FOXERS Tomboy Boxer brief review

This summer has been overwhelming… I met a lot of people, travelled more than usual, and spent a lot of money in pastries, while I had a really hard time finding the time for the blog and getting in touch with you. It is weird to go back to my student life, but well, I have no choice and in a sens, I am happy to be able to review the amazing pieces that crossed my way this summer.


I  received these items free of charge for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.

I had the opportunity to receive some samples from Foxers , a young lingerie and lounge wear brand known for their androgynous designs. I think the brand is much more girly now that it was at the beginning but you can still find some really « manly » underwear for women and in this sens, I find them really cool.
I used to be a tomboy and believe it or not at some point I hated lingerie. And anything too feminine. They used to make me uncomfortable. At this time of my life I just wanted to wear bralettes and cotton shorties but obviously my body didn’t go in the right direction for that…

So obviously one of my favourite items in Foxers selection was the Tomboy Charcoal boxer brief.
First, I adore when girl panties have this wide elastic that is usually used for men underwear. Second, I love the Charcoal colorway. It is like the « jean » of colorways, going well with everything.


I received the Tomboy Charcoal boxer brief in a size M.

I actually really like men underwear. I think they should never neglect this aspect of clothing. First, it can make them look elegant without clothes, and also very sexy/cute. ( I’m laughing on my own right now.) Oh and, of course, a guy boxer can really give a lot of info about his owner. I do think it is an important garment.🙂
So I like boxers. They look comfy and secure. Also I have always been jealous of men for the fact that they can go all around any place in boxers without looking too weird but us girls always have to wear pants or we’d look provocative. Foxers Tomboy brief is my type of garment for lounging around in my apartment without looking like an exhibitionist in front of my roommates. I also like that this piece is not girly at all. You can find it in much more girly colorways, and even the Charcoal option has a girly twin with a little bow on the back and some discreet gold stitching. But I really wanted the less girly brief possible. I think it is really nice that Foxers offers this option. I know not everybody likes lace and bows and even if I do like both of them I also like some more masculine options sometimes. They make me feel free.DSC05753n

I am happy that Foxers team sent me this bottom in a size Medium cause I think my thighs and butt wouldn’t fit in a smaller size. This one is very comfy and I’ve felt like wearing it all the time since I got it. My only issue with this piece is its thickness. This is definitely not the right option for tight jeans or shorts… To be honest I’ve been wearing this brief under some flared skirts and shorts but the only time I tried to wear it with a pair of jean, I felt like I was wearing a short under a pant. Not really comfortable, then. However the positive point is that the cut of this piece is not high enough for giving any VPL ( visible panty line).
I think this short can be worn has a pajama short. I tried to wear it over a regular panty and it really works as a pajama bottom. It could be even more comfortable for those of you who like to feel secure in their pelvis area. I mean, this brief is less close to your pelvis than a regular one, meaning that you can feel like this part of your body is more « free » in a sens but that can be an issue for some people I think.


Oh! About the design! Did you notice that this brief has pockets? Real pockets? Ahaha! I don’t know what I could put inside but they are funny. (I recently heard that guys actually use these kind of pockets sometimes… They apparently have small items to put inside… I personally think of carrying some candies… :p ). I really like the white branded elastic that you can see from the inside. I know details that are invisible from the outside can seem « useless » but if we are the only one seeing our lingerie, then it is almost as useful to make it nice from the inside as from the outside, don’t you think? I also like that, from the outside you only have a discreet logo on the back. I find it more elegant this way.

This tomboy brief is made 92%from cotton and 8% from spandex which is nice because my skin is getting much more sensitive since I live in Canada, and sometimes I do like the feeling of cotton on my butt. I think that would also make it more resistant than other pieces of lingerie in the washing machine, even if I’ve always washed it by hands like any other panty.🙂

Are you curious about the shirt I am wearing in those pictures?🙂 This is another Foxers sample that I’ll review as soon as possible. Just didn’t want you to fall asleep reading a double review :p .

