Tutti Rouge Sukki 30GG and Medium review

Dear readers, I am SO so sorry for the radio silence… Life has been as cruel as generous to me these past months. I went through some real roller coasters… But here I am. Happy, healthy, and ready to conquer the world. 🙂 And today, I am bringing you one super cute set from Tutti Rouge lingerie.

DSC08481_edited_editedessay.jpg**This set was gifted to me by Tutti Rouge lingerie for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

For those who are still skeptical about cute lingerie for larger cups, I think it is time to stop the sad propaganda… I mean, you do have some great options. 🙂 Better late than never, right? So while the strappy trend saturated the lingerie industry these past 2 years, some cute pieces are still popping out in their own way.
Here is Sukki, a lingerie set named after the burlesque doll Sukki Singapora. And just like her, it is unusual, girly and kind of sassy.


The first time I saw this set, I was immediately attracted by the “fishnet” layer on the cup and on the front of the panty. It looked different, and gave a touch of sophistication to this set. Actually it is not a simple fishnet. It is more like a lot of lozenges linked together by their four angles.  I would love to see it as an unpadded bra! I actually like the choice of this beige foam for the cup. It gives a smoky look to the whole set and seems to go well with every skin tone.
I received the bra in my usual 30GG and the panty in a Medium and these sizes seems to be the right ones for me.


Although the design was attractive to me, my first concern about this bra, when I saw the first stock pictures was that it seems very open at the top of the cup. You might know that I have bottom heavy breasts and I usually struggle to fill the top of plunge bras. I had a feeling that I could have the same issue with this one.


Actually, the bra fits true-to size if not a little big in the cup. It is deep and while its shape reminds me of a half cup bra, it provides much more coverage.
The shape is clearly made to provide cleavage, though. It is kind of shallow at the bottom of the cup and deep close to the top. This probably saves me from the gap I see when I put the bra on at first. I mean, my breasts tend to adjust themselves in the cup through the day  and then everything falls into place. I think this bra is very good for ladies with wide roots like me but it would probably fit better if you also have full on top breasts. This way you should get a cute cleavage and fill it completely. If you are not FOT, you could still fill the cup completely since the depth is close to the top of the cup, your breasts should be somehow pushed up but yes, I think there will be a gap at the bottom. I personally get some discreet cleavage after wearing the bra for several hours .


The bra itself is super super comfy. Its narrow gore tacks softly against my sternum and it sits very well on my rib cage without digging in. The band features three sets of three hooks and eyes and the straps are fully adjustable. As usual, you can see Tutti Rouge’s signature Love heart sliders which make everything cuter 🙂 .
Talking about straps, you might have noticed the two removable straps? Well, in reality, it is only 1 strap that you can attach to the gore of the bra and link to the main straps by a little hook that fits around the straps rings.  I personally prefer the bra without these additional straps but when I am in the mood it is always nice to have this option.


Can we talk about the coordinates? Because they’re adorable! I am so glad Tutti Rouge made a high waisted brief to go with this bra! It makes this set utterly comfy and adds an elegant touch. I love this brief! It looks so neat and feels so nice!
Take note that Tutti Rouge panties usually run smaller than other UK brands, though. I usually order a size 10/Small for my underwear (except indie brands briefs) and this Medium is almost tight against my hips. However, this is the best size for me I think and I don’t feel any discomfort. I like the little keyhole and the ruffles at the back of the brief, but my favorite thing must be the seamless edges… I wish all my panties were this way. I hate visible panty lines. Let say that I adore this coordinate. I find it very well-made and it makes me feel super cute too. If high waisted briefs are not your cup of tea, you also have the brazilian brief option which seems to be nice as well. 🙂


In a nutshell, I am very happy with this set. It is easier to wear than I thought at the beginning and although the bra doesn’t disappear under tight shirts, I like the shape it gives. I hope so bad it is going to be released as an unpadded bra! Every year I am happy to discover more fun stuff for us full busted ladies. I can’t wait to see the next trends.

