was a great idea to size down in this style.
To be honest, I think my Avocado size is somewhere in between a 60K and 60L/65K depending on the style. I would love to try the Valentina in a size 60K to see if the fit and shape would change a lot.
Based on my experience I think  Isadora’s construction is a little bit different. It could be a question of sizing but I think these bras works differently.


First, because of the fabrics, Valentina is definitely more forgiving for upper fullness than Isadora. If you are full on top, don’t size down in the Isadora because the top of the cup has no stretch.
Second, the shapes they give to the breasts are a little bit different. They both give a square décolleté, but the Valentina (and Annick in Love) make the breasts look more front and projected, while Isadora NF seems to separate more my boobs from each other. Because of that I prefer not wearing it under loose tops but it looks nice under more adjusted clothes.
I think this bra works beautifully for my shape. It gives projection and discreet uplift. The lace at the bottom of the cup has some stretch. Also the gore is narrow and relatively low, which I like. The straps are kind of wide situated but the cups edges do not bother my armpits and the straps don’t fall off my arms so I am pretty happy with them. As often, the straps feature the same lace as the lower part of the cup.


Actually, this lace is a pleasure to wear, both on the bra and on the brief! It is soft and so unusual. It also reminds me a little bit of honeycomb.
The upside-down bows make this set even more special. They are adorable but by no mean cheesy. Really, Avocado’s embroideries are always so gorgeous! My pictures don’t do them honor! The discreet floral details are lovely. Every element of this set screams good quality and it is obvious that the designer worked on every aspect on this set.

I have been lucky enough to receive the Isadora in the RV shape too. Avocado sent me a 60L in this bra and even if it might not be obvious on the pictures, I couldn’t size down.
Let’s say that I have been very surprised by the huge difference of fit between the NF and RV cut.


Although they are based on the same design, the front looks of these bras are extremely different. Isadora RV definitely gives a more rounded and centered shape. But as you can see, it also provides more coverage.
You may have noticed on the NF cut, that the straps are linked to the lower part of the cup. Here they are related to the top part of the cup. I can imagine that these particularities have an impact on the fit and shape. The RV is more full on top friendly which can explain why I get some wrinkles on my smaller breast.


The gore here is almost 2cm taller than the NF gore. Avocado’s gores tend to tack firmly so I personally prefer the lower ones. The RV wires are only slightly wider but I would say that they are wide on both bras. However they are made in a certain way that prevents them from touching your armpits. Note that the straps are also wider on this one, certainly because it’s a bigger size.
From the back these bras are very similar, the bands are firm but not uncomfortable and feature 3 sets of hooks and eyes.


As a coordinate I received the classic briefs which are just so comfy! I already said that I love the texture of these lace and embroidery, but the back of the bra and panty are also made from this black deliciously soft fabric which deserve to be complimented too!
I really love the way it feels and stretches. I mean, this is a very butt friendly panty. It provides a good coverage in a size Small for me. Also I don’t have to worry about VPL because the elastics have a perfect tension.
It is definitely cool to see the lovely asymmetry created by the bow placement. That said, all the coordinates of this range are gorgeous!


In a nutshell, Isadora is another beautiful number! I like the balance between a classic look and some very modern and original details. Also this set is feminine without being girly. I think it could please a lot of women of different ages and I personally love it.

Which one of the Isadora cuts do you prefer? Do you find it interesting to have the same design in different cuts?

Lot of love,


Stellar lingerie crush : Empreinte Cassiopée set

My obsession for French lingerie will probably never die, although I will probably always fit better in Polish bras and buy even more British bras. French lingerie has been my awaken. I started being interested in my breasts when I discovered the lingerie part of the Galeries Lafayette about 6 years ago… Argh time goes so fast…

dsc05263_editedEmpreinte Irina in Bleu Celeste

After I finally left my family this passion kept growing and the lingerie world kept evolving… My tastes changed a lot too. Empreinte was one of these brands that looked too “grown up” in my teenage years when I only wanted to wear Aubade , Huit or Passionata lingerie. However so many people at this time recommended them to me.
Their skills are legendary and their name, although not known in the same way as brand that focus on sexiness, is definitely related to timeless elegance and quality.


This summer I have been lucky enough to meet their lovely PR at Curve NY who was kind enough to tell me about their Parisian Atelier (I took some pictures for you as you can see). She also was kind enough to send me an amazing set after she noticed my love for it.


I cannot stress enough how well made is Empreinte lingerie. I would definitely pay full price for their lingerie. I have tried so many bras and the design was often as impressive as the fit. If you can go to their Atelier, do it! The service is impeccable and the ladies know what they are doing. Also the way they calculate band size seems weird to me they still get what you need at the end so I have nothing negative to say about that.
This is also a gorgeous store and the experience makes you feel special.