Hope you had a nice summer! I am not sure if I am ready to fill my brain with school stuff again, but well, nobody is going to pay for my lingerie if I don’t get a job after uni x).
Good luck to my fellow students!🙂 Remember to eat and sleep.



Curve NYC Preview : Aubade SS17

Several years ago, I used to spend a lot of time in one of Toulouse Aubade stores, and a lovely Aubade lady, seeing that I was struggling with their size range told me that they were thinking about extending it. Unfortunately I had the time to move to Canada before this project happened.

So a month ago when I heard about the Capsule collection x Christian Lacroix and the new « ideal shape » from D to G cup, I was head over heels again! However I wasn’t sure if they would really extend the size range or if that would be an unique collection.
Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to Aubade booth at Curve and I was delighted to discover that the brand made my dream come true and created some gorgeous pieces from D to G cup not only in the « comfort full cup » shape but also in a lovely « comfort half cup » shape and some spacers. This post will only feature the pieces which will be available up to a G cup.


Bahia Couture in Papaya

If you know Aubade you probably also know the iconic Bahia (which looks like the last picture of the post). This range is one of the continuity of the brand but this year they recreated it in a more luxurious version : the Bahia Couture. The Bahia Couture is also the version that goes up to a G cup. You can already find it in the Rose nude colorway but for SS17 it will be released in White and Papaya. I am personally in love with the Papaya colorway! The corset tie on the gore is different than the usual corset tie of the Bahia, which is usually made with a thick string (which gives this particular style that we know) instead of this delicate and flat ribbon. Bahia Couture range is more classy than the original range but for some unknown reason, the « comfort half cup » doesn’t feature the same corset tie. So basically in the full bust size range, Bahia couture will be like the white one that you can see on the last picture of the post.


Rive Gauche Passion in Black


Rive Gauche in Gala

My favourite design in this collection is Rive Gauche Passion. This set is just the kind of lingerie I’ve always dreamt to wear. The pattern is absolutely gorgeous and the cups features this delicious embroidery. I absolutely adore the design of the straps going all the way to the bottom of the cups! It makes this bra so sophisticated!
Aubade also created the Gala colorway, which they call the « Aubade red ». I think this colorway is beautiful and will be perfect for Christmas!


La Parisienne in Lily


La Parisienne in Myosotis

Another cute piece is La Parisienne, which will be available in two colorway: Myosotis and Lily. I am sorry for the bad quality of the picture of the myosotis but it is supposed to be a dark purple-blue. The Calais Leavers lace is very delicate and I love that the straps are the same for the full bust range and the core sizes range. Well, they are wider (which is nice) but with the same design. This collection in my opinion is nice for every day and must be pretty easy to wear!


Magic blossom in Pansy

The new Aubade Comfort Full-Cup shape, I think, is based on their usual 3/4 bra, which is a three-part balconnet. This new one is fully lined with tulle and featuring narrow wires. Aubade has developed this underwiring especially for this new shape so we can expect that they really had full busted women in mind. If I remember well, their full-busted range also features 3 sets of 2(not 3, my mistake) hooks and eyes for the band but with a wider band than the core collections and also wider straps than usual.
I like that they didn’t do things halfway! But in a few days I’ll try some of the styles of AW16 collections so I can give you more info about the fitting.
The size range for the Comfort Full cup bras is from a 30/80 to a 42/110 band up to E cup and from a 32/85 to a 38/100 band up to a G cup.


Wandering love (White)


Wandering love (Dream)

Wandering Love features the typical Aubade aesthethic, with its blooming flowers and its spaghetti straps ( on the full bust collection, they are wider and not exactly the same as you can see on the white colorway). I love the Dream colorway! It is such a nice color for summer!
The full bust range will only be available in the full-cup shape but in both colorways.
A spacer will also be available in this collection (only in white). The cup volume will stop to a 34/90G and sister sizes.