Also, I want to thank you for still reading my blog even if I kind of disappeared lately. I have plenty of reviews to come and I am almost in holidays from school so everything should be fine from now.

Sending love,
Yours truly,


Wellfitting Meow Longline Demi review

A long time ago, I remember myself lusting after some longlines that were only available up to a D or F cup, and even when they went up to a G cup, it was the shallowest G cup ever. I even got to the conclusion that brands usually make the last cup of their size range only to be able to look more inclusive but kept making exactly the same size range with the wrong letters on the products… Well, all that is in the past and now I own a handful of longlines that fit me properly. This is maybe my favorite bra style. It makes me feel dressed up under my clothes. I like this old fashion feeling of wearing something a little bit heavier with more coverage underneath.

DSC08258_edited44_edited44.jpg**I received this bra free of charge for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.This post contains an affiliated link.**

Another thing about me is that I am definitely a cat lady… So, I guess you already made the equation… When Joanna from Wellfitting offered to send me their Meow longline, I was more than happy to review it.
I am not very into prints on my lingerie but I found this one so fun and unusual! It has this weird vintage look that I really enjoy! I seriously think the full bust industry often forgets that big boobs also want fun prints. I mean, if you are in between an A and a D cup, you can find all over the internet, or just going to Undiz, loads of funny printed bras… Superhero bras, cartoons, funny sentences or citations… But it seems like full busted ladies have to be all feminine and only can get colorful flowers /fruits or any other things related to what society finds cute for women.

Ahah I don’t want to annoy you with my thoughts about society and my desire for Batman inspired lingerie that would fit me… I just mean I think Wellfitting is bringing something very cool to us. (You should have a look at their very new style… Two words: Unicorn print!)
So I was originally sent the bra in a 32J/70J which is the size I always pick when buying from Comexim, but I found the bra to be too small/not enough projected for my breasts. I am actually a UK 30GG and this bra in a 32K fits me way better.

I was actually pretty surprised with the construction of this bra. It seems to be something in between a halfcup and a plunge. The cup has 3 vertical seams and the wires are wider than my other Comexim bras’. But they are perfect for my roots.
This bra provides a rounded shape. It is made to provide cleavage and is not very deep. It might be a good idea to size up in this bra especially if you are projected. But once you find the right size for you (and Wellfitting has a super wide size range, and a pretty easy return policy) the result is amazing. I never got a cleavage like the one this bra gives me before.

You can’t really tell with most of my pictures and you must think that my right boob doesn’t fill the top of the bra, but once my breasts take their natural place in the cups (about 30min after wearing it, moving and all) they fill them completely and I finally get some cleavage. I think the only picture that shows the final result is the penultimate one.
Also, I put on weight a little bit since I received this bra and my bigger breast feels a little tight sometimes. (See the picture below)

However, the bra feels very secure for a “push up” bra. The gore is very narrow and low, which makes it super comfortable. I don’t really feel it actually. It tacks but it seems to be so low that it only tacks at one point then the wires do the rest of the job. I personally like that.
The back of this longline is very wide and features 3 sets of 5 hooks-and-eyes, which makes it feel like a tight crop top in my opinion. This wide band is soft and warms me up in this cold weather. 🙂 I like that it is quite stable and doesn’t roll too much.
The straps are very well situated, they do not fall out of my shoulders and they also are fully adjustable.


Something I like with the overall look of this bra is the black edges that make everything look clean and finished. The cute unusual bow on the gore reminds me of the ones I make when I pack presents. It goes pretty well with the design of the bra. Also, I noticed some shiny curved lines on the prints. I personally don’t find them either bad nor necessary. I easily forget them actually. (Check My Fashion Insider‘s blog to see what I am talking about).
This bra is well-made and I find the construction very appropriate for big breasts. I rarely get along with plunges or half cup, either because my breasts are too FOB or because my nipples are too high-set,  so I really like this hybrid. I can have it all. Plus it is a longline 😀 . I am super glad I got to review it!
Note that Wellfitting bras are manufactured by Comexim, so if you aren’t familiar with this name, that means, you must allow arround 4 weeks after your order to receive your bra. I think it is worth it but yes, it requires patience :p .