DSC05259_edited5_edited.jpgEmpreinte Ornella in Violine

They have the option of adding some personalized details on your lingerie!! Next time I go I have to do that. I was in a rush when I visited them so I didn’t have time to try this service but I was really happy to be helped by women who were never haughty (something I experienced so often in luxury stores…) and always friendly without getting too much in your space. The place itself looks modern but still kind of traditional. I love it.


My second name is exactly the same as this bra’s name so maybe it is a great reason to get it? What do you think? I liked the black and blue colorway but this one is super pretty too! :p I intentionnally won’t tell you how it’s called so I can stay mysterious until you google it x)! This colorway is Opale (which is also the name of my first hamster). On my picture it looks brown and I sadly I cannot remember if this color is the right one. I think it was lighter more like a taupe. Like a brown grey but I don’t think my picture is extremely far from reality which is weird because it looks grey on the stock pictures. Need to look for that info.


So that was that. If you go to Paris and plan to do lingerie shopping, you should definitely visit this place, even if it is just to take a look! Now let’s back on track!

If you have read my CurveNY preview you must know my first thoughts about the Cassiopée range: I expected to hate it on me.Well, this set is one of my 2016 lingerie revelations. I am in love (again, yeah!).


First aesthetically, this bra is special. It is not common at all and seems to suit a large range of ages. It is the first time I love a bra with this cut. Usually anything close to it looks grandma-ish and gives a weird minimized shape. Also the design of the embroidery is simply somptious. Not alike the usual black/ beige/red(if you’re lucky) colorways that you can usually find with this cut. Everything reminds me of French royalty symbols. Am I the only one to see the flower of lily?
The finishes are flawless as if they were to be the fruit of a perfectionist spirit. I might sound like I’m exaggerating but it is something I have seen with every Empreinte bra I have tried. The quality is one of the best I have seen on the French lingerie market.


This bra feels as sturdy as delicate. The brand describes the cups as “molded”, which I think, is the reason why they are “sturdy”(perhaps it is not the right word, though). As you can see they have no seams and I can tell that the bra has its own shape. I mean, it’s  been made to encapsulate and structure the breasts. I should have taken a picture so you could see how the cups can keep their shape even unworn. Obviously it remains unpadded but it has a very unusual construction.
I don’t feel like it is going to get damaged if I wear it a lot but it still looks like pure elegance. So often ( and I think I said it before) luxury brands make bras that are definitely make to be lightly and carefully worn. I don’t mind paying 85euros for a bra but I do it only if I know the piece is trustworthy. When I know it is not going to become loose because of the weight of my breast or simply start fitting weirdly with time.
I didn’t pay for this set but it was on my birthday/Christmas list so I would definitely have  paid for it.


I received this bra in a size 75F. I know it sounds weird ahah but it is my Empreinte size. I explained their sizing in one of my Curve NY preview if you need deeper info.
Note that if I was more full on top I would need a 75G in this brand I think because most of their styles are closed on top. (So a FOT 30GG should probably go with a 75G since their bras usually have no stretch, as it is the case for the Cassiopée.)
With this brand you can usually size down from 1 to 2 cup sizes depending on your shape.
The fit of this bra is spot on I think. It looks neat and gives a beautifully rounded but natural shape. The gore tacks softly but securely and just feel comfy.


The wires, to my surprise are sooo narrow. I mean, French bras are usually not that narrow but these wires are as narrow as one of my Ewa Michalak bra. Because of that it looks super small when unworn.
If you usually struggle with wide straps placement this bra might please you. Actually the straps are more centered (if I can say it this way) and on me it is the reason why my bigger breast seems to show a tiny bit on the side. But actually this bra is the perfect size for me.
It is just super comfy and you don’t have to worry about it throughout the day.
The band is wide and the strap placement is also different. Empreinte bands have their own construction  it is not obvious on my back picture but I find it to look different from my usual bra back. Actually it reminds me of the back of my Avocado Chamade bra.
This type of bands feels very secure. I found this one to be super soft on my skin and it was even disturbing at the beginning how light weight this bra feels but  it gives an amazing support.


I received the shorty in a size Small (FR 40/ Eur 38) and I love it. I think a size smaller could definitely fit my bum but the elastic on the high hips looks better on me in this size (from what I remember of this day at the store). This shorty is super comfy and flattering and the design is marvelous. I mean. I was surprised at the beginning. I was expecting to find more of this glorious embroidery. But then I noticed that it was there. Just less transparent because, the mesh is a little bit different on the top of the shorty compared to the cup of the bra.
Also the lace that you can also find around the wires of the bra and on the gore looks so architectural.  (It is more obvious if you look at my back picture x’))
You can definitely see that they put a lot of work and ideas in this set and the result is impressive.

Oh and talking about French brands, I decided to write reviews in French too from now! You can find the French version of this post here but I will list them in the new section of the blog until I find a better way.

❤ Love,


**This set has been gifted to me by Empreinte for the purpose of a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.**