Well, it is not very clear to every one so let me explain properly.
B cup :32/85 to a 40/105 band
C-Dcup: 30/80 to 40/105 band
E cup:30/80 to 38/100 band
F cup:30/80 to 36/95 band
G cup: 30/80 to 34/90 band


Aubade à L’Amour  Full cup shape (Nacre)


Aubade à L’Amour Comfort Half cup (Nacre)

Aubade à l’Amour is a delicate collection. It will be available in Black and Nacre. In Nacre it is just perfect for bridal! The guipure patterns and lovely tulle details make it sophisticated yet discret. This range will feature three shapes up to a G cup : The Full-cup, the Half cup and the Spacer. The Spacer will be available in the same size range as the Wandering love.


Bahia Couture Comfort Half Cup in White.

I was super happy to see all these new pieces! A lot of luxury brands and indie are extending their size range this year and it is just amazing for full busted women to have new possibilities in the lingerie world! I really hope this collection will be true to size! I am actually looking for lingerie stores which carry the full bust ranges that are already available! If I am lucky enough to fit inside one of these amazing sets, I think I’ll review it as soon as possible!

Until next time,


Fairy little piece : Sacha Kimmes Marie skirt


I have to take a break from lingerie shows to talk about the most delicate piece I actually own. I received it last month from Sacha Kimmes , a talented indie designer based in Belgium, for the purpose of a review. Some other pieces will come later but today I want to focus on this so perfect skirt from her La Sylphide collection.
La Sylphid is a mythological creature, usually represented as a tiny fairy and considered as an air spirit because it is supposed to be as invisible as this element… This cute creature also inspired a legendary romantique ballet piece from the XIXth century. Knowing that, I feel like no other name would have been better for this collection.


To be honest, I have always been curious of Sacha Kimmes adorable skirts. Lingerie is usually seen as bras, panties, stockings, bodysuits, slips and gowns. But skirts? Skirts are nowadays more worn as outerwear than underwear. We no longer wear petticoats on a daily basis… Except, perhaps some lovely modern pin-ups.
So I think this unusual idea of adding skirts to her collections gives another option to the art of styling your underwear. I see this skirt as a way to change a set in a bodysuit in a sens. And for lingerie collectors, it just helps to make everything complet! :p


In La Sylphide collection, no suspender belt, but for those of you who use suspenders only for bedroom I think this piece can actually provide a playful touch to a basic lingerie set. Marie skirt is basically a white shadow (if such a thing existed) which hiding and showing at the same time, adds some mistery and innocence to the ensemble…

The lace used in this collection is just the loveliest thing ever and the contrast between the black elastic and bow and the white lace makes me fall in love at every sight. This lace does not stretch, however, which is not an issue for a skirt but could help you to choose your size for an other piece. Seriously, I am not even into floral stuff but this piece just look fairy. I like that flowers are not everywhere on this lace. Sleeves just make it more elegant. The quality is also noticeable and I think this skirt is less fragile than it looks. Well, I don’t say that you can play soccer with it but it won’t crake at the first clumsy move if you use it like any other garment. This lace is quite firm.


That said, I am super happy everytime I put this piece on and just want to wheel all around my appartment and show it to everybody… 🙈 Yes… I think this has to be shown. I am actually thinking of wearing it as outerwear but I would need to find an opaque short skirt and try some layerings (someone gave me the idea on Instagram… Lingerie lovers get so creative these days… ❤).

Marie skirt is available on Sacha Kimmes website but I think she only has a few of them left at the moment and can’t make more. It is actually very sad because I can’t get enough of this collection… This aesthetic is so angelic while everything is definitely sexy. And nothing is never vulgar. I find it quite perfect aesthetically-wise. Well, it is a personal opinion (yeah, I’m in love)!

I hope you take some time for  yourself and take advantage of the sun !

Bisou bisou !