Oooh before I forget: Click here to get a 10% code! ❤

Sending love and good vibrations,

Yours truly,



A sheer armor: Scantilly Knock Out…

I don’t know if you remember my obsession for nude/sheer lingerie last year? Well, it only stopped to become stronger. The first time I saw the Scantilly Knock Out at Curve last year, I was head over heels. My first impression was that it had one badass look to it, also it looked fairly wearable and very FOB friendly. But I was also concerned about the shade of this beige mesh. Although I usually get away with “nude” colorways if they are lightly caramelized, I thought I might look like wearing a pale foundation in this set.


I think if it was just a little bit more transparent it could fit more carnations but well, at the end of the day it doesn’t look too bad on me, does it? 😀 I wish Scantilly could make this set in different shades!
I originally bought the bra in a 30GG but it was way too big even for my bigger breast so I exchanged it for a 30G (Brastop is incredibly efficient! I do recommend shopping with them, especially if you live in North America!). I think also because it was too big, the pale foundation effect was too present. But when I finally got my 30G bra, it was way better, in both shape, and the effect on my breasts. Weirdly the band also felt tighter, which was great because this bra was my first Scantilly try and I was under the impression that their bands ran pretty big. With the new one, the band is a comfy 30band.


This bra is very generous in the cup. I can only wear a 30G in Love Claudette and Gossard bras and I usually wear a 30H in Curvy Kate bras. I think it would be best for even breasts. Mines fill the sides and bottom of the cup but for a “perfect fit” I would need to be more full on top. The bra (and the whole set) has a lot of stretch and it is very comfy. I am surprised how wearable this bra is for me as I  don’t get along with plunges most of the time.


The wires are rather wide, but they are very good for my own roots. I think you need to be even or at least full on the side to fill this bra properly. As you can see, even if I fill it, there are still some wrinkles on the upper part of the cup sides.
The gore tacks nicely and doesn’t hurt. I really like low gores but I think I particularly like this one because of the cutouts and the rose gold ring that makes it look very classy without any compromise on the support.

Overall I like wearing this bra, it is secure and comfortable. The additional strap that goes around the neck is fully adjustable just like the other ones. It is very light and doesn’t feel like a halter neck. It is just an aesthetic detail.


About the coordinates, I bought both of them in a size Small and it is perfect for me. The thong is very nice, I like that it sits high enough on my hips. It is very transparent and I’d say it does not leave so much space for pubic hair (well, except if you don’t mind).
The back of the thong looks simple but I like it as well because the contrast between the skin and the trims is everything. I think some of you might prefer the high waisted brief but I thought my tiny hips wouldn’t look so well in that brief.


About the suspender belt, as you can see it is super cool. I am crazy about the fact that it can be attached to the thong (or brief). The whole set looks almost like a bodysuit because of that. This is seriously a great idea. However, I wonder if I am too tall or something because I have to wear the suspender’s straps at the maximum length and weirdly enough it still can’t stay high enough on my waist. I am not saying the set doesn’t look good but if you pay attention the straps that attaches the suspender to the brief is too long so even if I try to make it as short as possible I have to hide it behind the mesh. If the suspender could be worn longer, I would be able to wear it higher and so the strap could sit flat against my belly. I will probably sew it to make it shorter.


Apart from these aspects the whole set does its job very well and I am glad I bought it. It makes me feel somehow like Xena the warrior princess. Don’t ask me why. It is just my feeling, but it might be the rings…

I got the bra on Brastop with a 13% off code if I remember well and the thong and suspender on Fligleaves with a 15% off code. I like these two websites because the shipping is very affordable. I think Belle-lingerie UK, Figleaves and Brastop have the best shipping rate to Canada. Brastop is very very efficient. When I had to send back my 30GG I just had to call them in order to reserve a smaller bra to avoid any deception or additional shipping cost. Everything went smooth so far.

I am sorry I am not very present, my life is getting so overwhelming… I am currently exhausted. But I read your comments and will try my best to answer more often.