Wen. ❤

Curve NYC Preview: Scantilly SS17 collection

Hey guys! This year is so special for me… I got to do so many things for the first time and it is just so exciting! So I just spent a month in the United States and I was lucky enough to go to Curve expo also! I won’t lie… I was really intimidated but I finally met the Petite Collegiate and we found our way in this event!
I have a lot of nice things to show you but this new Scantilly collection really caught my attention and I just want to try every one of those styles…
If you didn’t know it, Scantilly is the little sassy sister of Curvy Kate and provides sexy and elegant lingerie in a relatively wide size range: 30-38 DD to HH and S to XL for the bottoms (less wide than Curvy Kate but very impressive for this kind of designs).
Well, let’s see how gorgeous is this new collection!


This sophisticated babe is called Lavish and combines lace, faux leather and cut out. I love it! I wanna say that I usually don’t like faux leather in clothing because when it is not used « properly » it can really make things look cheap. But Lavish and Unleash (see the picture at the end of the post) look everything but cheap!
Lavish is a beautiful half cup bra that is supposed to give you an amazing cakes on a plate look. The lace on the gore and around the cups reminds me of a peacock’s wings and I think it looks different from the usual floral or other girly laces that we can see everywhere in the lingerie world. Lavish has attitude. It is not girly, in my opinion it would make anybody look confident with some kind of badass touch !
The back is made from black mesh but the gold finishes makes it looks more luxurious and complete. About the bottom, the one on the picture is an ouvert thong (hard to make something more open than this piece ahaha!) and a super cute/sexy short will also be available.


The very well known Peek-A-Boo in violet is once again a very nice set ( but I have to say that my favourite colorway is Chartreuse). As you can see it is all about satin and mesh! A pretty unlined balconette bra which can easily be worn under clothes and really gives some oomph to your breasts even being unpadded! I would say that the only « negative » thing that I’ve heard about this bra ( and can be applied to the whole brand) is that it starts from a 30band. But, you know, when a brand takes the risk to create something new and relatively expensive, at least at the beginning they try to touch the biggest part of their customers. It is understandable and I think it is really possible that they extend their size range at some point. So if you are out of their size range, keep hope!



Vamp, I think, is really aptly named. This set definitely has a romantic, middle age-ish vibe while being definitely modern and following the strappy trend. The geometric details remind me of gothic architecture, and the dark mesh looks like a dark but delicate smoke which hides without hidding the more intimate parts of your body.
I do like the suspender belt which is actually not made for holding stockings but more for highlighting the lovely curves of your body. These black lines give a very sexy look to the hips, butt and tighs area and the ouvert panty just adds a playful feeling to this set.



Knockout in Latte is one of my favourite sets of this collection! I just hope it will fit my asymmetric boobs and my skin tone but as you can see on the second picture, it is not a real nude for this model, since her skin is a warmer color than the set but it still looks really good!
I like the geometric design, the cuts out and nude tone! Also this range comes with a very nice suspender belt (so sorry that I can’t show you ) that you can attach to the panty via the ring in the middle. This ensemble creates an amazing silhouette, very sensual and I can see some kind of art deco inspiration too.




The Tuxedo bodysuit is actually more of a playful lingerie piece and should fit almost everybody. What makes this piece different is that it can really add something to a normal set but if you wear it without bra you might look like a cute and sophisticated present too! I have seen a lot of bodysuits in the same spirit but which only looked sexy and not very classy and I think the Tuxedo is the right combination of cuteness, sophistication and sexyness. Once again you can see Scantilly signature with the gold finishes that make this piece look like a real accessory and not only a bedroom rig-out.



Unleash is, I think my favourite set of this Scantilly collection. It is all that I need these days : SIMPLE AND BADASS. It has this perfecto* feeling, like you’re going to ride a motorcycle just wearing this set and super cool boots and go save the innocents… This set is my modern super hero/vilain set. Ahaha! I am in love with the non girly details! This little belts are everything! Don’t get me wrong, I am and I think I’ll always be a sucker for huge bows but a part of me sometimes, just want to wear a pair of jeans, a System of a Down t-shirt and my lovely pair of Dr.Martens. This set really suits this part of my personality. Also I am dying for this huge key hole in the back of the high waisted knickers! I like the clear cut of this set. Nothing is too much, nothing is missing. It is definitely on my wish list!

*Perfecto as a motorcycle leather jacket.DSC04834


The Voodoo is the more strappy set of this collection and also reminds me of powerful witches! This set, even if it is not my favourite, makes me think of the perfect uniform for a tribe of Amazons. The pictures talk for themselves! I think Voodoo illustrates very well the « fearless » spirit of Scantilly.

Overall I have been conquered by this new Scantilly collection and I am positively surprised to see that this one is even more audacious than their first collections! I am a fan!

Did you try Scantilly before? What do you think of this new collection?

Until next time!


La Senza High Neck babydoll

I usually talk about brands that work via retailing and which don’t own their own stores, so I guess it makes it a bit more difficult for you to try the products before buying. Today I want to talk about a piece that I bought a month ago in REAL STORE. I mean, a place where you can touch the things and try them before taking any decision about a purchase!
So a month ago I was supposed to by new needles for my sewing machine and also to keep my credit card in my wallet and not to look at anything except in the Singer store… That sounded really easy since there is rarely anything interesting (apart from make up) in the mall near to my apartment. There is no lingerie boutique that sells my bra size and overall I don’t really like the other type of stores because they are way too expensive and not very special. So I really don’t know what crossed my mind this day, I guess I was bored, and I decided to see what was going on in the La Senza store. As you can imagine, I usually have NO chance to find anything that fits me in this place (and also, that please me, I am not into pink and glitters…) but I always find it funny because it is just sooo girly. Also I like to see how these kind of brands adapt to every lingerie trend, every season. So I was more like a scientist/explorator than a buyer.

Then I saw something that caught my attention… You know, I have been lusting for a while after some halter neck pieces but non of them was never going in my size. So when I saw the High Neck Babydoll I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t fit but I had to try. Sometimes I do that. I see something that is not exactly what I want but I just want it to fit me for I can feel a little better about my possibilities.^^’
So I picked a size Large and a size Medium. And then, something epic happened : the medium fitted! And when I say « fit » I mean, the actual space for the breasts was sufficient and the underbreast elastic was tight enough for providing the support you can expect for a nightwear garment. And I know, for a lot of people this will sound exaggerated. But nothing is easy when your body has not the « standard » proportions. So this was amazing and I decided to buy it without further hesitations.


As usual I forgot to remove the tag before taking the pic… 

Well, let’s talk about the fit. It is weird (but cool enough) that this piece that I like so much is from a brand which is more focused on the sexiness of their products than the fitting! La Senza has a selection of babydolls which works on the system XS-XL despite the fact that they feature padded cups. As a consequence the High neck babydoll is the only one piece I have seen in their selection which can suit different morphology and breasts sizes.
I bought the size M as the size Large was a good fit for my breasts but too loose to support them.
If the size L could have fitted me as well as the M, it is because the top of this babydoll is made from elastic lace. I wouldn’t recommend this size for a bigger bust than mine, though. I imagine that heavy breasts and halter neck don’t get along very well but it is up to you to try, and maybe you could have some surprises. Also, I believe the Medium can suit a lot of ladies who wear a 30/32 band and up.
So as you can see, my breasts are happily contained in the top and although my bigger breast would need a little more coverage at the side, it is not really noticeable and it doesn’t affect the comfort of this piece. I think if you are less full-on-sides than me, this tiny issue will disappear.


I have been very surprised with the actual « support » of this piece because it is provided my a simple and thin elastic under the breasts, and I guess, also because it is closed around the neck. I wouldn’t say that you can run with this babydoll, but after all, it is not its purpose! It is a lightly supportive piece which, in my opinion, give a nice, natural, yet rounded shape to your breasts. I am wearing it while writing this post and something I really like about it is that my breasts don’t end up squeezed together like it can easily happen with garment without wires or separation between the breasts. In this one, my breasts have enough space to stay in place. Like this, they can be separated but the elastic lace helps my full on side boobs to go more front.
The flowers on the lace are really strategically placed all around the breasts, but of course, depending on your breasts size and shape these details might appear a little different.
This kind of lace design is quite standard but I still find it cute and attractive enough.