Wen ❤

Metalhead lingerie review: Scantilly Unleash bra


Guys, I am not gonna lie, I am having a hard time blogging this month. It is hard to take pictures and it is hard to write something that would not sound as pessimistic as my actual mood. But today I felt like it was time to put myself together and write about something that looks like me and that makes me feel great. So here is my review of the Scantilly Unleash bra that I have been lusting after since the first time I saw it this summer at Curve NY. (Sadly I won’t be at Curve this time because, I am to busy with school to just take 3days off at the beginning of the week 😥 )


I took advantage of December’s sales to put my hands on several Scantilly sets at a reasonnable price but I heared that the Unleash coordinate ran very big and I didn’t want to take a chance since I am already wearing the smaller size available. Instead, I got some faux leather shorts from La Senza, and I think they work pretty well together.

If you had read my Curve NY preview last year, you must know that I loved everything about the Unleash set. Especially its biker style. I mean, seriously, this set it me:
⇒ Black colorway : checked
⇒ Gold rose buckle: checked
⇒ Faux leather: checked
⇒ Half-cup cut: checked
⇒ Overall perfect style to go to a metal concert: checked
I truly loved the design of the high waisted panty too…

So I bought the Unleash bra in a 30H following the advices of my dear Hcup Chronicles who is truly a specialist when it comes to Scantilly :p! As often she got it right and this was the right size for me. I have to warn you that you might need different sizes depending on the bra you buy from this brand. I actually own four sets in 3 different bras sizes. For this one, I think it is preferable to size up if you want your breasts to stay in the cup through the day. Most people I saw on social medias said they got it in a size too small put loved the effect on their breasts. So it is up to you. Having high set nipples, I wouldn’t be able to size down.

I found the bra to be surprisingly comfy. The cups are like pillows and the wires sit softly on my skin. I think the band runs more like a 32 band so take this in consideration if you are a 28band and wanted to try a 30band in this bra.  I wear it at the first set of hooks when I don’t want to feel like I am wearing a bra but I feel more secure at the second set of hooks.
The gore tacks gently against my sternum and the bra itself stays in place through the day. The edge of the cup are quite tall and the straps are rather short. I really like short fully adjustable straps but I think the high edges might bother some armpits. They actually don’t bother me but I feel them sometimes. Also the wires are wide but they are great for my breasts. I fill the cups entirely on the sides.

I don’t know how it is for other ladies but my main issue with this bra is that my breasts tend to come out of it very quickly. It is like it has enough space to contain them but an invisible force push them up and within one hour half of my nipples are out. They eventually stay this way for the whole day so I think this is how my breasts shape sit in this cup. The pictures are not very accurate in that sens that I had to always put my breasts back inside the cup to look decent. I don’t mean to lie to you about this bra fit but I don’t feel like showing my nipples so freely on my blog. Plus the bra looks actually like that if I spend my day sat at my desk studying or not moving so much but as soon as I have to hurry you can be sure my nipples won’t stay hidden. I also think this bra is more full on top friendly. Since I am full on bottom, I don’t get this freaking crazy cleavage that I have seen on other ladies… I don’t complain, ahah, just note that if you are FOB you might not get the same two cakes on a plate effect as the brand’s models.

One would say that Scantilly makes bedroom pieces so it doesn’t matter if your breasts don’t behave in their lingerie but for me there is rarely such a thing as bedroom pieces… 99% of the things I buy are for my own satisfaction plus I am kind of picky when it comes to fit… I really prefer being able to wear my lingerie at anytime because if not I know I just won’t wear it. So I really like putting this bra on but it is true that I wish I could wear it more often. However I do not regret this purchase because WHO DOESN’T NEED FAUX LEATHER LINGERIE IN THEIR DRAWER? Plus I feel super badass when wearing it. I could just put it on and stay undressed for the rest of the day. This would be a great satisfaction. One day, one of my girls told me I looked like I was about to give a concert in this set. 😀 Best compliment ever, right? Would just need to practice guitar a little bit more often…

It is a sunny day and I feel good. Hope y’all have a great Sunday too!