I really appreciate the little « longline » part under the breasts, which makes this piece look more finished. Also the mesh used for the bottom part of the babydoll gives some lovely shadows against the skin! I personally think that these shadows compliment my body very well! Oh I forgot to tell you that this babydoll is sold with a tiny black and sheer G-string . But I didn’t try it, as it is not my cup of tea and in my opinion, doesn’t add anything to this babydoll. I guess it is actually lost in the bottom of my drawer.
As a conclusion I would say that this piece was a very nice surprise. I usually have a few expectations for brands in this price range, but the lace doesn’t itch, it is quite soft against my breasts skin and overall, I feel very comfortable and sexy when I lounge around in this piece. I bought it at full price for around 40 CAD (taxes included) but you can currently get it for 30% less on the store website.

I hope I’ll have other good surprises like this one in the future as I currently have a lot of disappointments with online shopping😦 so it is comforting once in a while to just go out and find something cute and sexy that fits me and put my money directly in the hands of a human being.

Do you know La Senza? Is it easy for you to find sexy/girly nightwear that fits?

😀 Hope you have plans for tonight or this weekend!
Bisous bisous!❤


Panache Portofino review for 2COP

So, I recently reviewed this lovely swimsuit on Two Cakes On a Plate blog! If you are interested in a cute but simple swimsuit for full busted women, I think the Panache Portofino might please you!🙂 You can’t see it but this piece has hidden underwires and a lot of space for your bust! So it is definitely not like all those one-piece swimsuits that are so unflattering and flatten you breast in a awful way!😀 Here’s some pictures to show you how I love this swimsuit! (Although I think the review would be much more helpful at the end of the day)






I am in Miami at the moment, so I have to say that it is hard to find the time to write! However, I have a looot of things to review and I’ll do my best to post something as soon as possible!

Des bisous!


Girl crush: ÜT◎PI aka Sonia Zbinden

This is unusual for me but I really need to introduce to you a brilliant young woman, who I hope, will make her own name in a few years… Sonia Zbinden, appart from being a friend of mine is a lingerie design student and a great illustrator. She actually made the new logo of my blog! If you like it, thank her!


En corps et en cordes body, by Sonia Zbinden

I’ve known Utopi for a couple of years now and what always impressed me with this gal is her sens of freedom and her open-mindedness. As you can see in some of her drawings she is absolutely not limited and if you can easily recognize her signature, she knows how to « make it different ».

Here you can see her « En cordes et en corps » collection, (litteraly « from ropes and body »).
She got inspired by the Japonese art of Shibari, which is an ancient artistic form of rope bondage. Even if this art is really famous on some social media as Tumblr and Instagram, I think a lot of people forget that it is a form of erotic spirituality. This art is all about emphasize the curves of the body with geometric pattern and knots.
I am absolutely in love with the bodysuit, although I don’t think that I could ever wear this piece. The aesthetic is so unusual, wild and delicate at the same time! When I look at it, I think about a mix of culture. It reminds me of Caribbean and Japan at the same time. It must be weird for those of you who don’t know the Caribbean culture but actually this is a part of my (and Utopi) culture.


« En cordes et en corps« , lingerie collection inspired by Shibari

On these pictures, she wears samples, and she doesn’t have any brand (yet?) but I think that this collection has a lot of potential.

Sonia’s latest project was designing a collection for the new French brand Osez. She did this partnership for a final school project. This brand goal is to make lingerie (and some other garments) that could fit every size. They hire regular women (no professional models) to feature their products and in top of that they don’t photoshop their models bodies. Of course this brand doesn’t make very complicated lingerie. It is more about cotton panties and simple tops but you can easily imagine that making something that could fit everybody isn’t that simple.

For more information about Sonia you can find her on these social medias -> Instagram , Tumblr .❤

Lot of love,