Lot of love!

Yours truly,


Mini reviews: Lovehoney Seduce Me garter skirt and Black Bow stockings

If you’ve experienced Canadian winter, you must know that it is NECESSARY and HIGHLY recommended to enjoy yourself during this time. If not, you are more likely to get depressed before February. So I thought, some fun pieces from Lovehoney could be of help…

dsc07812_edited4*These pieces have been gifted to me by Lovehoney for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.*

Did I mentioned that I’ve had a lolita period? I mean, something between a Kawaii and Pinup way of dressing myself, but darker…(Is that clear?) Well, I did. I still have some cute pair of heels from that time, and some dresses but I don’t feel like wearing them anymore. However, I still really like wearing doll clothing’s once in a while and when I saw the Lovehoney Black Bow stockings, I had to try them out!

They are made from nylon and my first impression was that they felt very sturdy. It is not the type of stockings that will get ruin at first wear. That was a very good surprise because my experience of fantasy stockings led me to think that they are made to be worn only once. They are also quite long, which is a plus since I am usually too tall for one size stockings (note that I am 1m71). However, I wish, they ran bigger. I think you can clearly see that they are too tight for my thighs. Sadly (for me), I can’t size up with the Plus Size option, so I am stuck in the middle (story of my life) for being too tall/too big for “One Size fits most” stuff. I guess these stockings might fit plenty of women, but they don’t seem to be super thighs friendly.

Aren’t they super cute, though!? I really like their thickness. I could wear them out in winter without hesitation if they fitted better. Plus they don’t slip off my legs! They have no gel to make them stay up but they stay very well without a suspender. I wonder if it is because they are too tight or if they would stay up on anybody’s legs.

I like those HUGE satin bows! I wish I could find a way to wear oversized bows in my hair/clothes on a daily basis. I find them so adorable…
If I put aside the sizing, which is a personal issue, I think I can still wear them for special occasions or maybe find a way to style them with other clothes. They make me feel super cute and even if they are visually too tight I don’t feel like a sausage.  🙂

The second piece I picked was a super girly suspender that actually had a little vintage touch to it. The Seduce me range is definitely playful and by no means made to restrict yourself in anything. Well, I don’t have much suspenders that are really restrictive but they often make me keep a certain posture. This one is more like a skirt with suspenders.
Made of floral lace and microfiber, it is soft and very stretchy.
I initially received a size Medium (10-12) which was way too big for me. The size Small(6-8) is nice but I think I could even wear a smaller size.

This piece is comfortable and cute. It doesn’t really look like me but as you know, lingerie is my favorite costume.
I have to say that this skirt would be perfect for people with long torso but if you are kind of small, maybe you will find it a bit long. I found it to be pretty long on me. I think it wouldn’t be an issue if the suspenders were adjustable but since they aren’t you can either adjust the height of your stockings or wear it higher on your belly to make it work.

As a bedroom piece, this shouldn’t be an issue. But I would prefer something more adjusted on my body as an everyday suspender. It might work perfectly for you but on me it tends to move a little bit. I think maybe if it was tighter that would prevent it from moving but, I guess I have to accept that I have no hips and deal with it. ^^’
The Seduce Me skirt is very easy to put on/off. Seriously if you want to be able to move like you are wearing nothing, this suspender should give you entire satisfaction.

This skirt features an opening on the back, which is similar to a bra set of hooks and eyes just above the key hole that you can see on my picture. I can wear it to the tightest hook but I prefer the second one to keep the smooth aspect of the skirt. On this picture I wore it at the tightest hook so you can see that I get some wrinkles but nothing dramatic.
Note that this piece need to be worn with stockings, otherwise it won’t behave like a skirt and is probably going to go up up up very quickly…


As often with Lovehoney, these two products also exist in a Plus size version! I like the way this brand makes lingerie affordable to everyone, either with the prices or the size range.
Of course if you are like me you won’t find a bra in your size on this website but you have plenty of fun options and I am always happy with the quality vs price ratio ( here 14.99£ for the Suspender skirt and 7£ for the stockings). It is more about fun than super well fitting lingerie, so if it is your cup of tea you should look at their selection. I personally enjoy the comfiness of their garments!

Sending love,



Sacha Kimmes Alicia bralet & Sabrina brief review

DSC06734_editednn.jpg   *I received this set free of charge for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.*

So a few months ago I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Sacha Kimmes on her La Sylphide collection. I was absolutely in love with it and got to review the cutest skirt ever but I needed something stretchier than the beautiful lace of La Sylphide to accomodate my breasts.
Sacha has been kind enough to send me her Alicia bralette and Sabrina open back brief and I think they make a beautiful set.


The Alicia bralette is part of her Classics collection. It has been made to my measurements and I find it pretty comfy.
This bralette is made from two layers of black mesh and it is slightly transparent but opaque enough to save your modesty. The straps are fully adjustable and it features a band that you can close with 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes.


Under the bust, an elastic provides a little bit more support to the breasts and adds a finished look to this very minimalist design. I wish it was thicker or firmer since it tends to roll under my breasts very often but it is soft and I suppose, would do very well on smaller busts.
I would say that the difficult part with making bralettes for full bust ladies with small backs is to make the back tight enough without losing depth in the front part.
This bralette definitely has enough space for my breasts but the back would need to be shorten a lot. I would say it feels more like a 34-36 band than a 30. As a result the band goes up with the weight of my breasts which is the main issue with this piece.


Talking of experience it is hard to get a 30band with a bralette also because you might prefer stretchy fabrics to accomodate your breasts, but this fabric will eventually be too stretchy to provide support.
That said, I love how Sacha made the sides of this bralette. My breasts being very full on sides, I was scared to get spillage since Alicia seemed to be almost triangular in the stock pictures but this didn’t happen. I get some nipslip but my nipples situation creates this issue with a lot of bralettes.


The first picture of this post is the more representative of how the bralette fits along the day. My breasts wouldn’t stay separated for hours without wires.

I really enjoy the Sacha Kimmes huge bow signature. It makes most of her pieces super adorable. I am a sucker for huge bows and black lingerie so I really find myself in this indie brand. Did I say that she is based in Belgium? For those who are interested in meeting designers in person and who live eventually in Europe, she gives sometimes private sales IRL. I wish I could go! It must be amazing to be able to see her pieces in person!

About the Sabrina brief, it is from the Petit Chat collection! I think she always chooses very well her collections names. Indeed, Petit chat could be translated as kitten and all the pieces from this range are just as delicate as sensual. I adore this lace! Some people find black lingerie boring but I think Sacha knows how to make it playful and stylish at the same time.


I have to warn you about the sizing, though. I tried 2 Sacha Kimmes bottoms in a Medium, and I honestly found them to be closer from a XS and a Small. I simply couldn’t put the first one on without being scared of damaging it. Note that I usually wear a UK size 10 or a Small in most of the brands. I think indie designers very often run small and a Medium is my go-to size when I try a new indie brand. So far I haven’t had any issue buying this size. But I think I would need a Large in Sacha Kimmes bottoms. So I would suggest you to give her your measurements before buying panties if you have any doubts.


The Sabrina brief fits my hips but my bum is definitely too big for it. The fabric is not stretchy, so I can’t wear it under a pair of jeans without getting a four butt effect. It is super cute though and for me it will be a super fun bedroom piece. I will probably also take a lot of photographs in this brief but it is not an everyday panty. I have seen a lot of ladies on instagram wearing it much better so I think either my butt is just not proportionate to the rest of my body or they just knew what size would be the best for them.

DSC07514_edited_edited c.jpg

This set is very nice to lounge around during the weekend or simply love yourself in front of the mirror. One last thing about the fit of the bralette is that each “cup” is sewn in the middle, vertically. It was the first time I tried a design like that but I end up with my boobs cut in the middle which appears under tight tops. You can probably see it on some pictures. I wish it fitted me better so I could wear it more often but I really love the way it looks on me when I don’t wear clothes.

Sacha Kimmes is a beautiful label and I am super happy to get to know it better! Her latest release “Ace of Wands” is DELIGHTFUL. I wish I could afford it because these bodysuits are to die for! Seriously! They are unsual and look so comfy and perfect! Lingerie with CAPE(let) = Super hero lingerie! ❤ I forgot to tell you but the little mirror I have in my first pictures arrived with the set and I think you might receive one with your order too! If you want to know more about it just click here!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I really want to introduce more indie designers and small brands this year! I think lingerie is art and  people who think out of the box makes it more and more fascinating to me.

I am sorry for not being super present lately, I am just super super busy with school…

Still love you though, thanks for reading!

PS: French version here!

Royce Impact Free Sports bra review

This post was supposed to come out like 2 months ago but to be honest, this Autumn, I think I went to the gym like 3 times and didn’t really felt inspired to write about sportswear. I didn’t treat my body that well either, sleeping like 5hours every night and eating only because I had too. I was constantly overwhelmed and didn’t have a second for myself.
Now I have slept a lot during the holidays and while I am writing I feel sore and it hurts when I sneeze. I still have a poor alimentation because 2016 just erased my food education but at least I am not a zombie anymore.


The first reason why I went back to the gym is because it gives me energy, and helps me feeling in control with my disorganized life. It really helps me not giving up when I am fed up with everything.
Also, sportswear can be SO motivating😂! Ahaha I always feel like wearing a sport crop top and a leggings just to lounge around! If sport leggins were not that expensive I would have a way bigger collection. They always make me feel great.

[I received this bra free of charge for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.]dsc06285_editedbl

That said, I am always glad to try a new sport bra and today I will introduce to you the most comfy sport bra I have tried so far: Royce Impact Free sport bra.
I received this bra in a 32G since Royce lingerie doesn’t sell 30GG so I wear the bra at the second set of hooks. I would say that this bra is a little bit generous in the “cup”. I would not size down because my breasts are very full on side and I wouldn’t like it to cut in my breasts but I think volume wise, I could probably fit in a size smaller. It is not a certitude, though.
I personally really like the design of this bra, because it is simple yet feminine and easy to match. Plus it looks more like a crop top than a bra so I totally see myself running outside only wearing it and my leggins next summer.


This bra is incredibly comfy. I really like the band part because it sits perfectly and gives a secure sensation while not feeling too present. I mean, I don’t like the sensation of a super tight elastic around my ribs, or thick underwires digging in. This band is thick but does it jobs gently. I could sleep in it for sure.
I also like the fact that it has no wires but doesn’t give a too weird shape. Of course it does separate the breasts but not dramatically (at least in my opinion) and it looks good enough under shirts.

The straps are wide and comfortable but I wish they were shorter since I already shorten them close to the maximum. The band features 3 sets of hooks and eyes and I find the construction to be fine. The weight of my breasts is well distributed and I can forget about them while working out.


However, I wouldn’t say that this bra is perfect for every type of sport. It would definitly be good for yoga, workout, boxing, or even cycling (depending in what type of land) but I used it for running and although it was not uncomfortable I did feel my breasts bounce more than I’d like.
I can still run with it, you know, it isn’t like running with a poor bralette but I was surprised because I am used to no bouncing at all with padded sport bras (or a slightly too small unpadded sport bra which definitely compressed my breasts but that I kept using for years and which finally grew with me… It is not a recommended practice though…).
I think if you are not a very fast runner, and you just like hiking, or jogging then it is a nice bra but the faster you go the less I can guarantee the Impact free effect.


In a nutshell, I used this bra every time I worked out since I received it and I wasn’t disappointed. I like that it is not bulky, and is very light weight compared to a padded sport bra. It is soft against the skin (100% cotton ❤ ) and feels sporty, secure and somehow cute. I don’t like a lot of colors on my sport bras so for me a totally black bra is fine but the small touch of pink on this one is nice.

If you want to see this bra on another body and in another colorway, the lovely H Cup Chronicles reviewed it here!